Guardians of The Ancient One

Guardians of The Ancient One

by R. Scott Lemriel
Guardians of The Ancient One

Guardians of The Ancient One

by R. Scott Lemriel


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Guardians of The Ancient One (book two of The Parallel Time Trilogy), journeys further into the ongoing struggle between the diabolical extraterrestrial human Sen Dar's attempts to dominate Earth, defeat the Galactic Interdimensional Alliance of Free World, take control of the galaxy, and the replace the 'Source' behind and supporting all creation known as 'Prime Creator' or 'The Ancient One' with himself. Captain Kalem and Mayleena experience a most rarified marriage that takes place on planet Oceana before The Ancient One itself. Their bliss is drastically interrupted by the covert actions of Sen Dar's continuing growing occult powers, as he misused the stolen Emerald Doorway Matrix crystal of The Ancient One. Master Ra Mu & his fellow Guardian Master Teachers must put Captain Kalem, Mayleena, and their Dren friend Etta through a very special training in 'The Cave of Fears' to prepare them to be able to confront Sen Dar's continuing misuse of the stolen mystic crystal of The Ancient One he possesses. 

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ISBN-13: 9780578270555
Publisher: Total Spectrum Publishing
Publication date: 11/05/2022
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 320
File size: 585 KB

About the Author

R. Scott Lemriel writes and publishes books and eBooks that are designed to assist fellow human beings to remember what they were made to forget before they were born on Earth with little or no former memory intact. His 4 published books titled: The Seres Agenda & (the 3 books of The Parallel Time Trilogy) The Emerald Doorway, Guardians of The Ancient One & Journey to the Center of the Universe, are entirely based on his lifetime of 'direct experience-based' explorations beyond Earth and into parallel & higher dimension realities. Along the way he uncovered vast arenas of enlightening hidden or suppressed truth through contacts with very evolved wondrous beings not from Earth, and through many out-of-body journeys to other world and in parallel and higher dimension realities. What he refers to as kind Master Teachers were met along the way that have assisted him to create his books to be special doorways or portals that can assist others to reconnect with the one omnipresent living energy that supports and sustains the entire grand multidimensional creation.

Table of Contents


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1 Attack from a Parallel Dimension

2 The Guardians Suspect a Villain

3 An Unexpected Mystic Journey

4 Romance and Mischief

5 Etta Peers into a Mystery

6 Stumbling into Good Fortune

7 Earth's Secret Transit Windows

8 Caught Like Rats in a Trap

9 An Errand of Vengeance

10 A Spy and a Threat

11 Saved by a Maintenance Man

12 A renewed Cold War Turns Warm

13 Master Lumiera's Mysterious Warning

14 The Walls of Ignorance Fall

15 The Cave of Fears

16 Escape to Fight Again

17 Can There Be Peace?

18 The Isle of Banion

19 Can't You Knock Like Anyone Else?

20 A Bridge to Understanding

21 Two New Diplomats Head South

22 A Rare Marriage and a Mission

23 Ra Mu and Lumiera Return Home

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