Heart of the Incubus

Heart of the Incubus

by Rosalie Lario

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ISBN-13: 9781622664429
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 12/30/2013
Series: Demons of Infernum
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 116
Sales rank: 321,534
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Rosalie Lario practiced real estate law for several years before finally admitting to herself negotiating contracts wasn't nearly as fun as dreaming up stories. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children in their home state of Florida, as well as searching out things that go bump in the night.

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Heart of the Incubus

Demons of Infernum

By Rosalie Lario, Libby Murphy

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2012 Rosalie Lario
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-442-9


Cresso would be the first to admit, he had it bad. Somehow he'd gone and done the unthinkable. The idiotic.

He had fallen in love.

Outside the three-paned window in his living room, the first stirrings of bright green blossomed on the trees. Birds chirped sweetly in anticipation of the coming spring season. Normally it would've been a beautiful view. But for him, it might as well have been the dead of winter. At least that would've matched the funk he hadn't been able to shake since the holidays.

After a lifetime of living the way he desired, of having his pick of women, one had finally gotten under his skin. The worst part was that she wanted nothing to do with him. In fact, she seemed to hate his guts.

And what the hell was he doing anyway, moping around his living room and staring at trees? Just a prime example of how royally fucked up he'd been lately.

You're acting like a prepubescent girl with her first crush. Get over it.

He pushed away from the window and grabbed the briefcase resting on one of his overstuffed cream chairs, then made his way to the door and down the lift of his Mayfair apartment building.

"Morning, Dr. Taylor, sir." The porter straightened as Cresso passed him in the opulent lobby, on his way to the underground garage that housed his car. Even though the porter's words and actions were respectful, there was rancor in his eyes and his tone held a note of bitterness. The proper British porter detested him. He had from the moment Cresso had moved into this building several months ago. What would he think if he learned Cresso wasn't one of those crass Americans, as he assumed, but a species from a whole other dimension?

Cresso stifled a smirk. The porter was obvious in his disapproval of the succubi Cresso consorted with. Personally, Cresso thought the man was jealous. He clearly needed to get laid more often.

Hmm ... maybe I should mention it to Samantha or Vanessa. Now that succubi and incubi could safely mate with other species without killing them, he had a feeling one or both of them would be more than willing to test his theory.

Once inside his gray BMW 3 Series, he braced himself for the half-hour drive to Elcorp Laboratory, the research facility funded by the Elden Council. Since the council, which governed travel between the dimensions, kept the lab in operation, the majority of the work was focused on better integrating Otherworlders into human society. In the three years that Cresso had worked there, his mission had been to discover a cure for the toxic compound sex demons secreted during sex. While he hadn't quite done that, last month he had invented a vaccine that, when injected regularly, neutralized the effect of the toxin. In doing so he'd helped out an old friend, a half demon named Ronin, and the succubus he'd fallen in love with.

Almost there. So, so close.

Once he found a cure, his promise to his mother would be fulfilled. And then maybe his stepfather's death wouldn't have been in vain.

After pulling up to the state-of-the-art facility located on the outskirts of London, Cresso parked his car and exited. He slid his identification card through the entry slot located at the entrance and stepped into the institutional building. His footsteps echoed on the polished concrete as he headed toward the gray-marbled guard desk.

"Morning, Will," he said to the guard, a large, stocky man who appeared fully human but was actually a lion-shifter. Very few humans worked here at Elcorp, but even those Otherworlders who lacked human features glamoured themselves to escape notice from the outside world.

"Morning, Dr. Taylor." Will took his identification card and slid it through the machine in front of him, motioning for Cresso to place his thumb on the fingerprinting pad. It beeped and Will handed the card back to him. "Have a good one."

"Thanks." He stepped past the desk and started toward the lift when Will called out to him.

"Wait, I almost forgot."

Cresso paused and turned to face him.

"I found this outside when I did my rounds a few minutes ago. Since you're going to the same floor, would you mind giving this to Dr. Russell?"

Cresso stiffened at the mention of her name. Dr. Genevieve Russell.

