Hooked On You

Hooked On You

by Kate Meader

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The steamy Chicago Rebels series returns with this racy and sassy tale of embittered hearts, second chances, and going for the goal—on and off the ice.

Violet Vasquez never met her biological father, so learning he left his beloved hockey franchise—the Chicago Rebels—to her is, well, unexpected. Flat broke and close to homeless, Violet is determined to make the most of this sudden opportunity. Except dear old dad set conditions that require she takes part in actually running the team with the half-sisters she barely knows. Working with these two strangers and overseeing a band of hockey-playing lugs is not on her agenda...until she lays eyes on the Rebels captain and knows she has to have him.

Bren St. James has been labeled a lot of things: the Puck Prince, Lord of the Ice, Hell’s Highlander...but it’s the latest tag that’s making headlines: washed-up alcoholic has-been. This season, getting his life back on track and winning the Cup are his only goals. With no time for relationships—except the fractured ones he needs to rebuild with his beautiful daughters—he’s finding it increasingly hard to ignore sexy, all-up-in-his-beard Violet Vasquez. And when he finds himself in need of a nanny just as the playoffs are starting, he’s faced with a temptation he could so easily get hooked on.

For two lost souls, there’s more on the line than just making the best of a bad situation... there might also be a shot at the biggest prize of all: love.

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ISBN-13: 9781501180903
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication date: 05/29/2018
Series: Chicago Rebels Series , #4
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 951,590
Product dimensions: 4.12(w) x 6.75(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Originally from Ireland, Kate Meader cut her romance reader teeth on Maeve Binchy and Jilly Cooper novels, with some Harlequins thrown in for variety. Give her tales about brooding mill owners, oversexed equestrians, and men who can rock an apron, a fire hose, or a hockey stick, and she's there. Now based in Chicago, she writes sexy contemporary romance with alpha heroes and strong heroines (and heroes) who can match their men quip for quip. Visit her at KateMeader.com.

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Hooked On You

  • She needed a drink.

    And while Violet Vasquez wasn’t big on boozing before five, she figured that now might be as good a time as any to start. Neither was she big on signs, but the one that had caught her attention had to be the universe telling her something.

    The bar, called the Empty Net, had two hockey sticks crossed like cutlasses over the door.

    Yeah, someone was screwing with her, she thought as she exited the cab on the main drag in Riverbrook, thirty miles north of downtown Chicago—and she had an idea who. But she wasn’t one to back down from a challenge. Day drinking would commence in three, two, one . . .

    Pulling the heavy oak door open, Violet walked out of the sun and into a bar fight.

    On closer inspection, this was pretty tame as bar fights went. It had the makings of a doozy, though, because at the center of it was a hulk. A long-haired, bearded, fuck-with-me-if-you-don’t-want-to-live behemoth. Three guys with a death wish and/or shit for brains surrounded him, all but begging to be crushed.

    One of them was right up in his face, his spittle-flecked lips working soundlessly, his fists clenched at his sides. Another had the hulk boxed in on the shorter end of the L-shaped bar with a pool cue in his hand. And number three? This joker was clearly the spokesman, and right now he was getting something off his chest.

    “You’re a lowlife, St. James,” the leader spat out. “You haven’t had a good season in years. You got some nerve showing your face around here.”

    St. James—which was sort of ironic, because this guy looked like he rode with the devil instead of the angels—didn’t defend himself. Just held himself taut, ready.

    “Better not be any trouble,” a female voice called out. The bartender. Violet, familiar with the undercurrents of drunk drama from her nights tending bar at Rusty’s Biker Emporium in Reno, recognized the thread of concern in her voice. She was staffing the place alone in the middle of the afternoon. Maybe they had security at night, but right now this woman was helpless to break up a fight with anything but diplomacy.

    “There’ll be no trouble,” the hulk said, and though he was responding to the bartender, the message was for the Three Stooges in front of him. There was also something odd about his voice: deep, resonant, and . . . Irish?

    As the guy with the pool cue moved closer, the bartender caught Violet’s eye, her expression one of mild panic. Violet shook her head slightly. She trusted that the hulk had this under control, that he could defuse the situation.

    “You don’t want to do that,” he said to Pool Cue.

    “I’m calling the police,” the bartender said.

    Nope. Not helping.

    “No police” was the hulk’s response, but he said it like pole-is. Now Violet heard it more clearly—she’d watched enough Outlander episodes to recognize a Scottish accent.

    No sooner had he affirmed that the law was not needed than the idiots surrounding him burst into action. Clenched Fists raised his right hand, only to have the Scot react with lightning speed and cover it with one king-sized paw. At the same time, he grabbed the cue from the other guy’s hand, smashed it against the bar, and held the splinter-topped weapon to Pool Cue’s throat. Crushing a fist with one hand, threatening a jugular with another, he stared directly at the guy who had been mouthing off.

    And raised a very expressive eyebrow.

    Violet’s entire body tingled and her heart thrashed about. Oh, the Scot was something else.

    The lynch mob spokesman backed up, hands raised. “Got it. We’re just talking.”

    “Go talk over there.” A chin jerk from the Scot indicated another part of the bar. Rather charitably, to Violet’s mind, he released the raised fist, then placed the shattered cue on the bar. The bar fight that had never quite started expired with a whimper as the men slunk away to lick their wounds.

    Violet took a look at her surroundings. For early afternoon, the bar was surprisingly busy, with a few people playing darts and a couple of guys at a pool table. The TV screens blasted a hockey game, though it was mid-September and out of season—she knew that much. But the entertainment shouldn’t have been all that surprising, given the bar’s proximity to the arena of the local NHL franchise, the Chicago Rebels.

    The team she now owned.

    Violet stepped forward and picked up the other half of the cue. Carefully, she placed it with its soul mate on the bar.

    The Scot didn’t acknowledge that, as if he hadn’t even noticed her, which was generally impossible because on a noticeability scale of one to ten, Violet usually landed at nine. But not today, because for this visit to Chicagoland, she’d gone conservative and changed her hair from magenta streaks to its original dark and dull brown. Damn her conforming hair color!

    Mr. Surly took a seat and caught the eye of the bartender, who walked over, looking like she was this close to having a coronary.

    “You okay?”

    The Scot turned slightly, and Violet realized that the bartender was speaking to her.

    “Oh, fine. Chivas rocks, please.” She climbed onto a bar stool beside the Scot, who was frowning in a most attractive manner.

    “Plenty of seats elsewhere,” he muttered.

    Oh, you old romantic you!

    The barfly gods were shining on her, because at that moment, Violet’s Chivas appeared. Extra tip for you, barkeep.

    “Yeah, but my drink is right here.”

    Evidently unable to fault that logic, he spoke to the bartender. “My usual, Tina.”

    “Are you sure—?”

    He cut off her question with a glare. “It’s your funeral,” she finished.

    “Nicely handled,” Violet said when Tina was out of earshot. “What’s their problem, anyway?”


    “I got that.” She imagined this guy would be a whole lot of problems, at least 75 percent of them sexy. “Why specifically did they want to rearrange your pretty face?”

    He turned, eyes narrowing on her. “You don’t recognize this pretty face?”

    She looked more closely—not a chore in the slightest. She supposed he did look a little familiar, kind of like if Jason Momoa and Gerard Butler had gotten down and dirty and sweated out a big-shouldered beast-child.

    While her body’s tingles moved south, she reassessed the situation. Sports bar with hockey on TV, proximity to the Rebels arena, expectation of being recognized.

    He must be one of the players.

    She played dumb. “You owe them money?”

    “Owe them something. Or they think I do.”

    Tina placed a shot of Johnnie Walker before the Scot and, with a hmph, moved off. Interesting.

    Violet took a sip of her Chivas. The Scot had yet to lift his whisky. They sat in semicomfortable silence for a few moments while Violet thought this through.

    The past eighteen months had been the road trip to hell, but Violet had made the return journey and now she tended to look at things from a different angle. “The Year of the V,” she’d been calling her adjusted outlook. She was determined to try new things, step up and be counted, find out who Violet Vasquez was, for want of a less vomit-inducing phrase. Fear had a way of closing a person off, making the world a small and lonely place.

    Fear could go fuck itself.

