Gabriel's Mate (Scanguards Vampires #3)

Gabriel's Mate (Scanguards Vampires #3)

by Tina Folsom

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The Scanguards Vampires series - over 1 Million copies sold worldwide!

After Maya is turned into a vampire against her will, vampire and Scanguards bodyguard Gabriel is charged with protecting her and finding her attacker.

Gabriel has never guarded a body as perfect as Maya's. Moreover, Maya's enticing blend of vulnerability and strength is difficult to resist. Yet resist he must. Even as the sexual tension between them rises and the rogue vampire closes in on them, Gabriel refuses to give into his desire. Despite the intimacies they share, Gabriel fears that if he ever reveals himself fully to her, Maya will react like other women have, running from him, and calling him a monster, a freak, a creature not worth her love.

Will Maya prove to be the one female who cherishes all that Gabriel is?

"I'm addicted to Tina Folsom's books! The Scanguards series is one of the hottest things to happen to vampire romance. If you love scorching, fast-paced reads, don't miss this thrilling series!" - Lara Adrian, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Midnight Breed series

Scanguards Vampires Series:
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Book 8: Thomas's Choice
Novella 8 1/2: Silent Bite (A Scanguards Wedding)
Book 9: Cain's Identity
Book 10: Luther's Return
Book 11: Blake's Pursuit
Novella 11 1/2: Fateful Reunion
Stealth Guardians #3: Warrior Unraveled (featuring Wesley, Scanguards' resident witch, as the hero)
Book 12: John's Yearning
The Novella Mortal Wish can be read anytime.

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BN ID: 2940012541437
Publisher: Tina Folsom
Publication date: 01/02/2010
Series: Scanguards Vampires Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 136,660
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About the Author

Tina Folsom writes paranormal and erotic romance from her home in San Francisco, California.

Visit her blog or her website to find out more about her and to get updates on what books she is currently working on.

You can also find audio excerpts and book trailers on her YouTube Channel:

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Gabriel's Mate 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 558 reviews.
Emmlilgravia More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed the other 2 Scanguard Vampire series, and couldn't wait to read this one, about Gabriel, who we have gotten to know in those books. I definitely wasn't disappointed!! This book is suspenseful, a little bit scary :), a mystery, and of course very well written romantically erotic. Just simply amazing that so many aspects tied together so well in this story, and did so well. The love and connection between Gabriel and Maya is undeniable from the first moment, and plays out so naturally, as if they truly were meant for each other. She accepts Gabriel's unique situation ;), and if anything, it's what she always wanted and needed, but did not realize until she met Gabriel. His "situation" is sort of a mystery at first, and I eagerly curious as to what his problem was, not wanting to stop turning the pages to finally find out! I have to admit, that I can relate to Maya's feelings about it, and I can't say that I wouldn't accept him as he is as well. ;) As always, the love scenes were written beautifully. There was a strong emotional connection between Gabriel and Maya, which made the passionate scenes that more enjoyable for readers. This Scanguards book will not disappoint you. There are so many different aspects of this book, surprises, and amazing passion between Gabriel and Maya, that I'm sure you'll be up all night turning the pages, just as I was! Highly recommended read!!
n2nook More than 1 year ago
Wow what a way to spend a weekend!!! I actually purchased all three books from this series starting with Samson's Lovely Mortal. By the end of the weekend I had finished all three in the series. No disappointments what so ever. They kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more. This entire series is very well written from the characters to their storylines. I highly recommend all three titles in this series and I personally can't wait for the fourth. :) Off to purchase something else by Tina Folsom until then. :) Yeah, I'd say she just became one of my favorite authors thanks to this series.
angela crain More than 1 year ago
man i read just one of tina folsom books and now im buying another. they are very sexual keep up the great writing.
Munhall More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I read from Tina Folsom and I am hooked! I have now gone back to read the books in the Scanguards Vampire Series and enjoying all of them. It is sometimes tough to try a new author but I am glad that I did. I will be reading a lot more of her series and if you like romance and sexy vampires you will enjoy these books.
bittenbyparanormalromance More than 1 year ago
Gabriel's Mate is the third book in Tina Folsom Scanguards steamy vampire series, its exciting and different in many ways. I love how Tina can take vampires and add some mythology in the mix, is totally different. I loved the mystery, steaming hot sex and the blood and gore, you can't have a good vampire book without that. This is a true paranormal erotic romance at its finest. This book is my favorite so far, in this series. One day I will have to ask Tina how she comes up with these men and their manhood problems LOL. This poor guy has a hung dinger of a problem, but once he finds out the true source of the problem that has plagued him for years, it turns into something extra ordinary. Tina leaves you in suspense about his manhood problems, I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what it was. You just have to read it for yourself. Gabriel is very different and as you read in the first of the book you'll find his problem caused him to be what we call a tormented hero. He lives years without companionship and that is what he wont's most in life, even after becoming a vampire. I will say that sometimes when we read the tormented hero they seem to drag on forever with the oh woos is me and thinking stuff they shouldn't in their heads, to cause even more friction between him and the heroine. I have to hand it to Tina she never drags this out like most authors, you'll read some of his whining, but it wont last long. Although Gabriel is a little skittish at times. One night while Maya is going home she is attacked. A couple of Scanguards guards finds her and brings her in. She wakes and finds herself thorn into a different world and has to learn things new, but the thing is Maya is different herself and even in this world she finds again she is different. Maya will lose a lot from her life, but gain so much more in turn. I loved reading Maya and Gabriel. They are both strong in ways and let me tell you Maya takes nothing off of anyone even a vampire. You also get to read about the other Scanguards vampires. One is Yvette, I really enjoyed getting to know her more and hope she gets a book soon.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I fell in love with Gabriel. He's one hot vampire - and more! The author has really done it this time. It's my favorite in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have not been dissappointed in any of the books in this series. I read this book in one day as I couldn't put it down. I will wait patiently for the next one!
meggerfly More than 1 year ago
Rating: 4.5 Heat Rating 4 out of 5 Gabriel's Mate is the third book in Tina Folsom's HOT Scanguards Vampires series. It is the story of Gabriel, the head of the New York branch of Scanguards, one of the best bodyguard agencies there is. Tina Folsom yet again hits it out of the park with this addition to the series. Gabriel, who I really didn't like in Amaury's book, Amaury's Hellion, is still in San Fransisco. It is here that he meets Maya. Maya had been attacked by a vampire and in order to save her, Gabriel turned her before gaining her consent. When it became clear that Maya was still in danger Gabriel takes it upon himself to protect her while he and the gang hunted down her attacker. I find it utterly amazing that Tina Folsom can satisfy a reader like she does. Each and every time she catches me by surprise. In this book the biggest surprise for me was the culprit. I was totally shocked at who it was. Folsom's humor is seen in this book as well. We see it in the interaction between the gang. Thomas is always good for a laugh, and the fact that Maya was a urologist had me giggling. Who better is there for a man with a problem "down there"? And that's another thing, these man part problems that her characters so frequently have are always painted in a hilarious light and never fail to amuse. The romance between Gabriel and Maya was fabulous. The sexual tension between the two had me wrapped up in knots. I couldn't wait till Gabriel revealed his secret and he and Maya finally got it on. I kept on thinking "She's a urologist you dumb schmuck! She'll totally dig it!". Their love scenes were sinfully erotic. Again I must give a shout out to my girl Tonya for introducing me to Tina Folsom's work. It truly would have been a shame if I had missed out on it. I'm telling you, grab one of her books and get cozy 'cause once you start reading you won't want to put the book down! A few last things... I was really pleased to see that my issue with the surprise character that appeared at the end of Amaury's Hellion was resolved in this book. There was some good groundwork laid for Yvette's book We lost a beloved character in this one =O( Do I see a M/M book in the future? This book contains anal.