The brilliant human scientist who had a touch of magic in her blood. Her ability to sense the chemical composition of both natural and artificial products made her the perfect chemical analyst and a top recruit for Elcorp Laboratory. Last month she'd helped him replicate an essential ingredient for his vaccination, something he'd discovered in the blood of one of his close friends' wives, the descendant of a man who'd been immune to the toxins sex demons secreted. Most recently Genevieve had been working on creating an oral supplement that mimicked the nutrient composition found in skin, so that flesh-eating species such as maliki demons didn't have to resort to killing in order to feed.

Genevieve was also the very person Cresso didn't want to see right now. Every time she was near, his heart raced and his incubus allure oozed from his pores without any control on his part. That would surely earn him at least one sour look from her.

No bones about it, unrequited love was a bitch.

When Will lowered the package in his hand, confusion creeping into his eyes, Cresso forced a smile to his face. He couldn't very well refuse to deliver it. Not only would that have been rude, but it would've raised too many questions. The last thing he wanted was his coworkers learning how he truly felt about the alluring Dr. Russell. Even worse, to have her catch on. "No problem."

He took the package and headed toward the lift. Tom, the building's maintenance man, stood nearby, wiping down the wall of mirrors next to the lift. When he saw Cresso, he hit the up button for him. "Morning, Dr. Taylor."

"Morning, Tom. Thanks." Cresso entered and pressed the button for the fourth floor, which housed the demon research section. The door slid open to reveal a long hallway lined with metal doors on each side.

Cresso's office was all the way at the end of the hall to his right, across from the small snack room that serviced this floor. He turned left instead and walked along the polished concrete until he reached Genevieve's laboratory. He peeked through the window, part of him hoping she wasn't inside. But then, luck had deserted him months ago ... at least when it came to her.

Her body was turned partially away from him, only her profile visible. As always, she was stunning. Her shoulder-length, curly blond hair was tugged back into a messy ponytail, and her wire-rimmed glasses rode low on her upturned nose. Though she was tall, her frame boasted generous curves. For some reason she insisted on hiding them under boring, confining suits and her tightly buttoned lab coat.

Genevieve was the epitome of the sexy scientist, all the more striking because she seemed to have no freaking clue just how attractive she was.

She stared into her microscope and her nose wrinkled in concentration. In response, something fluttered inside his chest.

Stupid. He was so idiotic, mooning after her when she had no interest in him whatsoever. But much as he tried to fight it, his dumb heart seemed fully intent on gifting itself to her. If she knew it, she would no doubt crush him like a bug.

As if she sensed his presence, Genevieve's body stiffened and she straightened. When she turned toward him, her gorgeous green eyes darkened behind her glasses and her lips puckered as if she'd just tasted something bitter.

Nope, nothing had changed there. Still couldn't stand him.

When she turned back to her microscope — clearly, his dismissal — he mentally braced himself to enter her laboratory.

Time to put the mask back in place. To pretend he was the same carefree incubus she'd met when she first started working here one year ago.

Anything else would be suicidal.

* * *

The day had started out normally enough for Genevieve. She'd risen early, exercised on her elliptical machine, eaten breakfast, and then left the relative comfort of her North Kensington house. After her walk to the station, she'd caught the tube in to work, where, as usual, she'd been the first to arrive.

Because everyone else has a life, Gen.

Whatever. She had her science. So far it had been the only thing in her life that hadn't let her down.

The supplement she currently worked on had to have the exact nutrient composition as flesh or it wouldn't work for maliki purposes — and her gift wasn't that precise. Unfortunately she'd figured that part out during her early trial stages.

Genevieve had spent the last two hours mixing chemicals and then studying her latest batch, which was lacking ... something, when she felt eyes on her and looked up.

Cresso Taylor. Gifted scientist. Breathtakingly gorgeous incubus. Unrepentant playboy.

When her heart thumped against her rib cage, she inwardly cursed herself and turned back to the microscope. Even if she hadn't known the man was an incubus, she would've suspected something was different about him. Oh, it wasn't just his appearance. The man was admittedly a god, with his twinkling chocolate-brown eyes and his head full of silky dark-brown hair. He kept it a little longer than was customary, in choppy waves down to about his mouth, where it highlighted just how thick and luscious his lips were. And even though he wore a plain white shirt and charcoal-gray slacks, they couldn't disguise the figure beneath — trim, taut, and muscular, without veering into bodybuilder territory. An impossibly perfect specimen of manhood.

But it wasn't those things that gave him away as being something other than human. No, it was the vibe he emitted when he walked into a room. Something about the way he moved — the sinuous, catlike grace of it made her long to tear her clothes off and beg him to take her. She might have already submitted to that desire if she hadn't had prior experience with men of his kind.

Not another incubus, but another playboy.

She'd almost married one of those and had been lucky to learn the truth before that happened. Only days before the wedding ... when she'd walked in on him with two other women. Thankfully Elcorp had approached her shortly afterward regarding a job in London. When they'd informed her they had followed her career for years and told her about different species and the possibility of interdimensional travel, she'd suffered a major shock. Who wouldn't? But once she'd gotten over that, she jumped at the chance to work for them, even if it meant moving overseas. Not only had it provided an escape from the pain of Jeffrey's betrayal, but at last she'd been able to openly use the gift she inherited at birth. Little had she known that the job would also come with a sexy incubus as a coworker.

Still, as delicious as Cresso appeared, he and his type did not do it for her. Not anymore.

So why does it seem like I'm trying to talk myself into believing that?

When he opened the door and walked inside her lab, she stifled her groan. He often tried to engage her in casual conversation, but she couldn't do it. The man was too unnerving. So she hid behind her decidedly unsexy glasses and a snarky tone. Better he think her a coldhearted bitch than she reveal her weakness. Human or not, men like him lived to exploit others' weaknesses.

"I'm busy," she said without meeting his eyes.

"This won't take long."

He stepped toward her, every thump of his shoes along the concrete floor feeding the tension in the room. By the time he stopped directly beside her, Genevieve's body had wound so tightly she could barely breathe. His warm, cinnamon-and-spice scent washed over her, chasing away the cold sterility of the lab. Why did the man have to smell so damn good?

Don't look at him. Do not. Pretend he's the sun.

"How's the latest batch coming along?" he asked.

She relaxed marginally. If they were going to discuss work, she could lose herself in the topic enough to deal with his presence. After all, no matter what else he was, the man was an intelligent, well-respected scientist.

"Not quite there." She jotted some figures on the pad next to her microscope before fanning the air over her beaker to catch a better scent of the substance inside. The odor was slightly off, just a bit too sweet. "So close, but not there yet."

"I know the feeling."

Considering how long he'd searched for an actual cure to the sex-demon toxin, she supposed he did.

He let out a sudden yawn and stretched. The movement caused his muscles to ripple under his shirt, and an answering wave of desire crashed over Genevieve. The incubus was just so damn sexy. She wished she didn't notice it so much.

To cover her conflicting emotions, she infused a layer of frost into her voice. "Let me guess, too much fun and not enough sleep last night?"

A frown tugged at the corners of his lips, but it was gone in an instant, replaced by a carefree grin. "You know me. Work hard, play hard."

She remembered his philosophy. In fact, she'd never forget the first time she glimpsed him at work. It was right after her interview. He'd stepped out of the elevator at the same time she exited the first-floor meeting room. Her pulse had raced at the sight of him, but he hadn't been alone. Three gorgeous women clung to his body, and to her mortification his fly was unbuttoned. Thankfully he and the women turned toward the door without ever seeing her, but it had been clear what they were about to do. Or perhaps had already done.

Dr. Andrews, the head scientist conducting the interview, had stopped beside her and let out an uneasy laugh. "That's Dr. Taylor. Don't judge him too harshly. He's an incubus, so I'm afraid he needs continual, um ... attention."

In that moment, she knew. He was another version of her ex-fiancé a man who could never satisfy himself with just one woman. A man who cared about nothing but himself, and damn whoever got in the way.

Cresso motioned toward the microscope, breaking her out of her unwanted flashback. "Mind if I take a peek?"

Genevieve waved him forward while simultaneously backing up several steps. He set the items he carried — a briefcase and a brown package — on her stainless steel countertop and bent over her microscope. That simple motion caused waves of heat to plummet through her, hardening her nipples and tensing her thighs.

She would've passed it off as mindless attraction if she hadn't been educated about his kind when Elcorp Laboratory had first hired her. It wasn't chemistry that drew her to him, but his natural incubus allure. A trap to lure females of any species into his arms. Gritting her teeth, she tried her best to ignore it. He must turn it up on purpose, just to get a rise out of her. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing it worked.

Only once Cresso had straightened did she realize she was staring at his ass. She managed to tear her eyes away — barely — before he turned to face her, but she couldn't do anything to disguise the flush in her cheeks.

One of his thick brows lifted the tiniest fraction. "You okay?"

He knew. Oh God, he knew full well what had gotten her so distracted. Or was she just being paranoid? When her cheeks went from warm to nuclear, she motioned toward the microscope. "Fine. What do you think? I can't quite determine what's missing."

"Hmm ... let's see."

Genevieve tried not to notice how hot he looked scratching his jaw while in thought, but it was a futile endeavor.

"Perhaps a bit more nercarcerone?" he said, referring to the cell-reproducing chemical they'd developed together in his quest to find a cure for the sex-demon toxin.

"Huh. Maybe." Mind racing with possibilities, she started to turn away, but he caught her arm at the last moment.


Electric sparks traveled up her arm, even through the fabric of her suit and lab coat. Her body longed to break out into a shiver, but she fought it back. With considerable effort.

Lest he think she welcomed his touch, Genevieve narrowed her eyes on him and deliberately hardened her tone. "What?"

Cresso let go of her. He rubbed the back of his neck, the weary gesture catching her by complete surprise. It seemed so unlike his usual carefree nature that she didn't know what to think.

"That package." He motioned toward the counter. "It's for you."

"It is? From whom?"


Excerpted from Heart of the Incubus by Rosalie Lario, Libby Murphy. Copyright © 2012 Rosalie Lario. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Heart of the Incubus (Demons of Infernum, #4) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
AlanDD4 More than 1 year ago
ASOMBROSO! ME ENCANTÓ en todos los sentidos! Las descripciones, los personajes, la forma de narrar, todo es impecable! Debo decir que Gen fue un dolor de cabeza cuando la conocí la primera vez, atascada en el pasado, siempre pensando en Jeffrey y cómo la trató, cómo se sintió por Jeffrey, cómo era con Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey... SEÑOR!! Quería golpearla en la cara y dejarle un ojo morado! xD Alguien que sí me cayó bien desde el inicio fue Cresso. Algunos me matarán, pero para mí fue como un Edward Cullen: Siempre atento a Gen, buscando la forma de cuidarla, de ayudarla, de mantenerla segura y que estuviera siempre bien, aunque eso significara ir en contra de su naturaleza y poner en peligro su vida por ello. Amé el final, fue perfecto y puedo decir que me gustó mucho la solución y el sentido que le dio Rosalie al tema del acosador, fue interesante ver cómo terminó todo, ¡bastante original! Lo recomiendo a todos los que quieran leer algo bueno, rápido, tierno, sensual y a la vez emocionante. No se van a arrepentir. AMAZING! I LOVED IT all the way! The descriptions, the characters, the way to tell , everything is spotless! I must say that Gen was a headache when I met her the first time, stuck in the past, always thinking about how Jeffrey and treated her, how she felt about Jeffrey, how it was with Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey ... MY LORD! I wanted to hit her in the face and leave her a black eye! xD Someone that I liked from the beginning was Cresso. Some will kill me, but for me it was like an Edward Cullen: Always attentive to Gen, looking for ways to care for her, to help her, to keep her safe and she was always right, even if it meant going against his nature and jeopardize their life for it. I loved the end, it was perfect and I can say I really liked the solution and the sense that Rosalie gave to the stalker thing, it was interesting to see how it ended, quite original! I recommend it to all who want to read something good, fast, sweet, sensual and exciting at the same time. They will not regret it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed them all
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
short and steamy romance ... loved it this was the first book of this series, that I read and I really liked it. as it was a novella I got not so much information on the world building but that was ok. the story was short, full of action and a really good relationship development. I loved that Cresso showed his feelings and tried to explain his situation. Gen was a bit difficult for me at times because she was sometimes whiny regarding her trust issues. but truth be told - both had their issues, although Cressos were not so openly discussed. all in all, it was a very hot and romantic read with a lot of action. I can imagine reading the other books of this series as well because this author is really able to write a good romance with a real relationship development combined with a good story. I really, really liked it. disclaimer: a Copy was provided to me for an honest review.
ToryMichaels More than 1 year ago
Just a quick review here. I really liked Heart of the Incubus. I haven't read anything else by Ms. Lario, and I think I've been missing out. The story of how they came up with a cure/antidote for incubuses/succubi poisoning their lovers (unless said lover is also a succubus/incubus) sounds like a fascinating one and I like the explanation as to why the two demon species have to have so much sex. It fits in nicely with the common belief about them and their soul-stealing thing. Genevieve definitely had her reasons for wanting to avoid a man (or demon) like Cresso, but I liked how she was able (mostly) to put her dislike of the playboy image aside while she was at work. She might privately fantasize about him (and despise him for sleeping around), but she didn't like it affect her work.  Her stalker was definitely gross in the extreme. She held it together far better than I ever would have if I'd found skinned rats and the like on my porch. Yeesh. Cresso - now Cresso is an awesome man, I have to say. He's literally starving himself because he doesn't want anyone but Gene and hasn't since he met her. Now that is quite something for a sex demon who has to have sex or die. He wanted her so much that, even though he knew/thought he knew she disliked him, he still didn't want to have sex with other women any more now that he knew her. These two as they find their way home to each other traveled hard paths. I liked how Ms. Lario brought them together, and worked in the threat from Gene's stalker. I really want to read more by her, and I think that's the goal of all authors, to leave you wanting more. Please, go buy this book and support Ms. Lario! StarStarStarStar Book provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.
AMONT More than 1 year ago
Hey do you want to read a story about a lovesick incubus? Well, look no more, Heart of the Incubus is a steamy suspenseful novella filled with interesting characters that have demons in their closet so to speak. I liked the irony of Heart of the Incubus. I mean, Cresso's an incubus that is basically lovesick while he had the power to have any woman he wanted. I also liked the role of the banshee whose actions were a little atypical. The outcome of the mystery surrounding Genevieve’s stalker was slightly predictable, but there were still some surprising moments along the way. And as you can guess from the title there is sexual content—the hero is an incubus after all. So, if you're looking for a paranormal romance novella with a slightly different take on the life of an incubus/demon, you'll want to read this book. Rating 4/5 I received a review copy of Heart of the Incubus from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, thank you.
