Finding Chris Evans: The 9-1-1 Edition

Finding Chris Evans: The 9-1-1 Edition

by Erin Nicholas

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In a small town in northern Minnesota, Ellie Mittelstadt goes to a psychic where she receives this prediction: if she finds a man named Chris Evans, true love will follow...

Only one problem: Even in the tiny town of Haralson, Minnesota, there are six Chris Evanses!

In Finding Chris Evans: the 9-1-1 Edition, Chris Evans, aka Captain America to his co-workers, knows what he wants: to lead the best EMT crew around, save lives…and have everything done his way. He’s learned firsthand what can happen when he’s not hyper vigilant, so running the show has become his superpower.

If only he could manage Brittney McNemara quite so well. She’s the best EMT he knows—and the most exasperating woman on the planet. Where Chris is serious, Britt is scattered. Where Chris is cautious, Britt is carefree. Where Chris is by-the-book, Britt is rebellious. Despite their intense attraction, they’d never work as a couple.

Or could they?

When Britt gets hurt on the job and temporarily loses use of her thumb, she needs someone to be her left-hand man. Chris, ever the hero, volunteers. Little does he know that Britt’s passion for fun masks a need to care for others that rivals his own. And that now the woman who’s been driving him crazy at work is about to drive him even crazier—in her kitchen, in her bedroom, and on a paint ball field.

Forget the Friend Zone. Chris is about to enter the Fun Zone. Because sometimes even a superhero can’t help but fall in love.

Now's your chance to fall in love with Chris Evans, too--six different times! The Finding Chris Evans series features NYT and USA Bestselling authors Erin Nicholas, Jennifer Bernard and Erin McCarthy, and award-winning authors Lizzie Shane, Elizabeth Bemis and Jennifer Chance.

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Finding Chris Evans: The 9-1-1 Edition 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
sferguson105 More than 1 year ago
Finding Chris Evans is a sexy, fun quick read. The banter between Chris and Britt is awesome, and I love how Britt brings out the fun side in Chris, who's usually wound tight. Chris has sort of the broody sexy hero attitude going, but only when it comes to a certain heroine. Britt is overall a fun loving heroine, who I can definitely picture being besties with (and not just because of her moms business). I was drawn in from the start by Ellie meeting Chris Evans #1, and was kept drawn in, wanting to know how one little sentence she said to Chris would play out. Erin Nicholas did a fantastic job with this first couple from this series, and I can't wait to see what the other authors bring to the table. This is definitely a must read!!
KKern More than 1 year ago
I love the concept of this new series, and LOVED the Prequel... Finding Chris Evans: The Fortune Teller Edition: a Free Prequel, by Elizabeth Bemis and Now, Erin Nicholas' contribution...Finding Chris Evans: The 9-1-1-Edition.WOW. This is such as fun, fast paced series thus far, and I can't wait for the next stories. I only wish there were more of Britt and Chris in this story. Loved that she was this sprite of a character, and Chris' inevitable attraction and protectiveness of her. More Please!
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
I am still swooning over Chris Evans #1, EMT/Captain America. Ellie is trying to find her match of Chris Evans for her true love, but she soon finds out this Chris Evans has his heart pinged for Britt, a fellow co-worker. The chemistry and bantering between Chris and Britt is HOT!! Loved how Chris could wear the kitchen apron, laugh out loud!! This is quick, fun, sexy read that I was not able to put down. Can't wait to meet the rest of the Chris Evans in this small town.
Crystal_Singer0305 More than 1 year ago
Finding Chris Evans was such a fun, sexy, quick read that really reminded me why I love Erin Nicholas books. Everything about it was her style right down to the sexy EMT's. Ellie is on the hunt to find a man, who lives in town, named Chris Evans. Who knew there were 6 of them!? Her search starts with the first Chris, an EMT who wants to forget about his attraction to his coworker. Ellie is cute, looking for him (possibly) and here. Why not ask her out? A bar brawl takes Chris' attention off Ellie and on to feisty co-worker Brittany. It doesn't take Ellie but a glance to realize that this Chris Evans isn't the man she's looking for, because clearly, he's already in love. He just may not know it yet. I absolutely love the chemistry between Chris and Brittany. They were perfect for each other! She was the wild and crazy to his calm and orderly. Those kind of couples really do it for me. She brought out a side of him that made him a better man and he helped remind her that her family was so special for the way they lived their lives. Watching them come together was like watching a fireworks show! Fun, feisty, super sexy, quick read. My only complaint was that it was over too fast! I could have keep reading forever! Happy reading!!!!!
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
First of all, I have to say how much I love the premise for this Finding Chris Evans series. The prequel, the Fortune Teller set the tone by telling us how Ellie's trip to the fortune teller sent her off on the adventure of finding Chris Evans, the love of her life. And after reading Erin Nicholas's contribution to this series, the 911 Edition, all I can say is I can't wait to read the other books! Ellie could see right away that the first Chris Evans, the EMT on her list, couldn't possibly be the love of her life when he's clearly lost his heart to another woman even if he hasn't realized that himself. Brittney, the woman in question is equally smitten with her boss, whose heart and dedication to his job as an EMT has earned him the nickname Captain America. The sexual tension between the two of them has been a problem in their working relationship from the start, not that either of them has admitted it to themselves or each other. That all changes when Brittney's injured on the job and Chris steps up to help her. Once they get their relationship away from that professional setting to a much more personal level there's no denying the attraction between them. Attraction, admiration, respect, and lust, that's been growing between them since the day they started working together. There's no other way to say this than these two were hot together! They might be opposites in so many ways, but what they have in common is a kind and generous heart dedicated to serving others. I loved this fun, light-hearted and very sexy story! 4.5 stars
EllenAnderson More than 1 year ago
After reading the prequel, I couldn't wait to start the Chris Evans books. Who better to start off the series than Erin Nicholas with Chris Evans the EMT. Ellie goes searching and finds her first Chris Evans drinking coffee in a coffee shop. While he seems fun & interesting, it doesn't take her long to realize that his heart already belongs to someone else, he just didn't know it until she pointed it out. Such a cute and fun story. I am definitely craving some chocolate frosting about now though, along with the next edition.
UnderJen More than 1 year ago
A sweet and sassy friends to lovers novella. I loved everything from the frosting to the glitter. These paramedics know how to get the heart rate going. Absolutely another 5 star read for Erin Nicholas.
Reading2Escape More than 1 year ago
Britt and Chris are two of my new favorite characters written by Erin Nicholas. I have found a lot of book boyfriends but there is just something about all the characters that work in the fire/EMS/emergency profession. Chris and Britt have such amazing chemistry and I love the balance they have in all of their opposite character traits. In the end though I think they were more alike than even they thought. I love the premise of the book and how the story was set up. An injury so simple can draw these two together in an unexpected and surprising way that makes for a good love story. Erin Nicholas proves over and over again how amazing she is in her storytelling. I love all of the series she writes in. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the stories in this series. Who would have thought there could be this many Chris Evans and a fortune teller starts them all off on their own love journey.
KLBR More than 1 year ago
