Honeymoon Alone

Honeymoon Alone

by Nicole Macaulay


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For 26-year-old Lucy Gray, life revolves around her family, friends and a classroom full of third graders. Reliable and responsible, she puts everyone’s needs before her own, often without even realizing it.

In a chance meeting with the psychic at her sister’s 80s-themed wedding, Lucy is confronted with the idea that she is missing out on life and should follow the signs of fate happening all around her. Awakening to this realization, these signs spur Lucy to take a last-minute trip to London – the very trip her sister had reserved as a honeymoon backup plan. She’ll just have to pretend to be her sister… what could go wrong?

Once in London, what Lucy hoped to be the getaway she’s always dreamed of turns into an adventure she never expected. Tangled in lies and in over her head, she struggles to follow the signs – and her heart – to figure out who she truly is.

With depth and humor, author Nicole Macaulay has crafted a lighthearted, charming read with Honeymoon Alone. Relatable and full of personality, readers will undoubtedly see a little of themselves and their own families in the characters that seem to leap off the pages. At its heart is a story about friendship and romance, and how the most unconventional path can lead to a happy ending.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781733276900
Publisher: Nicole Diebold
Publication date: 12/03/2019
Pages: 310
Sales rank: 137,518
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.70(d)

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Honeymoon Alone 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Shelley-S-Reviewer 11 days ago
2.5 Stars The way this book ended was such a bummer as I was enjoying the first 75% of it. What stared out as a quirky romance, with a kind of love triangle thrown in, turned into a mad-cap caper. So the rating is a little hard for me as it was like a bad Lifetime Movie or something. Such a shame as it could have been a sweet book for the holidays and had so much potential. I did enjoy the meet cute and the adventures Lucy went on in England and France. I still had a lot of fun reading this, and it’s as quick and easy of a read as many other adult romances. While I didn’t find that I loved it, I did truly enjoy it. This was a good book to break up a lot of back to back thriller reads and I would recommend it if the premise sounds fun to you.
StoreyBookReviews 5 months ago
When you live your whole life (so far) in a sheltered fashion, there might come a time when you do something crazy...like take your sister's discarded honeymoon and break free from the parental chains.  Ok, maybe you do some of this on a whim thanks to the advice of a psychic at your sister's wedding, but something has to spur you into action! I applauded Lucy for her decision to escape her home when a hotel in London calls to confirm her sister's reservation.  A reservation that wasn't going to be used because her OCD sister booked two honeymoon options.  Two!  But what better time to put that passport to use than a Christmas getaway.  Her friend Mary encourages her to go and even contacts a classmate of theirs to meet her at the airport and be a point of contact.  It works out to both of their advantages since the hotel is for honeymooners only (and there is no Mr. with Lucy) and Cary's roommates turn out to be his worst nightmare. I applaud Lucy's gumption to take herself on a tour of London and see the usual touristy sites plus so much more. She has been held back thanks to an overbearing mother and older brother.  In fact, when she manages to "lose" her phone and disconnects from those ties is when she really blossoms.  We are able to peek into the frantic thoughts of her family through blog entries.  Apparently, the whole family can blog to let others know what is happening.  I suppose that is easier than making a bunch of phone calls. Lucy manages to keep Oliver, the nosy concierge, at bay regarding her "husband" and why she is doing so much on her own.  But is he more than nosy?  Could he be smitten with Lucy?  Or is there something more "sinister" at play?  The only way to find out is to read the book. This book had me laughing at many turns and I had a hard time putting the book down.    I wanted to know what secret Oliver was hiding, who the Honeymooners were, and would Lucy's family learn to take a step back and let her live her life.  There are a few heart-stopping moments near the end but nothing too scary.  The story is also about finding your own path and looking out for yourself because your family may not know what is best for you despite their best intentions. As a child of the 80s, I had to share this line with you...I didn't mark more for some reason, I think I was enjoying the book too much. "I'm an 80s themed mess.  My hair is crimped.  Crimped.  I look like a bottle of grape soda in my purple, polka-dotted dress complete with shoulder pads." We give this book 5 paws up.
Shani K 7 months ago
When life hands you a sign, you take it...right? Well, for Lucy she certainly does! A chance meeting with a psychic at her sister's wedding sends her into a tizzy wondering if she should take it seriously or not. This leads to a chance phone call with a confirmation for her OCD sisters booked the honeymoon. The only problem is, it should have been canceled and Lucy is left with a dilemma. Reflecting on what the psychic says, she runs with it. she's the one nobody ever expects to do anything out of the norm, always playing by the book. One long plane ride later, Lucy begins the adventure of a lifetime. I laughed so many times at her witty moments, hijinks, and just the peculiar situations she would get herself into! I loved that she reconnected with an old acquaintance, met some new and interesting (if not nosey) characters along the way and learned something more about herself. She could be a risk-taker within reason, living her life with more of an open mind and heart. What she doesn't expect is to stumble across a crime spree, make a love connection for her friend and one for herself. This is a laugh out loud romantic comedy that will have you smiling all the way through. I really enjoyed it quite a bit.
ReadersFavorite 10 months ago
Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite Honeymoon Alone is a chick-lit tale by Nicole Macaulay. After Lucy Gray’s date ditched her at her sister’s wedding, a psychic tells her to follow fate’s signs. Feeling dejected with her predictable life, Lucy takes the psychic’s suggestion and travels to London. She uses her sister’s identity and un-canceled hotel reservations. But Oliver, the concierge, becomes suspicious of the “bride” even when Carey, a handsome schoolmate Lucy vaguely remembers, poses as her husband. Oliver suspects the two are up to no good and wonders why Carey often abandons her most of the time. His constant questions and appearances make Lucy more flustered and guilty of being an impostor. Being in London makes Lucy view her life in a more positive light, but that light could become dim when Oliver believes they are not who they say they are... You’ll certainly be amused reading Honeymoon Alone, a lighthearted romance novel. The beginning drama was very clever, which made me smile a lot. Lucy has a lot of sass, sharp retorts. Nicole Macaulay gently but boldly drew out this character’s hidden inner strength and confidence. Being away from her family made Lucy truly find out more about herself and what she is capable of doing on her own. The other characters are interesting and highly entertaining. I loved the suspense and fast-moving, picturesque adventure Lucy had. Nicole Macaulay writes engagingly and this chick-lit story will appeal to readers. Honeymoon Alone comes highly recommended. It’s a book worth curling up with.