Flavors of Confidence: A Reflection for Those in Need

Flavors of Confidence: A Reflection for Those in Need

by Massimo Rigotti
Flavors of Confidence: A Reflection for Those in Need

Flavors of Confidence: A Reflection for Those in Need

by Massimo Rigotti


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A story of every imaginable addiction from alcohol, cocaine, sex, work, and failure that helps addicts, especially bi-polar ones, create their own unique path to sobriety - their Flavor of Confidence.

A wild ride from childhood to celebrity filled parties in Hollywood Hills to homelessness, Massimo Rigotti lays himself bare for the world to put themselves in his shoes. As he shares his story, he weaves in nuggets of wisdom gained from his journey.

Massimo went through every program out there and nothing worked. Frustrated, he created his own ten step program, the Flavors of Confidence Method, to maintain his long-term sobriety. Every addiction has a root cause, and this book will help guide you to figure yourself out. You are running from something and hiding from it in your addictions. Why run? It's time to face your truth.

After sharing his method in groups for several years, Massimo noticed it was working for others and was encouraged to publish it. This book shares all his battle scars in a relatable way and then guides you to create your own unique Flavor of Confidence to find your sobriety. Do the work; you'll be confidently free!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9798987553312
Publisher: Rigotti Press
Publication date: 03/23/2023
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Massimo originated in Nebraska, though life took him to both coasts and many places between, in cities large and small. He has had several distinct career paths, yet most want to talk to him about his work in entertainment. Struggling nearly two decades before finding sobriety on his own terms. Today, Massimo strives to help those with addictions of all types find the confidence to build a fulfilling, productive, and sober life. His first book, Flavors of Confidence, takes you on a journey through his lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder that spiraled into uncontrollable addictions that led to his death. Given a second chance at life, Massimo took a methodical look at his past and developed Flavors of Confidence - a ten step repeating method for continuous personal improvement to ensure long-term recovery, relapse prevention, and strong personal confidence. When he isn't writing, on the road motivational speaking, coaching private clients, or otherwise exploring the world, Massimo works as business consultant. Massimo enjoys windshield time traveling down any backroad, competitive figure skating, researching the obscure, and spending time disconnected from the modern world with those his heart cherishes most. He aspires to ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills.

Jeff McDonald grew up in the Kansas City area. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts specializing in Visual Communication - graphic design/illustration from the University of Kansas. Jeff spent ten years working for companies large and small, including several years in the Corporate Marketing, Branding and Communications Departments of some major engineering firms headquartered in the Kansas City area. Those skills were noticed and soon Jeff was working directly for company Chief Officers and corporate Vice Presidents to help manage the companies' visual identity and keep branding standards consistent across multiple offices throughout the United States. This experience allowed Jeff to develop a uniquely wide set of skills, leading to the decision to venture out on his own. He has enjoyed a career as a freelancer, serving many clients, ranging from start-up individuals to larger corporations. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys playing guitar and composing original music.
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