HIRE with FIRE: The Relationship-Driven Interview and Hiring Method

HIRE with FIRE: The Relationship-Driven Interview and Hiring Method


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HIRE with FIRE is an educational and entertaining hiring book which acts as an interview guide for managers who want to hire the best - engaged A players, high achievers, and top performers. In this noteworthy hiring book, HIRE with FIRE, you will explore best practices for how to interview people. The authors offer four key traits to help you select and hire the best, the A players, and overall top talent. In addition, through their relationship-driven approach to interviewing and hiring, you will build an engaged workforce filled with top performers. The processes discussed in HIRE with FIRE are designed to improve the candidate experience, teach you how to interview, how to hire the best people, build your employer brand, and create an engaging work culture.

Discover Four Key Traits and Learn How to Hire A Players Using the HIRE with FIRE Method

You want to hire A players, who are engaged and passionate about their work. But how do you know which candidate will bring these important traits to your company?

The authors believe that creating an engaged workforce starts with how you hire and who you hire. As they explain how to interview people through the "HIRE with FIRE Interview Method," the question of how to hire the best person for a job becomes clearer and you will develop a more systematic approach to interviewing and hiring, limiting decisions based on gut-reaction.

The HIRE with FIRE Interview Method offers four key qualities found in A-players and teaches how to screen for these important traits. As a manager, your goal is to hire the best person with the key skills and abilities to perform the job well. However, it may be equally important to hire someone who is passionate about their work. Employees who are passionate, "on fire," and engaged are typically A players, high achievers, and top performers. They can positively impact your company's culture, potential for growth, and your bottom line.

By using the HIRE with FIRE Interview Method, you will not only hire the right people, you will also hire the best people who are engaged and passionate about their work.

Explore How to Interview People through a Relationship-Driven Interview and Hiring Method

When do you feel your relationship with a potential candidate or new hire begins? Pre-hire or Post-hire? This is important because a candidate is evaluating you and your company just as much as you are evaluating them throughout the hiring process.

As you read HIRE with FIRE, you will take an inside look into the mind of the candidate and hiring manager as they progress through the hiring process. With HIRE with FIRE, you will gain insight into your own processes that might challenge your current interviewing techniques. Consider redefining your thoughts about how to interview people, select top talent, and hire A players.

Denise Wilkerson, owner of one of the nation's leading executive search firms, along with her business partner and husband, Randy Wilkerson, create a relationship-driven hiring plan for you to follow. By comparing the interview and hiring process to a personal relationship, they will help you view hiring from a broader human relationship perspective. Their insight, as well as comments from leading management professionals, will help you build successful relationships with candidates and future employees that will benefit your company for years to come.

Who Should Read HIRE with FIRE?

Whether you are a CEO, an HR manager, experienced or new to hiring, HIRE with FIRE will show you how to hire the best people - A players who will set your company apart from the competition. Although geared toward the hiring authorities, those seeking employment can also gain a unique perspective into what employers want in their new employees.

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ISBN-13: 9781733261104
Publisher: Dandyworx Productions
Publication date: 11/22/2019
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)

About the Author

Denise Wilkerson is the founder and CEO of Global Edge Recruiting®, a premier executive search and recruitment firm.

Born in NYC and raised in a small town in Missouri, Denise started her career in nursing -first in oncology, where she worked in the hospital as a staff nurse, and then for a hospice where she managed a team of nurses. After managing a large women's healthcare clinic for a local hospital, she decided to start her own business and opened Global Edge Recruiting® in 1997. Since that time, Denise has assisted hundreds of Fortune 500 and small start-up companies by recruiting their top talent and assisting them with day-to-day human resources and organizational development needs.

On a professional note, Denise has a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, as well as a Master's in Human Resource Development and a Senior Professional Human Resources certification (SPHR). Her love for innovative medical products and devices, as well as her passion for assisting individuals with career development led her to healthcare recruitment.

Randy Wilkerson is the Vice-President of Recruitment Services at Global Edge Recruiting®, a premier executive search and recruitment firm.

A native of Springfield, Missouri, Randy is the son of two educators. His mother was a teacher and high school counselor in the Springfield area and his father was a high school principal and state representative. Growing up, his parents emphasized the importance of education, something that has stuck with him throughout life.

While attending Missouri State University, Randy received his a teaching certification in business and general science, along with his undergraduate degree in both marketing and management. Later, he completed his Master's of Business Administration at Webster University. He has a private pilot's license and a real estate broker's license. Randy loves to educate others along with being in front of a group. Early in his career, he taught adult education courses in real estate.

Randy Wilkerson joined Global Edge Recruiting in 2007 as Vice President, Executive Search and Recruitment. Prior to joining Global Edge, Randy was a successful sales representative. He worked for several Fortune 500 companies including Xerox Corporation, Roche Pharmaceuticals and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a division of Johnson and Johnson. Randy 's extensive background in sales and marketing assists clients in the recruitment and development of sales teams.

Personally, Randy is known for his sense of humor which is evident in many of his writings. He is also very technical, and enjoys a good repair challenge. He rebuilds old jukeboxes and pinball machines for fun. In addition to these hobbies, he likes to spend time at the lake and working on the family's ranch.

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