Grace for Drowning

Grace for Drowning

by Maya Cross

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ISBN-13: 9781501477119
Publisher: Maya Cross
Publication date: 06/27/2014
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 465,379
File size: 589 KB

About the Author


Maya Cross is a writer who enjoys making people blush. Growing up with a mother who worked in a book store, she read a lot from a very young age, and soon enough picked up a pen of her own. Her previous work spans many genres including horror, science fiction, and fantasy, and she has now started this pen name as an outlet for her spicier thoughts (they were starting to overflow). She likes her heroes strong but mysterious, her encounters sizzling, and her characters true to life.

She believes in writing familiar narratives told with a twist, so most of her stories will feel comfortable, but hopefully a little unique. Whatever genre she's writing, finding a fascinating concept is the first, and most important step.

The Alpha Group is her first attempt at erotic romance.

When she's not writing, she's playing tennis, trawling her home town of Sydney for new inspiration, and drinking too much coffee.


I love to hear from readers, so please feel free to follow me on any of my social media channels. And don't forget to check out my website. You can sign up to my mailing list there, to hear about my new releases and any promotional sales I might be running.







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Grace for Drowning 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolately loved the book. I could relate to logan. Thanks for such a great read. I will be waiting for the second book. Good job!!!!!!! J... :-@
Katiewantsmore More than 1 year ago
Good book, subject got a little deep but the hotness factor was always there.
asgoodrich More than 1 year ago
5 stars = I freaking LOVED this book Grace for Drowning is an emotional rollercoaster ride of a read and I loved every freaking minute of it. It is not a sappy romance. It is not heart and flowers. There is no charming billionaire to sweep a naïve young thing off her feet. This is not a boy meets girl, falls in love, and they live happily ever after tale either. This is the story of a broken boy meeting a broken girl and their attempt to find happiness despite the odds stacked against them. And above all else, it is a story of hope; while Ms. Cross does not give Logan and Grace a neatly written, tied-up-with-a-bow happy ending, she does give them hope.  Because of the ways in which Grace and Logan are broken, their characters felt so real to me. I connected with Grace and understood her loss, the accompanying depression, and the desire to numb herself to the pain. Although I don’t have a personal experience that compares with Logan’s, I can empathize with his feelings of being lost and how his PTSD has affected him since leaving the service. The way in which their alcoholism was presented by Ms. Cross merely added one more layer to making the characters seem so real – at least for me. That the story was told from both Grace and Logan’s point of views made the story that much more enjoyable as it gave me insight into their feelings and actions.  Ms. Cross has penned a beautifully written story that made me laugh and made me cry; she made me fall in love and she broke my heart; and she gave me a book that I know I will read again many times. Grace and Logan’s story is beautiful. And I have to say that I adore Joy and want a friend just like her. Well done Ms. Cross.    I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
I feel like I need to start this book off by making it clear that I love Maya Cross. I have loved all her books I have read so far. They are deep. They are sexy. They are just done well and it’s always a pleasure to be sucked into the worlds she creates and the characters that live within them. This is a super dark read. Grace is a very dark place and has had a lot of tragedy in her life. She is not just depressed and self-medicating with alcohol, she’s basically at her rock bottom and ready to just give up on life all together. Graces’ dark world is bathed in light by an unlikely source, our hero Logan. Unlikely because the demons he fights and the tragedies he has lived through are comparable to Grace’s. The only difference is that he’s learned to channel those feelings into his MMA career. When he meets Grace, he understands her and wants to help her. The problem is that the only way to help her is to let her know him…and he doesn’t want anyone to get that close. But the chemistry between these two, with their shared pain, is undeniable. They become friends and then it blossoms into more. The real question is if they can make what they have last on such a shaky foundation. This book was a whole lot darker than I thought it would be, but I thought Maya handled some really serious topics very delicately and well and with a lot of respect. Grace and Logan are truly two characters that just got each other, and they were so well constructed that even though I have not had similar experiences in my own life, I got them too. The whole storyline, save the end, was really up my alley. I love the slow build of trust and attraction between characters, and we are given this in spades in this story. I felt that the pace was realistic and not too crazy over the top. What WAS crazy over the top was Logan and his alphaness. I mean, I appreciate a good alpha male but there were a few points that just left me thinking “ok, too much” and quite frankly if I experienced them in real life with a man it would definitely freak me out. But, I guess Logan is just….Logan. And if I had to take him as he is or leave him, I’d definitely take him. Overall, I did really enjoy this book. I was REALLY wrapped up in it and finished it very fast. The end I found to be a bit disappointing. I felt that we had gone through sooo much with these two people, all the pain and drama, that rolling it into another book just seemed a bit exhausting. So, yes there will be a book two, and because I’m a masochist I will read it and hope against hope that it ends well for these two characters. 4.5 stars. Reviewed by Sara Squared for Crystal’s Many Reviewers *Copy Provided for review*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book , read it in 2 days. I also read the trilogy from Maya Cross. Definitely worth it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What can i say but this was a great read. I loved the story and i was emotionally invested right from the start. The characters had a real connection that i truly felt and i can't wait for a sequel. Great job Maya!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved that both characters were so broken and fix each other. A great read.
bugsman More than 1 year ago
A good read.  I loved the hotness between the two characters and I like the story line.  The book insightful and interesting.  I highly recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago