Goodnight June

Goodnight June

by Sarah Jio
4.6 13

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Goodnight June: A Novel 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Laine-librariancanreadtoo More than 1 year ago
When you were a child, stories were read to you in all forms. Now a days it's in the form of television and movies. But there was a time where adults used to READ to their children. Either it was to calm the child down, or just for pleasure. The child get to spend that time frame dreaming of knights in shining armor slaying dragons, saving queens. Or living in fairy tales and talking to animals. After the story ends, they either dream into that world, or not. It's just a bunch of stories. They are not real. So when they grow up to be adults, that's all they think of children's stories....false. Not real, no real honor behind children's books. Or is there? June Anderson is a successful professionally and living the dream. Only her dream doesn't quite reach into her personal life but for her she is okay with that. Until she receives a letter stating that someone from her childhood whom she loved very much had passed away. Grieving over the lost of her wonderful Aunt, June realizes she has inherited her Aunt's small bookstore - Bluebird Books - who Aunt Ruby has owned since the 1940s. June is determined to make her dreams come true in New York and doesn't want to get tied down in Seattle with a small bookstore. But for her Aunt, she'll go to Seattle and see what needs to be down. Little does she realize that this little bookstore has more than children's books on it's shelves. June starts finding more interesting stories of an Aunt that she thought she knew. One interesting fact that she never knew was that her Aunt Ruby was very good friends with a woman by the name Margaret Wise brown, the author of Goodnight Moon. As June finds more interesting stories between the two women she starts finding out more history of her own life. But for someone has carried all her baggage around with her for so long, it's kind of hard to unpack and let things go. How will these children books help June unpack her baggage and let go of the past to receive the present? How will the books help you? A wonderful tale surrounding the stories of famous children's books and also a tale to help you remember your childhood and what it means to have those memories close to your heart.
smg5775 More than 1 year ago
A fictional story about correspondence of friends, one a bookseller, the other the author of Good Night, Moon takes us back the 1946 and brings us into the present time when it looks as if the book store will be sold. I enjoyed reading the letters between the two women. I also liked how June's aunt Ruby set up a scavenger hunt for her to find the letters between Ruby and Brownie. I got to know the two women through their letters. June got to know her aunt better through them also. I did not expect the ending of the letters. I was surprised. I liked that June finally was able to let go of the past. The ending for that part of her life was rushed. She found the peace she needed and was able to find her future but it was an easy clichéd ending. The secondary characters were not always likable but they did add more drama to the story and June's life. I applaud June for rising about her upbringing but it was a drama for her to live in her life. She had to make big decisions there so she could move forward. I am glad she made the decisions she did. This is a story of sisters, friends, trust, beginnings, and endings and how each affects our lives. A good read.
the-PageTurner More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful book. For various reasons it was very personal to me. The main character June is a big time banker in New York City when she finds her Aunt Ruby has died. June takes off for her hometown of Seattle only to find that Aunt Ruby has left her a children's book store. Bluebird Books is a small and failing store. And than June finds that Ruby was great friends with Margaret Wise Brown the author of Goodnight Moon. What follows contains all that is to be found in a good book. Romance, mystery, friendship and forgiveness . I did not want this one to end
Twink More than 1 year ago
Sarah Jio's latest is Goodnight June. Close to the title of that classic children's book Goodnight Moon, right? Well, Jio actually imagines what the origins of Goodnight Moon might have been in this cosy read. Jio's books often tie the present and past together in a back and forth narrative. Goodnight June follows this formula as well. June is a high powered banker who is in overdrive every day. When her beloved Aunt Ruby dies, she leaves June Bluebird Books, the children's bookstore she started in 1940. June takes a few days off to settle the estate. But that timeframe stretches to a few weeks as she begins to discover things about her aunt's past that she didn't know. Specifically, that she was great friends with Margaret Wise Brown - the author of Goodnight Moon. The two women's lives are slowly revealed through a set of letters, as well as a mystery. The cute owner of the café beside the store is also an incentive to stay. Jio has again crafted an easily read, enjoyable novel. Her imagining of the connections between Wise and her aunt is imaginative. As with all of Jio's books, there is a light mystery, some heartbreak, some romance and an ending that will please readers. There are a few plot devices that are overly fortuitous, but I was reading for that happy ending, so I didn't let them bother me. I find Jio's books to be good, light reading for the plane or the beach. If you've read other Jio books, then you will enjoy this latest. Love found, love lost, and a love of books all figure into the plot of Goodnight June.
momof3boysj More than 1 year ago
**I received a free copy from the publisher** I enjoyed this fictional story of June and her journey to finding herself and her life's passion. June is career-driven, almost heartless, in the finance industry. Her aunt's death, and her inheritance of the book store she practically grew up in, takes her on a path toward uncovering secrets of her past, possibilities for the future, and a fun "what could have happened" if her Aunt Ruby really had been friends with Margaret Wise Brown. The letters of correspondence create a "scavenger hunt" of clues which lead her to an about-face of the life she was living, to a life worth living, reuniting of her family, and adding promise to a new generation.
MissBethBC More than 1 year ago