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
Cresso Taylor is an incubus who has found himself in love with his co worker. Anytime he gets near Genevieve he released pheromones to make him irresistible to her and just can't seem to help himself as embarrassing as it is that he can't control himself. Genevieve was in a former relation ship with a human and had her trust destroyed with his womanizing. She vowed to never date another man who would use women like that. Cresso tries to prove to Genevieve she is worthy of him all while solving the mystery of who is stalking her. Great book with a lot of drama. Good job to the author for keeping the audience interested throughout the entire book.
MichelleMcLean More than 1 year ago
I loved this one! I haven’t read any of the other books in the series but there were just enough details so that I wasn’t lost without feeling like I was getting an info dump to bring me up to speed. It was quick-paced, had a great mystery going on, and lots of steamy tension. I loved Cresso and Genevieve. Cresso was in an impossible situation – I just wanted to hug the poor guy through the whole story, and Gen might have been a damsel-in-distress, but she was no wimp. All in all, great story. I will definitely check out the rest of the series.
BookReaderAnnie More than 1 year ago
I very much enjoyed this story.  You will find it to be full of fun characters in a strange world that you'll want to live in. 
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Genevieve is a brilliant scientist who has closed her life off to men. Her ex fiance ruined her trust in them and broke her heart. She can't deny she is attracted to Biochemist Cresso. She tries to fight her feelings for him but it is hard to do when he is an incubus. She knows they don't stay faithful and have to feed. When she is threatened he vows to protect her. Cresso may be an incubus but he wants Genevieve for much more. He fights wanting others as she is all he wants. As they work closely together to find who is stalking her Genevieve sees there is more to him than she thought. I really enjoyed this book as it has a sexy scientist who you can't help but be charmed by. You see right away he has a thing for Genevieve even if she holds back. They have a wonderful chemistry between them you love to watch. Yes I know it's a book but it is very well written to where you can picture things clearly. As they grow closer together you see just what kind of bond they have for each other. The hunt for the stalker keeps it from just being a love story. You also have a mystery to figure out as you try to see who the sicko is. I thought I had it figured out a few times but i was wrong. The author does a great job in the surprise.If you like paranormal romance with a great plot pick this one up. You will want a Cresso for your own.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Cresso Taylor is a well respected scientist. His life should be perfect, but he has a problem. Cresso has fallen in love with another researcher, Genevieve Russell. She hates him and what he is. He is an Incubus. He needs sex to survive. She was deeply hurt by her ex-fiancée and lost her ability to trust. When Genevieve is threatened by a stalker, Cresso become her protector. Can he make her see that she is his true and only love? This is a sexy romance filled with a suspenseful story that has you looking over your shoulder. Cresso is a perfect hero. He is a strong character who is deeply hurt by Genevieve's rejection. He will do what is right regardless of the pain it causes him. Genevieve is vulnerable. She's afraid to trust in love. I was touched that Cresso didn't give up. I wish that Genevieve had been more understanding but her past trauma takes away her ability to reason. The stalker is very creepy and adds so much tension to this story. I couldn't put this book down. It had me hooked from the first page.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Much to my surprise, this book immediately got my attention and kept it. I read it from cover to cover in two days, which is unusual for me given my current schedule.  At times it was predictable, but it was a fun book to read.  I found the characters engaging and genuinely liked them.  I look forward to reading Ms. Lario's other books.
angelblue-240 More than 1 year ago
This novella is set in the Demons of Infernum series but can be read as a stand alone. This is also my first time reading anything in this series but it will definitely not be my last. I loved the world that Rosalie Lario has created. Our hero Cresso is an incubus, so naturally he is drop dead gorgeous, charming and has a neverending supply of woman who are more than willing to throw themselves at him and help "feed" him. Genevieve is a human. They are both working at the same lab as biochemists. Cresso has fallen in love with Genevieve but she has been hurt badly by someone that she once loved. She refuses to ever give her heart out again especially to a sex fiend incubus despite being attracted to him. But after receiving several disturbing "gifts" she is forced to accept his protection and spend time with him. I felt really bad for Cresso, he loved Genevieve and she was just plain mean to him just to keep him at arms length. I understand her reasons but couldn't help feeling that she was being overly cruel at times. Even though this was a shorter story it was long enough that the reader didn't feel cut off at the end. I loved it and would recommend this to anyone looking for a quick PNR read with a little intrigue thrown in. As for myself, I'm looking forward to continuing on reading the rest of the books in The Demons of Infernum series. *I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
Biochemist Cresso Taylor lives the sort of lifestyle most men would envy—he has wealth, natural incubus charm, and more women than he can handle. But it’s not enough anymore. Not after meeting Genevieve Russell, the sexy scientist who works with him at Elcorp Laboratory. And she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. After her fiancé broke her heart, Genevieve has had enough of womanizers. She’s determined to steer clear of sexy-as-sin Dr. Taylor, despite the fact that his incubus allure makes her want to rip his clothes off. But when a secret admirer’s affection turns to the macabre with threatening notes and grisly gifts, Cresso appoints himself her protector. As she and Cresso hunt her stalker, she discovers there’s a lot more to the sensual incubus than she ever imagined. Review: I have not read any of the other books in this series, but I did not feel lost in the slightest reading this story. I found the story well written and engaging. Cresso is an incubus who after meeting co-worker Genevieve cannot imagine being with anyone else but her. Of course, Gen is skittish after she found her ex having an affair with two women, I got a little confused on whether the ex is an incubus too or just a right bastard, either way she wants nothing to do with Cresso even though she really wants him. Unlucky for Gen that someone has made her the object of their obsession and started stalking her. Lucky for Cresso he can get closer to her and come to her rescue while protecting her and trying to find the person behind the stalking. I really enjoyed the fighting their attraction and then giving into the attraction scenes. The author did a good job a keeping me guessing right to the end on who the stalker actually was and why they were after Genevieve. This book has a little bit of everything, supernatural beings, mystery, action, super sexy scenes and a hot incubus who gets the girl in the end. I recommend this story to all and I know I will seek out the other books in the series and more by this Author. 4 stars
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars! Heart of the Incubus is book #3.5 in the Demons of the Infernum series. Since I hadn’t read any of the previous books and this book is short (134 pages), I was concerned when I started it…but after reading the first chapter of the book, I knew this was going to be a good read! This is a fast-moving story that kept my interest the entire way through. Not having read any of the other books in the series didn’t detract from this book at all, and, unlike many other short, novella length books that leave me wanting for more, Heart of the Incubus was the perfect length for the story being told. Cresso and Genevieve were both great characters. Cresso is an incubus who feeds on sex to stay alive. After falling hard for Genevieve he can’t bring himself to be with anyone but her, but he knows Genevieve doesn’t like him. Although she is very attracted to Cresso, Genevieve, a human, knows that Cresso is an incubus and considers him a playboy who would never be able to remain faithful to her – especially since she wears the scars of her ex-fiancés infidelities on her heart – therefor she refuses to give Cresso the time of day. “He was so idiotic, mooning after her when she had no interest in him whatsoever. But much as he tried to fight it, his dumb heart seemed fully intent on gifting itself to her. If she knew it, she would no doubt crush him like a bug.” When Genevieve is threatened by a stalker, Cresso immediately steps up to offer her protection and find out who the threats are coming from. In addition to fighting off the threats from Genevieve’s stalker, Cresso and Genevieve also find themselves fighting the increasing attraction between them. I really enjoyed this book. Rosalie Lario’s writing style is wonderful – with a lot of plot and not a lot of pages, she was able to keep the story moving with the right amount of detail without having to sacrifice anything to get the story told. I am looking forward to going back and reading the rest of the books in this series! I received an eARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
BabelT More than 1 year ago
HEART OF THE INCUBUS is an excellent insight into the world of demons and shifters the author has crafted for our enjoyment. It's tantalizing enough to make me want to read more and longer stories about bounty hunters, half demons and incubi roaming our reality from other dimensions.  I expected some hot scenes and an obnoxious, arrogant male protagonist. Oh, well, I was in for a surprise. Hot it is, no doubt, but for a novella, there's a lot of story and world-building before any physical intimacy actually happens. I was absolutely hooked on the idea of demons, shifters and human beings working together as scientists for Elcorps Laboratory. It's new to me so it really offers so much in terms of plot and interaction that all these paranormal races mingle with humans in a non-aggressive way, but just the opposite. They are using their mental powers for the common good. In this case, Cresso is an incubus demon who's trying to develop a cure for the deadly toxins liberated during sex. Whereas Genevieve is a human being who's working on a chemical that replicates the kind of flesh flavour certain demons crave for.  