Healthy Tips - How To Win Your War Against Bed Bugs

Healthy Tips - How To Win Your War Against Bed Bugs

by Study Guide

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Healthy Tips - How To Win Your War Against Bed Bugs by Study Guide

ed bugs are always going o be unwanted housemates. They may not be as disgusting and scary as some other insects such as cockroaches, but they are still really annoying.

Bed bugs thrive by living in small holes, in cracks or in crevices in household walls and floors. They often live in mattresses and bedding, in fact anywhere dark and warm.

Bed bugs live by sucking on blood. This is their main means of survival. Generally they ventureout when it is dark to suck blood or feast on skin from unsuspecting victims, usually those whoare sleeping.

The good news is that bed bugs are not known to transmit or pass on communicable diseases, but their bites can become really itchy. For some people, particularly those who are in high risk categories or who have sensitive skin the bites of a bed bug can be a serious health concern.

There are numerous means of controlling bed bugs.

1) If your house is bed-bug free;

You should focus on preventative measures. If your house is still bed-bug free then make sure it stays that way.

2) If your home already has bed bug infestation;

If your home has bed bugs then it can be simple to find a way to control infestations by applying insecticides or pesticides to the infested area.

3) Hiring professionals

Sometimes the best solution when controlling bed bug-infestation is via seeking professionalhelp and the services of an expert – pest control companies.

If you live in an apartment then coordinate with your landlord or landlady as it will be their responsibility to ensure that all necessary arrangements are taken care of with regards to pestcontrol measures. All state laws mandate them to make sure that their buildings are safe andfree of pests.

Since bed bugs are incredibly persistent, expect that the process of controlling them will betedious. Like other insects, bed bugs are resilient, with their systems strong enough to resistmany attempts to eradicate them.

Normally a professional controlling bed bugs will be able to do so in a few hours. This willdepend on the size of the house and the severity of the infestation.

Furniture, drapes, carpets and other home accessories will need to be checked to ensure thetreatment has not missed even a single bug. be sure to inform your neighbors as there could beresidue from treatment and it can smell for some time.

In disposing of beds or sofas be sure that it can never be used by others, otherwise bed bugswill transfer from your house to someone else’s. Because environmental concerns should ruleout burning, you will have to put the bed into a special covering to make sure all bed bugs on it are trapped inside.

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