Hands Off My Food!: How Government and Industry Have Corrupted Our Food and Easy Ways to Fight Back

Hands Off My Food!: How Government and Industry Have Corrupted Our Food and Easy Ways to Fight Back

by Dr. Sina McCullough


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Americans have stopped being watchdogs over their own food supply. Roughly 100 years ago, with the birth of the FDA, we handed that responsibility over to the government and the food industry. They, in turn, have fundamentally transformed our food supply and it’s making us sick, including our children. Not only are we losing our health to food related illnesses like cancer and heart disease, we are losing our freedom. Did you know that government and the food industry have already chosen your dinner for you? In fact, the government nudges you to pick the foods they want you to eat. They’ve been doing it your whole life.

In Hands Off My Food! Dr. McCullough, a Ph.D. in Nutrition from the University of California at Davis, walks you through the truth behind what’s currently in our food and how it got there. You may be surprised to learn that our food system is not designed to protect our long-term health. Both the food industry and the government have played a major role in the demise of our food supply, but they are not the root of the problem. Dr. McCullough reveals who is ultimately responsible for the adulteration of our food and how each of us has the power to restore the integrity of the food we eat by taking back our consent. Together we can reclaim our voice by becoming the watchdogs we were meant to be. It’s easier than you might think!

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ISBN-13: 9780692837788
Publisher: Sina McCullough
Publication date: 03/07/2017
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 121,214
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

Table of Contents

Section 1:
Recognizing Your Power

Chapter 1: Debilitatingly Sick

Chapter 2: The Veil

Chapter 3: The Root Of The Problem

Chapter 4: Birth Of The Veil
Happy Birthday, FDA!
Sucker Punch
Congress Enters The Jungle
1906: The Year Of The Veil
Built On Lies?
The Whole Thing Is Unconstitutional!
Take Home Message
Moving Forward

Section 2:
What Government And Industry Are Doing To Our Food

Chapter 5: Subsidies: Government Chooses Your Dinner For You
The Corn Illusion
"Corn Chips" With A Dollop Of Soy
Loss Of Authority Over Our Choices And Our Bodies
The Hypocrisy Of Subsidized Food
All Roads Lead To "We The People"
Lunch Time!
Millionaires And Dead People
Never Let An "Emergency" Go To Waste
Lobbyists Control Washington
When Two Worlds Collide
What You Can Do
Take Home Message
Moving Forward

Chapter 6: GRAS: The Loophole That Poisons Our Food
Shattered Beliefs
Born Out Of Good Intention
Permission To Poison Our Food
The Bad Apple
Bought And Paid For
Generally Recognized As Secret
Fox Guarding The Hen House
In The Dark From The Start
FDA Relinquishes Control
While The Parents Are Away
Proof Is In The Pudding
Incentivizing Business
We Let It Happen
What You Can Do
Take Home Message
Moving Forward

Chapter 7: rBGH: The Milk Label That Sparked A Revolution
What Is rBGH?
How Is rBGH Made?
Intended Consequence
Unintended Consequence: Sick Cows
Unintended Consequence: Sick Milk
Unintended Consequence: Sick People
In The Dark From The Start
FDA Review Of rBGH
The Machine
Revolving Door
Manipulation and Suppression
Intimidation and Retribution
Indentured Scientists
Silencing the Media
Medical Associations
The Current State Of rBGH
Here They Go Again
Whose Fault Is It?
What You Can Do
Take Home Message
Moving Forward

Chapter 8: GMOs: A Story Of Déjà Vu
What Are GMOs?
Unintended Consequence: Sick Plants
Unintended Consequence: Sick Animals
Unintended Consequence: Sick People
Changing Regulations To Suit Industry
How Much GMO And Glyphosate Do You Eat?
GMOs Are Illegal
A Dream Of The Past
Media Goes Dark
Labeling War
The Current State Of GMOs
What You Can Do
Take Home Message
Moving Forward

Chapter 9: Dietary Guidelines: The Pyramid Of Deception
What Are The Dietary Guidelines?
One Man Changes Everything
Government Grabs Hold Of Our Cheeseburgers
America Consents
Sicker America
Losing Our Freedom
You Hold the Answer
What You Can Do
Take Home Message
Moving Forward

Section 3:
Easy Ways To Fight Back

Chapter 10: Power Of The People
The Power Of One
Who Holds The Power?
Take Home Message
Moving Forward

Chapter 11: Feed The Good, Starve The Bad
Look For The Butterfly
Support Third Party Watchdogs
Eating Out
Buy From Local Farmers You Trust
Grow Your Own
Get The Family Involved
Make It Affordable
Build A Support Group
Start A Petition
Spread The Word
Stay Informed
Vote Them Out and In
Think Local Government
Take Home Message
Moving Forward

Chapter 12: Where to Begin Your Fight
Find Your Passion
Be A Detective
Know Your Core Principles
Ground Yourself
Develop Your Strategy
Take Home Message
My Pledge To You


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