at8c More than 1 year ago
A Must Read!!! Enjoyed every single page. I literally could not put the book down. I was completely wrapped up in the characters story. Their individual history their personal struggles with themselves all the while trying to understand their desires for each other. I loved the feelings of uncertainty that they both secretly shared in the others desire for them the little excuses of why one would do something for the other. I think that made them seem real as if they were someone you could know. You did know. Ultimately it is their acceptance of each other and their battles to stay together that wins my heart and places it in my favorites read category. Highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good old fashion romance with suspense, action, and a touch of thriller. Amanda
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
4.5stars actually So it took me a while to get to this one but it was definitely worth the wait. So far this is a great series and luckily it’s still early enough in the series so that there is no repeating on the stories. Disfigured, tortured, delectable yet sensitive Scanguards second Gabriel has been lonely and alone for many years. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any hope on the horizon for changing his situation until Dr. Maya Johnson is turned into a vampire against her will and he’s assigned to ensure her protection. The horrors that Gabriel has had inflicted on him and had to live with are both told in detail and cleverly alluded to as the story draws you in. Before I knew it, as a reader I wanted to be protective of Gabriel as did Maya. Not to be outdone, Gabriel felt understandably protective and anxious for Maya, he was very self-aware and was careful not to inflict or project his desires onto her. Maya’s reaction to her new lifestyle felt realistic and like more new vampires should have – I for one enjoyed her foibles. I liked the suspense of trying to find out who and where the rogue vampire was and I felt sorrow at losing one of the original characters. I noticed some gaps but they weren’t distracting enough to stop my enjoyment of the book. The wrap-up to the story was rather neat but worked and I am anxious to start the next chapter of this exciting series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It Spells out what makes each of us different, Enjoy a great read!!!
DeedeeAl More than 1 year ago
Another sexy romance! loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A good read.
syfynut More than 1 year ago
This is the story of Maya and Gabriel. Gabriel is a scarred tragic hero figure and Maya is a newly turned vampire, only they both have hidden mysteries that make you have to turn the page to find out what the heck is going on. The writer keeps the reader intrigued until the end of the book. I highly recommend the Scanguards Vampires Series. Book 3 is just as good as book 1.
DJVDelaware More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book, this is the first one I have read by this author. I will have to go back now to read the first two in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yet another fabulous novel . She always leaves you starving for more! A highly recommended read. ONE OF THE BEST SERIES OF NOVELS I'VE EVER READ.
Cheryl_Gillespie1 More than 1 year ago
¿Gabriel¿s Mate¿ was such a great story. You couldn¿t help but feel his sadness for what he had to deal with throughout his life. Then when Maya came along, you could truly feel his love for her right from the beginning. I couldn¿t stop reading this book. This book and the entire series are absolutely incredible. I am so excited that Tina is planning on writing more books in this series. The way that the stories flow and the way she describes everything, it was so easy to imagine the characters, their lives and their surroundings!
lenorewastaken More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars — Another reread, and another one I originally rated 4 stars but didn’t leave a review for. And it’s not that on reread I’m not enjoying these books, but definitely not to the same degree I did some 7 years ago. There are these subtleties in the writing that keep tweaking me, and I can’t always put my finger on it, but I can’t shake it either. In this one I started to feel…almost sexual shaming. There’s something distinctly old school about the way these characters think about sex and relationships and fidelity. Now, part of that could be that these are characters who have been alive for centuries, and so are still holding some old school beliefs, but they’ve lived long enough in the modern world that that should have worn off. These are not super overt things, and I’ve definitely seen them in other romances, don’t get me wrong. They just seemed a bit more out there in this one. Things like if I don’t keep my partner sexually satisfied, they will go somewhere else to get it. There was more in that vein, but I’ve apparently forgotten them. In a slightly different vein, the supposed darker desires (anal sex) of our characters was conveyed in a very shamed manner. And I get that many characters would genuinely think that, but it didn’t feel resolved at the end…I didn’t feel like the characters saw the act as less shameful, just that it was okay because of what they were. I wasn’t impressed with that. While I may not personally be interested in various sexual acts/kinks, I don’t feel like someone who is should be ashamed of that. *sigh* I was also not impressed with the way Gabriel’s scar and deformity were handled. I find it seriously hard to believe that every woman would scream in terror from him. Was he just convinced because of a few bad encounters, and then perhaps was projecting? Maybe. But seriously. Something about that whole thing just irked me. So why still 3.5 stars? Again, I’m enjoying the world, the large cast of characters, the action/plot. And despite the things mentioned above, I did enjoy Gabriel and Maya and feel for both of them. The twist that surrounds who they are was interesting and unique. And the bad guy was HORRIBLE. And I’m still intrigued by what’s going to happen in the future! Again, the steamy scenes started off good but got a bit long for my tastes. I don’t know. I’m still interested. I’m still entertained. *shrugs*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the whole series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
northamericanwordcat More than 1 year ago
Gabriel is a wonderful hero. He moves this book from being an average enjoyable erotic vampire romance with some action adventure thrown in to a comfort read you will want to enjoy again and again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago