Furred Lines (Peculiar Mysteries, #7)
Furred Lines (Peculiar Mysteries, #7)

Furred Lines (Peculiar Mysteries, #7)

by Renee George


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BN ID: 2940155031772
Publisher: Renee George
Publication date: 02/07/2018
Series: Peculiar Mysteries , #7
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 22,885
File size: 471 KB

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About Renee:
Renee George is a USA Today Bestselling author of cozy mysteries, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and romantic comedies. 

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Author Note: For readers who have enjoyed reading my books and taken the time to share their love in reviews, thank you so much! I can't tell you how much it means to me to know my work is valued. 

Renee George

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Furred Lines (Peculiar Mysteries, #6) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this series. Hard to wait for the next one. Please keep writing .
pammyl More than 1 year ago
Special agent Nicole Taylor is a Raccoon shifter from Peculiar. She was a ph. D. In behavioural psychology and works for the FBI. Special agent Tartan is a bear shifter and senior agent on this case. Someone is killing shifters or therianthrope. All the signs are leading back to Peculiar OMG I love this. What an amazing story. The characters are fantastic I love the development and how they grew. So spicy lol it was full of action, charm, mystery romance and hilariously funny. I couldn't put it down it is fantastic. Don't miss it. Voluntarily reviewed and I honestly loved it.
Tamye More than 1 year ago
While I've read every book in this hilarious series, it's my opinion, that the book stands fine by itself. But you'll probably want to go back and read the rest of the books in the series because they rock, and you'll want to find out more about all the various characters that make up this unique shifter town. Our main characters, Mr. Hot, hot, hot ..... Senior Agent FBI man, Dominic Tartan, and Special Agent, (Yeah, she's special, as in wereraccoon special. And just like one of those little bandits, she can pick a lock in no time flat), Dr. Nicole Taylor. He's gruff, and she's a bit klutzy, at least around him. Things soon heat up. Both the chemistry between the two, and bodies popping up. Yep, someone's not behaving. Things just get better when you add in the dynamics of returning to Nicole's hometown of Peculiar. Parents, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, possible killers, wacko survivalists, and a few other quirky individuals to keep things interesting, or embarrassing, depending on who you ask. Furred Lines made me smile, laugh, cry and cheer. It also managed to surprise me a time or two. The story flowed well, and the characters had a depth, that made them real. I loved this book so much, I went out and bought my own copy as soon as it was released. (I read an ARC before the book's release.) I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good laugh, and a town full of shapeshifters with their mystery.
KarmelRead2665 More than 1 year ago
Hunt for A Killer Peculiar Missouri I love reading about the characters from this little town. This story focuses on Dominice and Nicole FBI agents from the human world but a who are shifters that had integrated. Whenever I read one of these stories and this one was no exception I laugh smile crack up at those crazy doings of the characters. I read the "This made her giggle hard enough she tooted on the way out without even a second glance back." I busted out laughing in my office. I'm sure if anyone heard me they thought I lost my mind but that sentence gave me just such a vivid picture of a woman laughing so hard being very visibly pregnant tooting as she walks away that even as I write this I'm still chuckling. You can't go wrong reading a book by Renee George she is in entertaining author.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
Want something a little different? Read this fun paranormal mystery and I guarantee a chuckle or two, a couple of sighs and a darned good mystery. Though this is part of a series each book can be read stand alone. I love that the author has original therianthrope pairings and love Dom (bear) and Nic (raccoon). I can’t wait to revisit Peculiar.
cherigCG More than 1 year ago
Another wonderful visit to Peculiar, if you ignore the murders, guns, crackpots, and human haters. Nicole or Puddin as the sheriff calls her (dad's nickname) has returned home with her hot bear shifter FBI partner to investigate a serial murder. She's advantaged by knowing most of the citizens and already having their trust and disadvantaged by being too well known by the citizen and the local police. The fact that she's drooling over her partner and has to keep it professional just adds to the challenge. The characters are funny, unique, and just like humans sometimes bad guys. Is she going to be able to get past her flirty partner, the dangerous characters, and her lack of experience to solve the case? I love visiting old friends and catching up on them as well as meeting new ones. Another winner you can enjoy even if it is your first but be aware you're gonna want to read more from this fun shifter world. I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy and I have not been compensated in any way.