Frou-Frou, Frisby & Brick: The Book of Unfortunate Baby Names

Frou-Frou, Frisby & Brick: The Book of Unfortunate Baby Names

by Russell Ash

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Frou-Frou, Frisby & Brick: The Book of Unfortunate Baby Names by Russell Ash

Frou-Frou Mallett
Extravaganza Tomkyns-Grafton
Maniac Keene
Reckless Baker

If there's one thing guaranteed to make a child shrink into their seat during registration - it's a stupid name. Unfortunately for kids across the world, parents keeping making crimes against nomenclature. Fortunately for us, Russell Ash keeps collecting them.

The perfect gift book for expectant parents, FROU-FROU, FRISBY & BRICK is a helpful guide to the sorts of names, or name combinations, to avoid at all costs.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781472221957
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing, Limited
Publication date: 04/24/2014
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Russell Ash was best known for his annual THE TOP TEN OF EVERYTHING and other popular reference works, but he was also the author of numerous humour titles. His extensive research work encompasses biographical studies and genealogy.

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Frou-Frou, Frisby & Brick: The Book of Unfortunate Baby Names 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Frostedwolf(Great-Grandmother[mom's side], dead) <br> Bravecloud(Great-Grandfather[mom's side], dead) <br> Sunshine(Great-Aunt[mom's side, grandma's sister], dead) <br> Dragon(Great-Uncle[mom's side, grandma's brogher], dead) <br> Glittershine(Grandmother[mom's mom], dead) <br> Nightclaw(Grandfather[mom's dad], dead) <br> Jayfeather(Great-Aunt[grandma's sister-in-law], inactive) <br> (CH)Courageheart/star(Aunt[dad's sister], inacitve) <br> Nightshadow(Father, inactive) <br> Cloudbeauty(Mother) <br> (CW) Cinderweed(Uncle[dad's brother-in-law], inactive) <br> Spotstar(Uncle[dad's brother-in-law], left) <br> Ashwarrior(Cousin[CH+CW], inactive) <br> Stormlilac(Cousin[CH+CW], inactive) <br> Toppershat(Cousin[CH+CW], inactive) <br> Smudgedot(Cousin[CH+CW], inactive) <br> Softflame(sister-in-law[Foxpower's former mate], inactive) <br> Grassclaw(Great-Uncle[dad's brogher], dead) <br> Mysteryflower(Great-Aunt[dad's sister-in-law], dead) <br> Midnight(Great-Aunt[grandma's sister], dead) <br> Nightpaw(Great-Aunt[grandma's sister], dead) <br> Wolfscar(Great-Uncle[grandma's brother], dead) <br> Foxhunter(Great-Uncle[grandma's brother], MIA) <br> Bravepaw(Great-Uncle[grandma's brother], dead) <br> Glitterlight(Sister, inactive) <br> Frostedflower(Sister, inactive) <br> Stormrider(Brother, inactive) <br> Foxpower(Brother) <br> Orionkit(Nephew[Glitterlight's], inactive) <br> Bearkit(Nephew[Glitterlight's], inactive) <br> Acornkit(Niece[Glitterlight's], inactive) <br> Littlepaw(Niece[Foxpower's], dead) <br> Rubblepaw(Nephew[foxpower's], inacitve) <br> Sedgewhisker(Niece[Foxpower's]) <br> Mercuryfoot(mate) <br> Primroseclaw(sister-in-law) <br> Stormkit(daughter) <br> Flamekit(son) <br> Firekit(son)