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The Heart of Worship Files

The Heart of Worship Files

by Matt Redman
The Heart of Worship Files

The Heart of Worship Files

by Matt Redman


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Together, we journey . . . to learn more and more of what it really means to bring meaningful offerings to the heart of God. Thoughts, words, deeds, and songs—the whole of our lives can be a response to His immeasurable worth. This book is for all those who find themselves on such a pilgrimage: lead worshippers, pastors, musicians, dancers, singers—anyone with a heart to pursue the depths of worship. Within these pages you'll find a mixture of creative Bible insights and hands-on advice for how to lead worship and write congregational songs. The Heart of Worship Files will sharpen you in your quest to know Jesus and make Him known to others.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781441266927
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/23/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 208
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

MATT REDMAN is the writer of many songs including "The Heart of Worship," "Better Is One Day," "Let My Words Be Few," and "Blessed Be Your Name." Matt has been leading worship full time since age 20, and this journey has taken him to many countries around the world. As an author, he has written six books revolving around the central theme of worship, including The Unquenchable Worshipper and Facedown. Matt, his wife, Beth, and their five children reside in Brighton, England.

Table of Contents

Introduction Matt Redman 11

Revelation and Response Matt Redman 13

The One Thing Graham Kendrick 18

Reflections on Psalm 8 (Part 1) Little Leaders Louie Giglio 19

The One Thing Mike Pilavachi 24

We Become Like What We Worship Don Williams 25

The One Thing Sally Morganthaler 31

Thoughts on Songwriting (Part 1): Making Melody Matt Redman Brian Doerksen Chris Tomlin Martyn Layzell Dave Clifton Kathryn Scott Tim Hughes 32

Delightful or Dreadful? Steve Nicholson 37

The One Thing John Willison 43

Refreshing Hymns Matt Redman 44

The One Thing Darlene Zschech 49

Understanding Worship (Part 1) Reasons for Worship Chris Jack 50

The One Thing Brian Doerksen 56

Where Are God's Celebrity Chefs? David Salmon 57

The One Thing Matt Redman 62

Reflections on Psalm 8 (Part 2) A Life of Consideration Louie Giglio 63

The One Thing Brenton Brown 68

The Cross: Exploring All Angles Don Williams 69

The One Thing Wayne Dram 79

The Real Worship Leader Matt Redman 80

The One Thing Andrew Philip 84

Skill and Sensitivity Les Moir 85

The One Thing Robin Mark 89

Understanding Worship (Part 2): The Nature of Worship in the Bible Chris Jack 90

The One Thing Rita Springer 103

Thoughts on Songwriting (Part 2) Crafting Lyrics Andy Park Andy Piercy Martyn Layzell Charlie Hall Matt Redman Tim Hughes 104

The One Thing Tommy Walker 109

Cell, Congregation, Celebration: Worship Leading in Three Contexts Matt Redman 110

The One Thing Charlie Groves 121

Praise the Lord!: A Commentary on Psalm 150 Don Williams 122

The One Thing Graham Ord 130

What a Band Wants from Their Worship Leader Matt Weeks 131

The One Thing Tom Lane 135

Worship and Justice: An Interview with Mike Pilavachi 136

The One Thing Nigel Morris 141

Understanding Worship (Part 3): Forms of Worship in the Old Testament Chris Jack 142

The One Thing Andrew Maries 152

What a Worship Leader Looks for in a Band Tim Hughes 153

The One Thing Daphne Rademaker 158

Worship with Ail You Have!: Reflections on Psalm 100 Don Williams 159

The One Thing Paul Oakley 163

Content Versus Engagement Matt Redman 164

The One Thing Andy Piercy 168

Understanding Worship (Part 4): The Heart of Worship in the Old Testament Chris Jack 169

The One Thing Rick Cua 176

Cultivating a Quiet Heart Matt Redman 177

The One Thing Noel Richards 181

Renewing the Intimate Friendship Matt Redman 182

Imagine the View from Here: The Vision of a Lead Worshipper John David Walt 185

Endnotes 191

Contributors 196

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