Grit and Grace in a World Gone Mad: Humanitarianism in Talas, Turkey 1908-1923

Grit and Grace in a World Gone Mad: Humanitarianism in Talas, Turkey 1908-1923

by Wendy Elliott


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A personal history of a dedicated group of American and Canadian missionaries and relief workers who saved thousands of Armenian, Greek and Turkish orphans from starvation, disease and harm in the Talas region during the dying days of the Ottoman Empire. From the initial jubilance of the Young Turk revolution, through the period of increased state repression, culminating in the violence and destruction of world war and genocide, the courage and kindness of these humanitarians shine through as a beacon of light and hope.

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ISBN-13: 9781909382442
Publisher: Garod Books
Publication date: 10/19/2018
Pages: 422
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.94(d)

Table of Contents

About the Author ii

Foreword vii

An Important Word About the Words xi

Part I: A Time to Plant

1. A New Breed 3

2. In Sickness and in Health 17

3. Squabbles, Rifts and Splits 29

4. The Empire Shrinks 39

5. The Reformations 51

6. Mad for War 61

7. Eve of Destruction 71

8. Welcome to Hell 83

Part II: A Time to Mourn

9. In the Valley of the Shadow of Death 91

10. Pandemonium 99

11. The Need for Relief 109

12. More Evictions 117

13. A Door Closes 127

14. A Window Opens 135

15. Aiding in Alexandropol 147

16. Rolling Up Their Sleeves 159

17. Eastward Ho! 169

18. The End of the Beginning 179

Part III: A Time To Mend

19. Through A Glass Darkly 191

20. Making Their Way Back 201

21. Suffer the Little Children 211

22. Order and DisOrder 223

23. On Their Own 233

24. No Pleasant Place To Be 245

25. A Greek Tragedy 255

26. Prelude to a Denouement 265

27. The Burning of Smyrna 275

Part IV: A Time To Uproot

28. The Expulsion 289

29. The Exodus 299

30. The Cost 305

Glossary of Terms and Places 313

List of Personnel 317

Endnotes 323

Selected Bibliography 373

Reader’s Guide 385

Index 391

Acknowledgments 405

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