I was pleasantly surprised at this kind of behaviour and medical endeavours. Of course, that's not to say there aren't any real dangers to this heady mixing of races. And this very story proves it right away. Genevieve is being stalked by a mysterious entity who leaves scary letters for her and even scarier packages. When Cresso, the sexy incubus she's trying SO hard not to feel attracted to,  steps in to help her, she's very suspicious. She's had a tough experience with good-looking men before, and he's the kind of irresistible playboy that thinks of his pleasure only and forgets who he had it with a second after. Or so it seems. I loved that Cresso is not so crass or cynical or superficial as he could have been, given that he is devastatingly handsome. After all, he feeds on the essence of intercourse with women. For a demon, he's actually a really nice guy. Though he carries his burdens from the past as much as Genevieve does. Together they are going to fight the threat to her life. In the meantime, a growing lovely relationship is making its way between them.  I'm in love with demons who are kick-ass, smart, kind, brave and hot, so I've much enjoyed coming to know Cresso. He's willing to commit, and goes to great lengths to prove it. All the incubus stuff is engaging and it really conveys a sense of arousal throughout the story until it all comes to a very satisfying consummation both of the plot and the romance. 
arlenadean More than 1 year ago
Heart of the Incubus" by Rosalie Lario was a short story filled with non stop action with some heavy steamy romance scenes. The story is of demons. The characters Cresso Taylor and Genevieve Russell are really interesting. Cresso was a biochemist, good looking, wealthy and an incubus. Being a incubus Cresso needed sex to live and had developed a vaccine to neutralizes the poison the incubus and succubus secrete letting him now be able to find substance with any human women. Cresso only wanted one woman and it was Genevieve (who was human) and she wanted nothing to do with him. With Genevieve knowing about Cresso sex life and she had just broken up from her cheating fiance (Jeffrey), she definitely did not want to have anything to do with Cresso. When a secret admirer starts to stalk and leave letters for Genevieve, she then turns to Cresso for his protection. Cresso insisted that Genevieve come and stay with him until they found out just what was going on with this stalker. After a time with Cresso and Genevieve trying to see who is behind the gifts from the stalker they become friends. Would Genevieve be able to trust a man again? Genevieve was learning more about Cresso and his world. Cresso let Genevieve know that he would never cheat in a committed relationship which was really news to her. Cresso continued to show her how much he loved her with his actions. Cresso had let her stay at his apartment, hired a detective, later rented a hotel room for Genevieve and all she could do was wonder why Cresso had done this for her. At Elcorp where Genevieve worked just who in this laboratory is stalking her? Was it Dr. Benedict, Tom, Will, Dr. Andrews, Dr. Summers, or Dr. Jessup? With Cresso promise not to let anything happen to her, was Genevieve beginning to trust him. Just how would he save her? With both Cresso and Genevieve both having had issues to overcome ... just how would this come out? There is a lot of suspense that will keep you flying through the pages until the end of this story. I believe "Heart of the Incubus" was well written and interesting novel that I would recommend it as a a good read.
RBtWBC More than 1 year ago
Rosalie Lario’s Demons of Infernum series is a constant for me, I know I am going to love everything she releases for the series and this novella is no exception! Hot blooded passion and heart pounding suspense; Heart of the Incubus kept me on the edge of my seat at every page. If you are familiar with the series then you will remember Dr. Cresso Taylor, Taeg’s (Mark of the Sylph) incubus friend in London and the scientist who created a vaccine allowing sex demons to have sexual relationships with non-sex demons without killing them. But, if you are new to the series than this novella is a great peak into the world of Rosalie Lario’s demons because it is a little side trip from the series’ main plot line and focuses solely on Cresso and the secret love her harbors for his co-worker, Genevieve Russell, who just happens to be human. However, Genevieve wants nothing to do with the incubus, she has been burned by a play boy in the past and is not looking to repeat that heart breaking experience again. But she can’t deny to herself that Cresso ignites something inside of her that no other man, or demon, has ever been able to. When Genevieve starts receiving threatening letters and disturbing presents though, she knows that she must accept Cresso’s assistance in finding the frightening stalker, even if that means putting her straight on the path to temptation. As danger lurks at their door, Genevieve’s walls slowly crumble around Cresso and he can’t help but scale what remains when the chance arrives. Rosalie Lario doesn’t disappoint with this short jaunt into the world of the Demons of Infernum! At about 120 pages or so, readers are still rewarded with a full romance and two well developed and fleshed out main characters. I loved Cresso from the previous three novels but his story was so unexpectedly sweet, even if I wasn’t already familiar with his character I would have easily fallen for him. Genevieve was a stubborn character that had a bad image of men, especially play boys (even ex-play boys) from her failed engagement, but eventually sees the light. Her personality had spark and I really enjoyed her character. The villain of the novel provided some majorly creepy scenes and chilling suspense. *shudders* So glad I haven’t had any crazy dreams about those scenes. *knock on wood* Heart of the Incubus makes a great addition to the series and a wonderful stand-alone, and even though Taeg and Maya make an appearance in the story they don’t take away from Cresso having his very own tale.