This is a super idea for a series and Erin Nicholas starts it off in brilliant fashion. Finding Chris Evans: The 9-1-1 Edition is a perfect example of all the things I love about an Erin Nicholas story. From her sexy heroes and her strong heroines to her wonderful humor, this story has it all. Chris Evans is also an EMT and if nothing else, Erin Nicholas know how to write a sexy, alpha EMT. The one thing that I enjoy the most about a story by Erin Nicholas is her voice. I always feeling like she's talking directly to me when I read. Her characters are real and relatable. I am looking forward to reading all the stories in this series and cannot wait for Ellie to meet her Chris Evans!
Chrisbails More than 1 year ago
This was such a great book. This is a story about a girl that visits a fortune teller and is told that her true love is a man named Chris Evans. She goes in search of him. The Chris Evans she finds in this story is a Paramedic. He is the Head of the Paramedics, the Boss. She meets him very briefly but finds out that he already has it bad for someone else. Chris loves to control is environment. He has to have control of everything and one of his employees drives him crazy. Britt is the the crazy employee that drives Chris crazy. She jumps before she thinks. She dives into all situations before thinking. Britt gets into a situation where she needs Chris to pretend to be her boyfriend for a weekend. He agrees and she realizes that this could be good and bad. This was such a great book. I can't wait for more of the series and to meet the other Chris'.
redreviewsit More than 1 year ago
What time is it? Time for another Erin Nicholas review! :) This book is a short, but good one. Now, the premise of this whole series is one woman, Ellie, was told by a fortune teller that she will find her true love whose name is Chris Evans...and there are six of them! In comes our first Chris Evans. Ellie quickly figures out he's not the one for her. So the story takes over with him and Brittney. Can I say how much I loved Britt? She was such a free spirit and I loved how she loosened Chris up. He seemed a little high strung. The chemistry was popping from these two. After Britt hurt herself, I liked how Chris immediately stepped up and offered to help. He may be the strong silent type, at least to her when he wasn't lecturing her, but he has this incredibly sweet side. And Britt? I could see her being one of my good friends. Erin has this way with writing female characters that you will instantaneously love! I cannot wait to read the rest in this series. If it's anything like this one and the prequel, they will be fantastic!
Robyn_Nichole More than 1 year ago
In the 9-1-1 edition we meet the first Chris Evans also known to the Town's people as Captain America! I really enjoyed this short novella about two work colleagues that get on each other's nerves and consider each other a pain in the behind, but can't fight the desire they feel for each other. For all the Erin Nicholas lovers out there don't worry the novella includes some fun with frosting! I think that the idea of having several authors collaborate on a series about finding Mr Right also known as Chris Evans is a cute idea and I can't wait to read the other author's story lines. The prequel and how that all started is available for free, Finding Chris Evans:The fortune Teller Edition.
Staci70 More than 1 year ago
Ellie Mittelstadt goes to a psychic in a small northern Minnesota town. The psychic tells her she will meet a guy named Chris Evans and fall in love. The only problem is there are a total of six Chris Evanes. The Chris Evans in this story is an EMT whose friends call him Captain America. Ellie tracks him down and tells him her crazy story. He agrees to go out with her to see what might develop. That is, until a bar fight down the road leads to his fellow EMT Brittany McNemera getting hurt. Ellie can see right off the bat that Chris has serious feelings for Britt. Ellie leaves him to figure out his feelings for Britt. My only complaint is I wanted A LOT more story! I loved the set up, I loved the chemistry, I loved everything about this story.
AFOITO More than 1 year ago
Chris has been fighting his feelings for Britt from the day she was hired. When she gets injured he steps in to help and things really heat up. Both have to learn to give and take or their relationship won't last.
heavenlycirce More than 1 year ago
“Finding Chris Evans: The 911 Edition” is written by Erin Nicholas. It is the first story in the Finding Chris Evans series, and it can be read as a stand-alone novella. It features EMTs Chris Evans and Brittney McNemara. This was such a fun introduction to this series! In the prequel, Ellie Mittelstadt visits a fortune teller, who reveals that she will fall in love with someone named Chris Evans. Problem is, there are 6 Chris Evans in town. So she meets all of them. Along the way, the first 5 Chris Evans she meets find their true love. So with The 911 Edition, after Ellie meets EMT Chris Evans, she quickly realizes Chris has feelings for his fellow EMT, Britt. Britt exasperates Chris. She is always head-on and will run towards the situation even if it could leave her in danger. In one instance, she ends up injuring her thumb after she gets pushed by someone. But Britt needs her thumb! It’s her mom’s birthday tomorrow, and she needs to decorate and make the cake! She doesn’t want to worry her mom about her injury, so Chris offers up his assistance. And that is where all the fun begins! I thoroughly enjoyed this novella! It was such a great read! There is one scene in particular that is ridiculously hot! I will never look at chocolate cakes the same way again! Really looking forward to the rest of this series! Erin Nicholas did a wonderful job!
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
This is a quick, sexy, fun story about the first of the six Chris Evans'. Ellie is on the hunt for HER Chris Evans and she starts with the EMT. Shortly after meeting him, she quickly realizes he's not the ONE because his heart is already occupied by a pretty little brunette EMT and he doesn't even realize it until she mentions it to him. The pretty little brunette is Britt and things start off with her hurting her thumb on a call and he offers to help her bake her mother a birthday cake. I know you've got a good enough imagination to take it from there *wink wink* *Remember that with all novellas, because of the shorter page count, everything happens quickly! I love the sexy, quirky, laugh-out-loud moments I get while reading a book written by this author. And food! There's always food! It's a brilliant story line and I can't wait to read more.
Marlene976 More than 1 year ago
Finding Chris Evans: The 9-1-1 Edition This is Erin Nicholas’s contribution to a new series entitles Finding Chris Evan; she has the 911 edition! Which is apt because this one is hot. The series starts with prequel, (a woman, Ellie, seeks out a fortune teller; the fortune teller sees that she will find love when she finds Chris Evans (hint: the fortune teller has someone in mind,) armed with that info Ellie introduces us to Chris Evans, also known as Captain America. When he and Ellie meet it is clear that he is not the Chris Evans for her; Chris Evans is in fact the right man for Brittney McNemara, also an EMT and part of his squad and as it turns out they are both extremely hot for one another. This is a short story however it has all that you are looking for, great witty dialogue, a cast of wonderful supporting characters, amazing chemistry and chocolate cake! What more could one want???? In my case I wanted the story to keep going and kept turning the last page hoping there would be more……
romance_junkie89 More than 1 year ago
I am totally hooked on this novella and series. What a fun, quirky idea. Ellie goes to a fortune teller to find out her fate in love. She's told her soul mate is named Chris Evans and along her journey to find her Chris Evans she meets up with other men (not her Chris) by the same name and inadvertently helps them find their happily-ever-afters. The 9-1-1 Edition is the first and let me tell you I didn't want to put it down until the last page. This story goes to the very core of why I love romance. It's sexy, sweet and entertaining. Britt is sassy, strong willed and drives Chris crazy. Chris is sweet, protective and crazy about Britt but it takes Ellie to bring that point to the foreground. If you love a feel-good romance this should be a go-to book for you. I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment and, eventually, to see Ellie get her Chris. (less)
jessybeans21 More than 1 year ago
Finding Chris Evans: 9-1-1 edition, was a great, funny, and sexy short novella. In this story you meet Chris Evans the Emt and his colleague Brittany. Chris Evans in this particular story may not be The one and only Captain America he is most definitely a superhero. He not only saves lives for a living he swooped in and saved a damsel in distress. Britt, the heroine in the story can handle herself she doesn't need a hero. But when she hurts her thumb she realizes she does need help. She lets Chris into her life and her heart. The story was such a great idea and so perfectly written!! I can't wait to read the rest of the stories in this series!!!!!!
wantabeefcake More than 1 year ago
Excellent start to a new series. Finding Chris Evans is going to be so much fun if the rest of the books are as fun as the starter. Ellie sets the events into motion by visiting a fortune teller. The fortune teller tells her that she will find the love of her life named Chris Evans. Ellie did some research to find that there are 6 Chris Evans in her small town. So, she sets out to find each and every one in hopes of the fortune tellers fortune coming true. Enter Chris Evans EMT. Ellie sets it up so she can meet him. Meeting this Chris shows her that he isn't the one. She realizes right away that he is madly in love with one of his crew when Britt is in trouble on a scene and Chris runs out to help her. Good guy with a heart of gold, Chris offers his help when Britt gets hurt on a call. What happens next is plenty of laughs and MANY steamy scenes. I absolutely loved this story. And I cannot wait for the others in the series to come out. If you plan on reading this, read the prequel first. It sets up the rest of the stories. Another hit series!!! One you won't want to miss.
19Kimmy More than 1 year ago
What a fun new series!!! After reading the prequel, Finding Chris Evans: The Fortune Teller Edition by Elizabeth Bemis, Erin Nicholas edition of Finding Chris Evans – The 911 Edition, was perfect way to start!!! This is a fun, upbeat, can’t get enough of story!!! The prequel starts with Ellie seeing a Fortune Teller, and finding out her Chris Evans is the love of her life. WELL….There are 6 Chris Evans in her town, how will she find her true love??? So now Ellie’s adventure begins. Erin Nicholas’ first Chris Evans is an EMT, but is he Ellie’s true love?? I started and could not stop!!!! This book is a 5 star and will not disappoint!!!!
naughtsncrosses More than 1 year ago
Another super quick read, I love the glimpses we get of Ellie in her search for her Chris Evans. This Chris Evans, aka Captain America the EMT, is already in love with one of his team members, Britt, and doesn’t even know it. This is a hot and raunchy kindling of their relationship after Britt is injured at a job. A fun start to the series.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
How can you not love a book with the name of one of the hottest men in the title? And this particular Chris Evans was just as hot. He had smoking chemistry with Britt. They clashed almost in a foreplay manner. I loved how they knew each other so well despite knowing each other a short amount of time. Their story was easy to get lost in and enjoy. And their use of a certain favorite food of mine only added to the sexiness of the book. I liked the appearance of Ellie, from the prequel, in this book. Although not a main character, she had some impact film scenes. This makes the anticipation for her story so much more. I am define looking forward to the other stories in this interconnected series.
AmyHiggs More than 1 year ago
This book was so fun! After reading the prequel, I couldn't wait to follow Ellie on her journey to find Chris Evans. She finds out right away that EMT Chris Evans is not who she is meant to be with because he has feelings for someone else. Chris has had feelings for Britt for some time but he is her boss and that's a problem. After Britt hurts herself on the job everything changes and feelings can't be denied anymore! They had amazing chemistry together! You can always expect sexy, fun reads from Erin Nicholas and this book is no exception! I can't wait to see which Chris Evans Ellie meets next!
kmichels More than 1 year ago
I'm hooked! Finding Chris Evans: The 9-1-1 Edition was fabulous! Erin Nicholas has produced yet another book that will be on my re-read shelf. A quick, sweet, fun, sexy novella. Britt was absolutely the right match for Chris Evans #1. And now - I'm itching to read the next one! Good think they are being released only days apart!