    The next time she had sex would be the first time since the surgery, since she’d woken up bound like The Mummy, with new breasts to replace the diseased ones. A quickie in a bar restroom with a hot stranger would be the perfect way to jump back on the horse. Clothes would stay on, scars would stay hidden . . . the Scot would be strong enough to lift her against a wall and slide right in.

    Then she’d be on a plane back to Reno, her pleasurable memories the best souvenir.

    Before she could turn on her rusty wiles, the stranger spoke. “You disagreed with Tina. About calling the cops.”

    She liked it better when he called them the pole-is. But the notion that he had been aware of her silent objection even while he had other things going on was a pleasant surprise.

    “I’ve worked in bars, most of them not as nice as this one. The threat of cops, in my experience, usually escalates an already bad situation.”

    He studied her now, as if she had suddenly said something worth listening to. Those tingles started again, her body reflooding with sexual awareness. She was unable to look away, and it seemed he was in the same boat. Something charged, hot, and melty zinged between them. Her nerves were no longer tingling. Now they were shrieking.

    “Whatever you’re thinking,” he murmured, “it’s a bad idea.”

    Blood heated her cheeks. Was she so obvious? She picked up her drink and took a gulp. When she looked up again, he appeared closer. More dangerous.

    “Season’s about to begin so you thought you’d come in here and bag yourself a player?”

    Now wait a second, who the fuck did this guy think he was? So maybe the idea of gracing him with the pleasure of giving her an orgasm had crossed her mind for a foolish moment, but what kind of asshole said that? As if she were some sex-crazed hockey groupie.

    “Yep, that’s exactly what I thought.” And then she winked.

    He laughed, and the sound gave her heart a hug. Still got it, Vasquez. The bartender shot them a glance, then peered curiously at Violet, Laugh Maker.

    The Scot turned serious again, his blue-eyed gaze flicking to the untouched shot of whisky. “Go on home, lass, before you get hurt.”

    “By you?” She snorted. “I don’t think you could hurt anyone.” She’d seen how he handled those idiots. He could have done some real damage, but he chose to restrain himself. It would be fascinating to see him lose control.

    He inhaled a weary breath. “That’s where you’re wrong. I have a tendency to destroy everything I touch.” He raised his gaze to her, and what she saw there shocked her. A pain she recognized.

    “I’m tougher than I look,” she said, not quite willing to let this go, though common sense told her she should probably run back to Nevada as fast as her combat boots could carry her.

    He stood. Loomed was more accurate, all six feet two inches of him, yet there was something both aggressive and tentative in his stance. Color flagged his cheekbones. Fire rimmed his eyes. Her own greedy gaze was drawn to his thick forearms, then continued on a trail down to his two clenched fists.

    Was he angry? No. Or at least, not with her . . . oh, God.

    He was using every ounce of his self-control trying not to touch her.

    She had never wanted someone to lose a battle with his demons so much.

    “You driving?” he managed in a harsh whisper.

    “I came in a cab.”

    “Good. Make sure you go home in one.” With his strong accent, it came out sounding like guut. He threw down a twenty and left without a backward glance, his shot of whisky still untouched on the bar.

    The bartender—Tina—came over, her expression one of disapproval mixed with pity that Violet had been rejected. Not that Violet really saw it that way. What had happened between her and the Scot was far more thought provoking.

    “Want that?” Tina asked, nodding at the shot glass.

    “Nah. I don’t drink swill.”

    Tina laughed appreciatively, picked up the glass, and poured the shot into the sink.

    “So, who’s been warming this bar stool beside me for the past ten minutes?”

    “You really don’t know him?”

    Violet shook her head. “I’m new in town.”

    “That was Bren St. James, current captain of the Chicago Rebels, the local hockey team. Though whether he’ll be captain for much longer is open to speculation.”

    No need to ask for details, because Tina was in full flight now.

    “He showed up to one of the last games of the regular season drunk, and the way he’d been playing all year, it was clearly not the first time. Most people think he should’ve been cut long before that, and some people”—she jerked her chin in the direction of the troublemakers from earlier, who were now back to playing pool like nothing had happened—“think he needs to be taught a lesson. Folks are pretty crazy about hockey around here, and when your team is suffering through its longest-ever championship drought, it makes the fans loco. The players, too.”

    Sports people. Fucking nutjobs, the lot of them. Before Violet could inquire further, the bar’s phone rang and Tina went to answer it while Violet was left to ponder Bren St. James, the grumpy Scot shrouded in mystery. A man with demons that needed soothing and sating. O captain! My captain!

    The Year of the V had just become a lot more interesting.

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    Hooked On You 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
    JWright57 More than 1 year ago
    Hooked On You may be book 3 in the Chicago Rebels but I am reading this series all about face and it’s still one of the best hockey series i have read, it’s made no difference to the enjoyment I got from this book and I have yet to read book 2 and yes I’m sad this is the final book what a great book to finish on and I’m sure I will be reading and re reading. Bren and Violet’s attraction for each other has been building up slowly but it’s about to explode right in the middle of the playoffs can they survive the pressure, their pasts and meddling sisters. Hooked on You took over my weekend I needed to find out how Bren and Violet’s story ended, I needed to make sure the broody half Scot half Canadian single dad finally got together with the sassy strong minded Violet because if anyone deserved a HEA these two did. Violet was only meant to be with the Chicago Rebels for one season to satisfy her fathers stipulation in his will that the 3 estranged sisters would run the franchise for a season, Bren wasn’t looking for a relationship but he needed a reliable sitter for his daughters what he didn’t expect was for him and his daughters to fall for the sitter......... This book has it all, love, passion, witty banter and 2 adorable little girls and let’s be honest ladies what not to love about a broody hot single father who always puts his kids first, add in a beautiful sole who hides behind a wall and you get the perfect love story. If you love Hockey romances this series should be a atomic one click. Loved the characters, loved the story and love this author writing
    Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    One thing that I loved about this book is that it had so many layers to it. It wasn’t simply a romance between a brooding male and a free-spirited female. Violet doesn’t really feel like she belongs with her half-sisters running the hockey team. She also has a lot of emotional scars as from her battle with breast cancer. So, even though she seems care-free and like she doesn’t care, she’s always battling her inner demons. Bren hit rock bottom with alcohol and lost custody of his kids because of it. When his two girls end up staying with him, he gets a second chance to really be their dad again. Both of these characters were struggling with their past, both had a lot going on in their lives, but one thing they both needed was each other. I’m really glad I read Hooked on You. I’m always a sucker for hockey romance, but I love that the author added so much more to the story. It’s wasn’t simply a romance between a hockey player and the team owner. It had so many subtle things going on that it was hard to put the book down. I wanted to see these two get their happily ever after. I wanted to see the two little girls get a stable and happy home life. This story was just a great read all the way around. I highly suggest it if you are a fan of romances that deal a lot with family, overcoming your inner demons, and sexy hockey players.
    UpAllNightBB More than 1 year ago
    If your looking for a fun, super sexy, sizzling, romance with some family drama, personal conflict and an ex that just wont go away, Hooked on You, the third installment of the Chicago Rebels series, by Kate Meader is the book for you. Meader takes to the ice again but I'm surprised the ice has not melted with this one!!! Right from the start you are off and running with chemistry that is jumping off the pages. The "pull" between Bren and Violet that is undeniable, but the story to the end is remarkable. This story is filled with real-life situations, many that sadly are very relatable. Bren is a recovering alcoholic and Violet a survivor of cancer. The way Meader writes: the angst, the humor when needed, the touch of serious issues, makes this story that much more. Violet is just surviving, nearly broke and dealing with cancer. When she discovers who her father is and the stipulations that go with, it brings Violet into a whole new family. Trying to make the most out of this unique situation, brings Bren into her life. Bren, "the washed-up alcoholic has been", has something to strive for now, his daughters, But having a chance encounter with Violet makes his struggle a little harder. These Violet and Bren encounters are nothing more than trying to push each other away, but they are thrown together when Bren needs a nanny. It is hard to push someone away that you are pulled to, so the sparks fly, truths are revealed and that line that you shouldn't cross becomes a little blurry!!! Another aspect of this book that I really enjoyed was the cultural aspects. Violet's Latina background with the food and Bren's Scottish heritage, makes this book just that much better. 4 sizzling stars **Review by Lisa, Late Night Reviewer for Up All Night with Books**
    RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
    I tend to turn away from books that have a heroine who is that free-spirited, wild child kinda character but I’d been drawn in by the other books and already started to fall for Bren … and Violet too, I admit. She’s not one of those in your face, “I gotta be me” kind of people. Instead she’s a glorious mix of daddy issues and seize the day mentality. Having faced cancer at a very early age she’s pretty set on living life to the fullest and you gotta admire that! If doing that also involves teasing a broody, sexy Scot … well, that just makes for even better reading :) While Bren has his reasons for being so broody (he did fall into the bottle pretty darn far), he’s working hard to get his life back on track. It’s been almost a year but he’s serious about being the man his daughters, his team, and at some point a partner deserves. He’s still a little unsteady on his feet so he’s trying to avoid anything too tempting – and Violet is oh-so-tempting. Returning readers will have enjoyed seeing bits and pieces of their dance over the last few books but it is so very satisfying to get it in full detail. Meader has never failed to deliver the feels and she does it again here in spades. And not just with Bren and Violet. While I loved how she made sure that readers understood where those two were coming from every step of the way, I think I might have loved the relationship Bren has with his team just as much as finally getting this particular HEA :) **Review given honestly and freely after receipt of a review copy. This opinion is completely my own and was not influenced in any way.**
    dsubsits More than 1 year ago
    4.5 of 5 Stars Kate Meader scores a hat trick with book three in the Chicago Rebels series, HOOKED ON YOU. After never meeting her biological father, Violet Vasquez inherited a third of the Chicago Rebels hockey team, along with her two half-sisters. She doesn’t plan on sticking around after the season is over. Meanwhile, the Chicago Rebels captain, Bren St. James, needs a nanny. With the playoffs at stake, Violet takes the job. This contemporary sports romance is suitable for adult audiences. I like Bren. He is a recovering alcoholic. His kids mean the world to him. His ex-wife, Kendra, is a piece of work. Violet is good for him. Violet is an amazing character. She survived breast cancer. She doesn’t feel like she fits in. She doesn’t realize the impact she has made on everyone’s lives since she moved to Chicago. She’s fun and encouraging. Bren and Violet both grow throughout the story. I enjoyed HOOKED ON YOU. It was an entertaining read. The characters faced relevant obstacles. I love the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off scene. That was classic. I have enjoyed the plot of the Chicago Rebels series. It is unique and charming. The new management at the Chicago Rebels is unconventional. I love that the team supports and appreciates them. I recommend reading these books in order. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
    Reads_Romance More than 1 year ago
    As a proud and avid Kate Meader fan, I have been waiting (impatiently) for Bren and Violet's story since the beginning of the Chicago Rebels series. Grouchy heroes are my catnip and Bren had a scowl that gave me shivers. As always, Ms. Meader manages to surprise me with the emotional depth and intensity of the story she weaves. Bren is the Scottish pro hockey player, recovering alcoholic, single father we have been rooting for since the first book. Violet is the seemingly flighty, half Puerto Rican free-spirit/hockey team owner looking for a place to belong. The chemistry between Bren and Violet has been crackling for the first three books in this series so I knew it would ignite once Bren and Violet were unable to resist their pull. What can I say about this book? The sexual tension, the heart, the complex family dynamics? I loved it all. Bren was an unexpected delight. He was warm, kind, had a hot accent and was king of the sexy talk which is always appreciated. He traveled a tough road to get to stability but was completely committed to his positive path and his warmth of spirit translated through the page. Violet was one of my favorite types of heroines executed to perfection. She is fun and irreverent with a deep core of caring. Her relationship with Bren's daughters had me tearing up at points and busting a gut laughing at others (penis eating slugs, y'all). My favorite aspect of any Kate Meader novel (besides the central relationship) is the family of character she invites you to be a part of for a entire series. I am not normally a sports romance lover and Ms. Meader made me a believer. I cannot recommend this whole series enough. Each book reads easily as a standalone but I suggest starting at Irresistible You and falling in love from there. **I received an ARC of this book in order to provide an honest review**
    caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
    Hooked On You is the third and final book in the Chicago Rebels series by Kate Meader. My oh my oh my. This book! It is fantastic! I have loved this series from the start but this book…it’s the best of the batch! I had so many butterflies in my stomach from Bren St. James it’s a wonder I didn’t take flight myself. That man could melt the biggest glacier with his hotness. Well, let’s just get into this review so I can tell you all about it. Violet Vasquez is the youngest of the three sisters that became part owners of the Chicago Rebels Ice Hockey team. Her two older sisters spent their entire lives trying to please their father. But he hadn’t even wanted anything to do with Violet. She spent her life wondering why he disliked her so much. So why, when he died, did he leave her a third of the team? So she, as per the rules of the will, had to temporarily relocate to Chicago and attend the home games. Where Harper and Isobel love owning the team, Violet just wants to do what’s required of her, and then take her money and leave. Her sisters have specific duties in the running of the team. Violet can’t seem to find her place. So she has become a sort of cheerleader of sorts. What no one but her sisters know, though, is that Violet is a cancer survivor. And this is her year. This is her year to experience things, to be brave, to be vibrant, the year of the “V!” Bren St. James is the Captain of the team. He is divorced and the father of two beautiful daughters. He is also an alcoholic. It is only the generosity of Harper that he still has a spot on the team after going to rehab. Now all he wants is to mend his relationships with his daughters and gain back the respect of his team. No where in his recovery is there room for a very spunky woman with a pink stripe in her hair that seems to make him ache every time she is anywhere near him. But when his daughters unexpectedly get to come and live with him, he finds himself in need of a nanny he can trust, and Violet has a way with his girls. He trusts her. The question is, can he keep his hands off of her? The Rebels have had quite a year. They have gone from being the worst team to being in the playoffs. A regular Cinderella story. I just can’t imagine how Bren was able to carry all of this on his shoulders. He is approaching a year of sobriety but still battles it every single day. He is trying to be the best he can be for his little girls. Being Captain of the team, he feels the pressure of not letting them down in the play offs, and fighting his attraction to Violet. Plus, he knows his ex-wife has some sort of scheme up her sleeve. He is just waiting for her to show her cards. How this man shouldered all of this I can’t imagine. Both Violet and Bren were looking for their places in life. Neither felt like they fit. But somehow, together, they did. Things just felt right, looked brighter. But Violet makes sure her intentions are clear, she’s not staying. Chicago is not her home. The longer they are able to stay in the playoffs, though, the more time they have together. The more they both wonder how they will ever let the other go. The more they feel like a family with Bren’s girls. And these two women who were strangers to Violet not that long ago have started to feel like sisters, like a bond had formed between them and she somehow belonged. “With her he felt renewed. Changed. Worthy. With her he felt like the man he was meant to be.” T
    blonde_betty More than 1 year ago
    Calling all fans of the Las Vegas Golden Knights and their Cinderella journey to the Stanley Cup Finals… Kate Meader’s last installment in the Chicago Rebels series, Hooked on You should be your next read. Filled with heart, an underdog hockey team run by women that no one took seriously, and the perfect team of misfits, this book has it all; there is even a cameo by a reader favorite couple from the Fighting Dempsey’s. I have loved this series from the beginning and reading it during Finals was absolutely perfect. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Great series, recommend reading all 4 books, you don't want to miss Bren and Violet's story.
    BeckyRendon More than 1 year ago
    4.5 stars I hope that Kate Meader never stops writing this series. It's true that this is my favorite...actually they have all been my favorites. But I have secretly been pining away for the story of the Scot vs. The Latina. I knew it would be magic, sass, and grumpy grunts. I knew it would involve nosey friends, manipulating sisters, and tension that could trip an entire herd of Clydesdales. Hooked On You is sweet, sassy, and hot. It's full of Latin flavor and short on Haggis ( thank God! Lol). There is plenty of Nessie to go around. There's even some smooth Russian ice, a decadent Italian stallion, the Texas home slice, and the spicy Cajun too. Don't think you have to read the other books first; it's not a requirement, just a way of life. I love Chicago's Rebels and the women that run/skate circles around them too.
    ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
