Hers to Heal: A Black Eagle Ops Novel

Hers to Heal: A Black Eagle Ops Novel

by Vonnie Davis

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Hers to Heal: A Black Eagle Ops Novel by Vonnie Davis

In this powerful, sensual romance from the author of Her Survivor, a broken woman meets a shattered warrior—and discovers a passion strong enough to heal each other’s deepest wounds.
Navy SEAL Reece Browning sacrificed body and soul in the line of duty. He survived torture at the hands of America’s enemies, but lost his career and his voice in the process. Traumatized and desperate to get his PTSD under control, Reece escapes to Eagle Ridge Ranch. Under the big Texas sky, he finds peace, a renewed sense of purpose—and a woman who makes him feel like a man again. Her smile lights up his dark days, and her caress helps him forget the night terrors.
Ex-Marine Gina Wilson also bears painful scars: emotional wounds inflicted by men she once trusted with her life. She has fought hard to overcome her demons and build a good life for her daughter, and Reece is too intense, too damaged, too raw to let into her heart. Yet she’s drawn irresistibly to his steely gaze and heated embrace. No one else understands what it’s like to suffer in silence. And when Gina’s daughter is threatened, it’s Reece who risks everything to save the day.
Advance praise for Hers to Heal

Hers to Heal is a wonderful story of two veterans, Reece and Gina, learning to overcome, heal, and trust again. Vonnie Davis handles their heartfelt journey with the right mix of humor and grace to make it a memorable addition to her fabulous series.”New York Times bestselling author Donna Michaels

“In Hers to Heal, author Vonnie Davis gets down to the nitty-gritty of what it’s like for our returning vets and delivers the happily-ever-after they deserve! The sexy Navy SEAL of Hers to Heal, along with his lady love and the cutest little girl ever, will break your heart one minute and have you laughing out loud the next!”—Dixie Lee Brown, author of the Trust No One series
“A wounded warrior struggling to heal. A single mother hoping to overcome hurts from the past. Add in a precocious six-year-old and Davis’s characters leap off the page into your heart.”—AJ Nuest, author of the award-winning Golden Key Chronicles and Golden Key Legacy

Hers to Heal has perfected the recipe for a heartwarming and emotional read. And with a hot hero and smart heroine, there’s plenty of sizzle too.”—Stina Lindenblatt, author of This One Moment

“A dark, heartwarming story of a wounded soldier who embarks on a journey of healing and finding family. Vonnie Davis knows her way around an alpha hero.”—Jessica Lemmon, author of Forgotten Promises

Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781101967935
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/22/2016
Series: Black Eagle Ops , #2
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 315
Sales rank: 36,924
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Vonnie Davis, who studied English at Penn State, likens herself to a croissant: crusty, wrinkled, flaky—and best served with strong coffee. After a career as a technical writer, she’s spending her retirement playing fairy godmother to her characters, giving them their happily-ever-afters. Six fantastic, talented kids call her “Grandma” and brighten her world in so many ways. She lives in Southern Virginia with her husband, author Calvin Davis.

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Hers to Heal: A Black Eagle Ops Novel 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
295 pages. Really enjoyed.....little darker in parts than what i usually read but great story. I would buy more from this series and author.
Anonymous 5 months ago
I loved the humor mixed with several serious subjects. As a fellow vereran it breaks my heart that woman are subjected to
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It had romance and bit of suspense but actually felt like a lot of story line was sitting up at least 3 more books. That would be okay if further books in series were available but they aren't. Wonder if they ever will be since this book was released in 2016.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Reece is a wounded veteran, released from captivity, still suffering. Gina is ex military, too; suffering from her time in service for very different reasons. Frim suffering to opening yourself to others and trusting can be a lengthy or impossible process. These "warriors" are helped through the process by Gina's impetuous little girl, Piper! Many laugh out loud, feel good moments inside this military romance; some terribly devastating moments as well. Liked this truthful balance the author brought to tell story. While the characters weren't always likeable, or at times even believable, they made good reading! Voluntarily read ARC for honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hard to put down
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Several disturbing storylines that reflect today's world which is sad ,but a great read. Absolutely loved Piper, she could have her own book, she's what keep the the story from being totally dark with her innocence. Can't wait to read the next book in the series. Highly recommend this book and this author. Mjw
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story, could not put the book down, I laughed so hard, cried, it was absolutely beautiful. Loved it,
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Okay, so I started out liking this book a lot, but the further I read the less I liked it. It's still a good book, but there were some scenes toward end that made me mad. *spoiler alert* when he proposed and told her about his new job, she freaked which made no sense, as she was in the military and had felt the same. Then he was all "I am going to tell her how it is" which made me mad. Then when she got mad because he didn't tell her that her kid was in danger, and it was her fault? This made no sense to me either. Any mother would be ticked at that. That was on him in my opinion. Anyway still a good book, this was my first from this author, and will read more from her.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Hers to Heal features well written characters in a rushed story line. Reese is a injured vet, who lost an arm while serving in the Middle East. He has retreated within himself and is reluctant to communicate. His physical therapist Gina has worked with Reese for a month with him saying only a few words. She offers to hind him a new therapist, he declines and decides to pursue his attraction to her. Soon Reese has met Gina's daughter Piper and within a week is ready to propose. Both characters have traumatic pasts and must overcome that before they have their happy ending. I really wanted to like this book more than than I actually did. The characters were interesting, but the plot and some of their background felt rushed and unrealistic. The highlight of the book was Gina's daughter Piper because she was cute and added much needed humor. I was given a free copy for an honest review.
NadineHunter More than 1 year ago
I have to start off by saying that I did enjoy the chemistry between the two main characters, Reece and Gina) but I loved Piper...what a little spitfire that kid was. Piper had no filter when it came to what she said, in true kid fashion, and there were times that I just couldn't help but shake my head while saying "kids" out loud. Now back to Gina and Reece, Reece is suffering from sever PTSD now that he has been rescued from the terrorists that held him captive, he also lost an arm and that is how he met Gina, she is his physical therapist determined to get him to use his prosthetic as if it was still his original arm. Reece was so far into his own head that he never spoke to anyone, actually when I read the books blurb I thought he might be mute but that wasn't the case at all, he just needed a reason to start speaking again and Piper he found that reason. I absolutely loved the bond that Reece and Piper had and when a series of events unfold I understand why he did what he did. I am not going to let on about what happened but I will say that if I was in his shoes towards the end of the book I would have done the same thing. I CANNOT WAIT to read JJ and Ashley's story!!! ***I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book that I requested from Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept through Netgalley***
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
This series is turning out to be a rather epic experience to me with the deeply wounded heroes of the war returning home and trying to heal their bodies and minds from the horrors they have experienced. Both Reece and Gina are broken, so terribly broken inside. Yet they meet as Gina is trying to help to heal the outside wounds that Reece has in him. Gina's wounds are not known, the terrors in her mind are deeply buried for the sake of her daughter. Together they are the perfect fit for each other, if only they learn to make compromises, learn to give room for the other, learn to come over the troubles of their minds. The romance between Reece and Gina is rocky, I didn't expect anything else. There are moments between them that are so sweet, there are moments that just makes you wonder if they ever were meant to be. Reece has learned from his father how to talk to a woman and how to treat one rightly. His sweet words are at times over the top, but I also felt that Gina needed the over the top kind of romance to get over the terrors she had experienced and learn to love and live in a relationship with Reece, thus so perfect for each other. The PTSD, how it is described, the moments of utter panic, the memories from the war, they were so vivid, so clearly painted in my mind by the author that something inside me broke a bit. I am still in tears as I write this because the fate of so many of these brave men and women is the doom of never getting the help they need, there just aren't enough of these places where they can heal with the time they need and with the resources they require. How it effected personally on Gina and Reece both, the moments as they shared their painful, unthinkable lot in life - I can't help but admire how well they both were able to function. There are several sensual sex scenes, that I thought after the first one were not necessarily needed for the plot development, but I also liked that the story