Fighting for the Progressive Center in the Age of Trump

Fighting for the Progressive Center in the Age of Trump

by Joseph M. Hoeffel

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A dedicated politician who has served as a congressman and state legislator defines the formidable challenge for progressives after the November 2016 election—and explains how to bring back leaders focused on working in the broad center of politics in order to get things done for the people.

• Makes a strong case for why progressives must fight for the political center of America's civic arena in the battle with those who put Donald Trump in the White House

• Explains how the path to success for progressives requires winning public support for the progressive agenda by promoting socially liberal and fiscally responsible policies as well as by rejecting rigid ideologies

• Provides invaluable insights from the highly credible and experienced perspective of a politician with decades of experience

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ISBN-13: 9781440859557
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/24/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 164
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Joseph M. Hoeffel, JD, is a former congressman, state legislator, and county commissioner from Pennsylvania.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 Invest in People 9

Chapter 2 America First 25

Chapter 3 Balance the Budget 35

Chapter 4 Courage of Our Convictions 51

Chapter 5 Medicare for All 71

Chapter 6 Its Broke-So Fix It 85

Chapter 7 No Little Plans 105

Chapter 8 Bring It Every Day 127

Conclusion 143

Notes 153

Index 159

What People are Saying About This

Edward Markey

"To truly make America even greater, Joe has put forward an agenda that is progressive and prioritizes jobs, health care, and a better quality of life for our hard-working families. We miss Joe on Capitol Hill, but this book makes clear that his leadership to Pennsylvania and America is far from finished."

Tom Udall

"Fighting for the Progressive Center speaks to what Americans want from government, and offers prescriptions for the pressing issues of the day— health care, economic development, Social Security, education reform."

Carla Seaquist

"How to fix America's broken politics? This savvy guide from a progressive centrist, featuring socially liberal and fiscally responsible policies, points the way. It's doable, people."

Joe Sestak

"Joe Hoeffel's book speaks to America's character when 'We the People' are at our best: the individual pursuit of happiness properly aligned with the common good. Joe recognizes that we are in a fight for the very soul of America—where we are united despite our differences in facing our challenges—and therefore his policy ideas are principled compromises without compromising one's principles. He eschews party or politics as ever being above the nation, recognizing that it is to the people leaders owe their first allegiance. It is the exact approach that our countrymen and women are demanding from today's leaders, and his book shows the way."

Daylin Leach

"At a time when progressive and other reasonable Americans are desperately searching for ways to regain the upper hand in the face of the insanity of Donald Trump, Joe Heoffel offers a smart, sensible, and insightful roadmap for us to seize the initiative and lead towards the future. Joe's experience in various levels of government shines through brightly. He's been there, he's done that, and he knows what it will take for us to do it again. You want to know how to appeal to a broader swath of voters? Read Joe's book. It's a great, fun read. And I truly believe we will look back on Fighting for the Progressive Center in the Age of Trump as one of the seminal books of our troubled times."

Peter Van Buren

"Hoeffel puts into words what so many of us wished for last election day—the requirements for a progressive candidate we could vote for. This book outlines how government has a valuable role to play in our society without dominating society, how our compassion toward each other, expressed through single-payer health care and a social safety net, is the answer America needs, not simple appeals to ideology and party memes."

Adam B. Schiff

"When I joined the Congress in 2001, Joe Hoeffel stood out as a thoughtful, insightful Democrat, with a rare gift for communicating smart, progressive policies, and the even rarer gift of knowing how to win in the toughest districts. His newest book, Fighting for the Progressive Center in the Age of Trump, finds him as politically astute as ever. As Democrats move forward from the disaster of the 2016 election, Joe makes a timely case for policies and a message that can rise above our broken politics and get down to the business of governing."

Chris Matthews

"Joe Hoeffel is the genuine article. He's run for and held public office, at the county and country levels. He's won and lost elections. He's dealt with the real voters with real problems. He knows what matters to people. As someone who grew up and went to school near him, I know these challenges. People don't have time for all the polarization and demonization out there today. The time has come for political parties to get serious. Joe Hoeffel's book shows that he's way ahead of them. If the Democrats are smart they'll read this book."

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