Sarah writes what I consider to be women's fiction, with an added flare of romance.  Now I have a horrible confession to make, I am not familiar at all with Goodnight Moon, the children's story that inspired Sarah's wonderful story of how Good Night Moon came into being.   You can bet the farm, I will get my hands on a copy for my grand-daughter! In Jio's book, Goodnight June, the main character, June Anderson was a strong and successful banker who inherited her Aunt Ruby's children's book store, Bluebird Books. The shop is in  a mess without Ruby's  tender care and she is in hopes that her niece will remember her love for the bookstore and be able to save it from the financial crisis at hand.  Do physical books lose out to video games, television and the internet?     Or is there a way to save the beloved book store.  The characters are so compelling in this read that it makes the journey through Jio's book, one of joy and a bit of angst.   The world is not perfect and Jio's characters endure the love and loss as we all do.   My favorite character was Gavin, June's love interest.   He was a chef with wisdom beyond his years and I was so glad they found each other. The story is told through letters written and received by Aunt Ruby and her friend, Margaret Wise Brown, a scavenger hunt, and the desire that estranged sisters reconcile.  It was a very moving and heartfelt story that was hard to put down and even harder to not dwell upon it when you did put it down.   There is always depth and layers with Sarah Jio's books and this one was perhaps one of her best.   It was imaginative and very much filled with love.
sewolf0310 More than 1 year ago
Most of us have heard the beloved children’s story “Goodnight Moon” and the great green room by Margaret Wise Brown.  Sometimes you just ask yourself, what was the inspiration for that book?  In Margaret’s case, we will never know, as she died unexpectedly at the early age of 42.  But this is one person’s idea of what might have been that inspriation. Ruby and Margaret were friends, and since they lived so far apart, they would write to each other.  They would write about the good times and the not-so-good times.  Ruby owned a small bookstore, and Margaret was an author of children’s books. Ruby never married, so when she passed away, she left her bookstore to her niece, June.  June was a successful businesswoman in the banking industry in New York.  When she heard of her aunt’s death and that she was responsible for the bookstore, she thought she would take a few days off to take care of the bookstore and her aunt’s things.  Little did she know what she would find. Not only did she find letters between Ruby and Margaret, she also found similarities between their lives and her own.  The small bookstore that had so many childhood memories was now hers to decide what to do with.  You’ll have to read it yourself to see if she sells it and goes back to her financial career, or keeps it open for more readers to enjoy. Whether any or all parts of this are true or not, it is still a wonderful read.  Goodnight Moon is a part of most children’s lives, and what could be a better inspiration than a bookstore’s owner?
quaintinns More than 1 year ago
What a delightful, magical, and inspirational read by talented Sarah Jio, and is reflective of her creative passion and research throughout the book. If you have followed Margaret Wise Brown-the international classic children’s author of the famous “Goodnight Moon”, you will love stepping back into the pages of American literature, and sharing in the journey of this close bond of friendship, and heart-felt letters between these two women- and how their lives connected. June, a successful VP at a bank in New York, has left her home in Seattle and her ties with her sister, due to a betrayal which she deems unforgivable, putting walls up around her. Of course, at the bank her job is to foreclose on small businesses without sympathy or care, and daily meds needed for her anxiety and stress to cope. She receives the news her favorite Aunt Ruby has died, and left her the Bluebirds Bookstore in Seattle. June has loved this bookstore and has fond memories from childhood; however, she knows it is in financial ruin (like who can make a bookstore work in the days of the internet), and her first thought is to sell it to a developer and continue with her life in New York. However, walking into the bookstore with its charming loft upstairs, she immediately is drawn to fond memories from her childhood and gets pulled in. She soon discovers more than the large debt owed on the property; She finds letters written between her Aunt Ruby and the famous Margaret Wise Brown (two best friends sharing their secrets), hidden with clues inside the books, and the inspiration for her famous book . . . and oh, even more mysterious The Bluebird Bookstore was a gift from Ruby’s married lover.. (you need to read the book to learn more) – do not want to spoil (quite delicious)! June sets out to uncover its past and bring the “green room” back to life. Full of mystery, and treasures, and of course, a new love interest, Gavin who owns the restaurant next door. Combined with June’s love for books, her desire to rebuild her Aunt’s legacy, and the love of an exciting new man, plus plenty of other surprises in the treasure box, along the way . . . . Strength, resilience, and courage will give her the power to create miracles and demonstrate the answers were right in front of her all along. Thank you, to TPENGUIN GROUP Plume and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest and unbiased review
bongie More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The letters are wonderful. Most of the book is very good; however the final part is just too good to be believed. I wish the author had left out Bill Gates and NBC. It was a little creepy when they arrived. I wonder why this was added since it distracted from a good story. I have noticed a lot of current novels have this added bits - like required agendas to be published. This book deserved better. Read for the historical fiction and skim when the junk arrives.