continued beyond the initial coming together, and showed the rocky journey they had, and how they had to take time to work on the relationship after their life otherwise calmed down. I had to come to acceptance of the healing powers of the waterfalls in the last book, I dealt with it then and was easier to accept it now. The history of the place was brought in an eerie way, that gave me chills. Piper was the balance of the tale that brought light and joy with just mentioning her name. Her connection to Reece was amazing, it helped to heal some deep wounds inside of him, and speed up the recovery that could have been otherwise impossible. She gave hope to the darkness Reece was living in. There are moments in the story when I was belly laughing out loud either because of the funny moments or the corny things said. There were moments I wasn't sure I will survive the reading because the strong emotional connection I had with the story, and how deeply invested I got in the tale and the characters. The book kept me up late into the night, it is addictive with the constant twists, deep emotions, danger, fear, laughter, and joy. I am hooked on this series, that is for sure, eagerly waiting for more ~ Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
I like the story as well as the characters, both characters had horrendous things happen to them in the past and are doing their best to overcome them. I admit the relationship moves along pretty fast and there is plenty of drama and suspense along with plenty of steam. A good read.
CCarroll More than 1 year ago
3.5 rounded to 4 stars This book has a lot of pluses and some of minuses for me. I can totally relate to the PTSD aspects of the story and the whole series focus as I live with someone who has many of these issues depicted. I can also grasp the Insta love aspect of the story because I have lived it many ways. Those suffering with the effects of traumatic injury want so desperately to fit in and feel love and be loved. So I get it. I really love the character of Reese. He is so super sweet. And Piper is a great addition to the story. Gina, on the other hand, I didn't care for her sometimes, especially in time of stress. Plus I think her injuries were not depicted with the depth that is probably evident in survivors like her. Some of my issues with this stem from how fast the book progressed. I think that in many ways the author was in too much of a hurry to tell the story and there were parts that could've been developed to make it more believable. I really hated how obvious the foreshadowing was. As soon as the "issues" that the team was going to be dealing with, I knew exactly what was going to happen. That to me is kind of a bummer. Overall, I love the story and the series. The guys on the team and their surrounding support characters are lovely people. So in that aspect the book is a pleasure to read, which is where the 4 star bump comes from. I do look forward to more in the series because the author has tapped into a great plot and storyline. I just hope she gets better at a little bit more development in critical areas that can make or break a reading experience for someone. * copy received for review purposes
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
This book had me riding on a rollercoaster of emotions. It is another incredible story in the series. Part of The Black Eagle Ops Series this book takes a deeper look at PTSD, and the physical struggles encountered and how they are dealt with. We meet Reece and Gina in this book. Reece is a SEAL part of ZQ's unit and comes to Eagle Ridge to cover from his injuries and PTSD. He lost an arm but worse was captured and endured unspeakable torture at the hands of ISIS. He has day visions as well as nightmares. Reece's way of dealing with things in his silence. He mainly grunts or speaks one or two words and only when necessary. He isolates and is obstinate about wearing his prosthetic arm, much to the ire of Gina his physical therapist. To say Reece is uncooperative is an understatement. At a point Gina asks Reece if he'd like a replacement therapist because he's so noncompliant and unresponsive with her. She has worked with the SEALS before and so she understands things, but clearly Reece just doesn't seem to like her. Reece's response is "No" he doesn't want her replaced. He wants her. He comes around, wearing his arm, getting used to it. Talking more, and it's ZQ's mother Junebug who helps pull him out also as well as Piper, Gina's precocious and absolutely charming 6 year old daughter who spends some time at the ranch during her school break. Reece and Piper become bound at the hip. She wants a Daddy very badly. Gina is also military, serving time in the Marines. She suffered a horrific trauma during a training exercise which she keeps to herself, until one day she opens up to Reece. These two develop feelings, deep feelings for each other and Reece takes Piper as if she were his own child. Meanwhile the side story is Ashley, who ZQ has been trying to get to come to the ranch finally calls and is ready. The ranch is a place where they come to heal and re-collect themselves. ZQ also heads a Special Ops team. JJ who we met in the previous stories has past history with Ashley, their initial encounter was anything but pleasant and causes tension for everyone until ZQ takes them for one of his "lessons" I love him. Tucked into this story is also their mission that has been unfolding, a group of Russian mafia who are now abducting little blonde haired girls from Florida and Texas to export them in the slave market. Little girls. We get to see Fed Marshall Clint again and his wife, and the cast of characters from previous books in the little town of Warrior Falls. This book is another winner by Vonnie Davis. Each book successively builds on the last but can still be read as a stand alone. I love this series. She does the characters justice and has a keen insight into the struggles these men and women face when they return home and try to adjust to life that has no sense of normalcy. Amazing read! **arc from NetGalley and Publisher** in exchange for an honest review.
stanhope3234 More than 1 year ago
I really did enjoy this book but I do have to say it was a little overly mushy for even me. The characters are strong and complex and also fun to read about. Reese Browning is a navy seal who's a amputi and tortured for days by Isis before his team found and rescued him. He functions day to day but is withdrawn and quite. That is until Gina his feisty relentless and beautiful physical therapist begins to break down the walls he's built to keep people out. I love the secondary characters and my favorite was Piper, Gina's precocious six-year-old daughter who from the moment she meets Reese proclaimed him hers! I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.
Dawncatlady More than 1 year ago
