Fisher Investments on Financials / Edition 1

Fisher Investments on Financials / Edition 1

by Fisher Investments, Jarred Kriz
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Pub. Date:
Fisher Investments on Financials / Edition 1

Fisher Investments on Financials / Edition 1

by Fisher Investments, Jarred Kriz
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The easy-to-use resource for anyone looking to learn more about the financial sector and how to make the most of it

The Fisher Investments On series is designed to provide individual investors, students, and aspiring investment professionals with the tools necessary to understand and analyze investment opportunities—primarily for investing in global stocks. Each guide is an easily accessible primer to economic sectors, regions, or other components of the global stock market. While this guide is specifically on Financials, the basic investment methodology is applicable for analyzing any global sector, regardless of the current macroeconomic environment.

Following a top-down approach to investing, Fisher Investments on Financials can help you make more informed decisions within the Financials sector. It skillfully addresses how to determine optimal times to invest in Financials stocks and which Financials industries have the potential to perform well in various environments. The book is divided into three comprehensive parts—Getting Started, Financials Details, and Thinking Like a Portfolio Manager.

  • Explains some of the sector's key macro drivers—like regulation, interest rates, and credit trends
  • Shows how to capitalize on a wide array of macro conditions and industry-specific features to help you form an opinion on each of the industries within the sector
  • Takes you through the major components of the industries within the global Financials sector and reveals how they operate
  • Offers investment strategies to help you determine when and how to overweight specific industries within the sector
  • Outlines a five-step process to help differentiate firms in this field—designed to help you identify those with the greatest probability of outperforming

Filled with in-depth insights, Fisher Investments on Financials provides a framework for understanding this sector and its industries to help you make better investment decisions—now and in the future. With this book as your guide, you can gain a global perspective of the Financials sector and discover strategies to help achieve your investing goals.

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ISBN-13: 9780470527061
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/02/2012
Series: Fisher Investments Press , #19
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

JARRED J. KRIZ has been in the financial ser-vices industry since 1997, with experience in the banking, investment banking, brokerage, and asset management fields. He regularly presents to audiences at investing workshops across the country and currently works as a Senior Capital Markets Research Analyst at Fisher Investments with a focus on the Financials sector and macroeconomic strategy.

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Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xv

Part I Introduction 1

Chapter 1 Financials Basics 3

Financials 101 4

Financials Sector Breakdown 23

Part II Industry Group Details 31

Chapter 2 Banks 33

Banks 101 34

Types of Banks 45

Banks Industry Group Characteristics 48

Bank Regulation 53

Chapter 3 Diversified Financials 63

Capital Markets 64

Consumer Finance 76

Diversified Financial Services 80

Chapter 4 Insurance Industry Group 83

Characteristics of Insurers 84

How Do Insurance Companies Make Money? 89

How Do Insurance Companies Act? 94

Regulation 98

Chapter 5 Real Estate Industry Group 103

What Is a REIT? 105

REIT Characteristics 108

A Representative Example: Annaly Capital Management 112

Equity REIT Sub-Industries 115

Unique Measurements for REITs 118

Part III Thinking Like a Portfolio Manager 121

Chapter 6 The Top-Down Method 123

Investing Is a Science 123

The Top-Down Method 126

Top-Down Deconstructed 131

Managing Against a Financials Benchmark 139

Chapter 7 Security Analysis 143

Make Your Selection 144

A Five-Step Process 145

Financials Analysis 153

Chapter 8 Financials Investing Strategies 159

Adding Value at the Sector Level 160

Adding Value at the Country or Industry Level 161

Adding Value at the Security Level 162

Appendix A: Reference Material 165

Appendix B: Derivatives 171

Appendix C: Risk-Adjusted Balance Sheet 175

Notes 179

About the Author 185

Index 187

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