Reece comes to the Texas ranch to heal and learn how to use his prosthesis. Gina ,who is ex military and a therapist, came the small Texas town to raise her daughter . Together they must deal with their past to make a future family. Add a legendary pool and Black ops group and you have another addition to the Black Eagle group. Ebook from netgalley and publishers with thanks. Opinion is my own.
beckyb0416 More than 1 year ago
After reading the first book in the Black Eagle Ops series, Her Survivor...and giving it five stars, I expected this second book to provide that same level of a gripping story. This second book was good, but didn't deliver quite at the same level as the first story. Ms Davis once again created a moving story with characters that reach deep within and touch your heart. Her message of wounded warriors is so much more than a surface topic, she delves deeply into their psyche and physical pain providing the reader with an emotional attachment and investment in the characters. Both primary and secondary characters get equal attention by this author, i.e., Junebug and Piper, who both were scene stealers and delivered some very humorous moments. Some of the more comical encounters came between Piper and Reece...that little lady certainly had an endearing way about her that simply drew Reece, breaking down some of his tougher barriers. Not only was the banter between the characters entertaining it of itself, but even more entertaining was Reece's inner dialog...it was sharp, very wry and definitely sarcastic to the point of hilarity. Gina did not set to well with me on several occasions...she was too fast to jump down Reece's throat for perceived slights or Piper's safety, which was irritating that someone in a medical profession could be quick to judge and find fault. Though she justified her actions as her "mother mode", it just was used too often and was too much. There were a few other things that were a bit unbelievable in the way of how the real world functions, but not enough to take away from the story as a whole. The action in the story was gripping and got the heart racing, but I would have liked to have had a bit more of the hunt and capture of the bad guys rather than the general synopsis that was given to neatly tie up that aspect of the story. Not sure if this was because the book was an unedited copy or not, and would be caught and corrected before release, but the author's interchangeable use of filly and colt for the female foal born in the story was glaring to anyone familiar with horses. All in all though, I enjoyed the continuing Black Eagle Ops story and look forward to the next book in the series. This book was provided by the Publisher and NetGalley, I am voluntarily providing my honest review.
PennieM More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Reece is a retired Navy SEAL who was injured and then captured by ISIS on his last mission. He is now at his former commander's home at Eagle Ridge Ranch in Warrior Falls to convalesce. His physical therapist, Gina, is a wonder woman who is a former Marine with her own demons. Her incessant talking during therapy is grounding for Reece who is also suffering from PTSD. Once he is introduced to her daughter, Piper, his silence ends and the fun begins. This wounded hero is a dirty talking protector who has fallen in love with his blondes. These two are made for each other and actually heal the demons they are both carrying. Piper is a spitfire who is like a Texas tornado who brings out the best in everyone she touches (except her teacher but she is a #$!@). Love, healing, Russian mafia, and black ops wrap this story up. There is a lot going on and also Junebug's idioms to laugh at. This is the second installment in this series and can be read alone (if you choose). **Received this ARC from the publisher via NetGalley**
cntrygirlzroc More than 1 year ago
Gina is a former Marine and is a physical therapist in Warrior Falls. She has a six year old daughter. Gina was raped while in the Marines and hasn't been attracted to any man since. Reece is a former SEAL and living on his commander's ranch healing. Reece lost part of his arm in Syria. Gina is his therapist and talks non stop. He doesn't talk much and stays to himself. He has nightmares and PTSD from where he was held prisoner and tortured. Until he meets Gina's adorable daughter Piper. Now Piper is a cracker jack. She has it in her mind that Reece is going to be her Daddy. He falls in love with both. They have their ups and downs. Piper is almost kidnapped by Russian Mafia. Reece is shot twice saving her. Gina leaves hateful messages on his voicemail and it will take a lot groveling to get him over his hurt feelings. Excellent story. I laughed and cried. I loved Piper, she is a firecracker. Once Reece opens up he's pretty funny too. Hot sex scenes. Hunky SEALs. Can't wait to read the next one. *RECEIVED A COPY FROM NETGALLEY*
ytcruz More than 1 year ago
Though the storyline between Gina, a physical therapist, and Reece, a Seal who has lost part of his arm, and is suffering from PTSD, is good, what I really appreciated about the story was the reminder about the effects of war. Not only the physical injuries, but also the psychological and mental effects . PTSD is prevalent , and sadly , rape , whether by the enemy or within the ranks, does exist. Society needs to do more to support, embrace, aid and welcome these dedicated individuals . The devastation of war affects not only the troops, but also their families. Not everyone is strong enough to understand the complexity of individuals in the military, especially those in special forces. So for that alone, I appreciate this story. The secondary characters are interesting and entertaining, especially Piper, Gina’s precocious daughter and Junebug, the Mom of one of the secondary characters, ZQ. If you have read book one of the Black Eagle Ops series, you will get a chance to see how the characters in the previous story are doing. If not, do not worry, the story is a stand alone. So get ready for mystery, romance, children, animals, the Russian Mafia and let’s not forget, hunky men. I was gifted a copy of the book by Netgalley. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
This was an awesome read. I loved these characters. Reece and Gina were great but Piper, Gina's young daughter, stole the story. Reece is a former Navy SEAL who's last mission went fubar and he ended up in enemy hands. During his captivity his refusal to speak was heroic, now that he's home his refusal to speak is just another symptom of his PTSD. The only person that seems to be getting past his defenses is physical therapist Gina Wilson. Gina is a former marine and knows full well what it's like to be haunted by demons. The person that really breaks through to Reece's heart though is Piper. She is a ball of energy who isn't afraid to tell anyone exactly what she's thinking. She makes up her mind that Reece is going to be her Daddy and nothing will change her mind. Will her belief in him be enough to make all their dreams come true?? Definitely a recommended read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was the funniest read in a long time. Great characters and good story