    Well dang. The blurb Kate Meader has written for Hooked on You is actually an accurate and good review for the book. Hooked on You is the standalone third and final book in the Chicago Rebel’s series. The series centers around three half-sisters who either didn’t get along or didn't know the other existed until their father’s death. Then they are tasked with running the Chicago Rebels pro-hockey team. Clifford Chase’s will stipulated that the sisters had to work together in running the team and that the second to last place team had to make it to the playoffs this season, otherwise it would be sold. Hooked on You has been the book I’ve been waiting on since the series debuted in 2017. It features Bren St. James and Violet Vasquez. These two seem to be total opposites, but opposites attract. And these two really complement each other. Bren is the Captain of the Chicago Rebels. He’s a recovering alcoholic, who loves his kids, and has never felt worthy of the life he has. Bren is grunchy and prefers to keep to himself. But honestly it’s all a cover. He fights everyday to be a better person and make amends for the mistakes of his past. He’s truly a good man with a heart of gold. Violet is the youngest daughter and dirty little secret of Clifford. She never met her father and only met her sisters after his death. She is an outspoken ray of light who loves getting attention. She’s also a breast cancer survivor and isn’t accustomed to depending on anyone else. After being diagnosed with breast cancer and surviving, Violet has chosen to embrace life. She has purple highlights and uses her body as a tattoo canvas. But despite what she shows the world, she’s vulnerable. When Bren unexpectedly gets custody of his kids during the middle of the hockey playoffs, Violet steps in to help. The two end up being forced to work together for the benefit of his kids. These two have had a push/pull relationship for months. Now with them both living under the same roof their feelings ignite. Hooked on You is a must read!!!! All the characters from the previous books make appearances. I have to admit that it was really nice to revisit everyone and see how their lives have progressed. One of my favorite things about this series is the bromance between the guys. It is alive and front and center in this story. To say I’m disappointed that this is the end is an understatement. I am! I also wish that the Swedish goalie Erik Jorgenson would have gotten a story. **Received a copy from the publisher and voluntarily reviewed.**
    JenniferSchultheisJS More than 1 year ago
    Hooked on You by Kate Meader is part of the Chicago Rebels series, and Violet’s story is definitely worth the wait! I’ve been addicted to this series from the start, but Hooked on You, is my ultimate favorite! Violet is the unexpected daughter of Clifford Chase and when he died, her and her sisters inherited a hockey team. If you’ve read the previous books, then you know that Violet and her two sisters must work together to get the Chicago Rebels to the playoffs. Violet’s plan has always planned to get the team to a win and then sell her share to her sisters, but when the captain of the team, Bren St. James, needs help, Violet’s heart leads her down a different path. Bren is a fallen hero. He had issues in the past and has worked hard to atone for them. When his ex-wife decides, she needs a break he must take over and watch his two girls. He loves his daughters and wants them with him full time, but in order to that he must find the perfect nanny. Wild and fun Violet, isn’t his first choice, but as they spend more time together, she becomes the only choice that matters. I loved both characters so freaking much! Violet is so much fun, but is vulnerable, too and Bren is trying his best to make up for past mistakes while being a better father to his girls. Both characters make each other better, not to mention that Bren and Violet’s chemistry is through the roof! Overall, Hooked on You is an amazing read that I would recommend to anyone. If you enjoy some sports in your romances or opposites who attract, this is a great read!
    HailleCeleste More than 1 year ago
    Hooked On You is a sweet and spirited tale that follows the brooding Scotsman Bren St. James and the spunky Latina Violet Vasquez. He is a recovering alcoholic, hockey captain and a single dad to two young girls. She is a breast cancer survivor, team co-owner and a bit of a free spirit. These two burn for each other, but have a lot of baggage between them. There are many hurdles to overcome, but together they learn that they can get through anything. I loved every second of this novel. The brotherhood of the hockey team, the supportive new sisters and a sizzling slow-burn romance that was off the charts. This story had all of the feels and was very entertaining. I would highly recommend it to all.
    Brigittehf More than 1 year ago
    This book had me hooked from beginning to end. It has it all. Love,lust,laughter,pain suspense and drama. Bren, the Captain of the Hockey team is going through a rough patch. Despite all his personal problems, he is set to go on the straight and narrow for his daughters. Violet who has just inherited part of the Hockey franchise is trying to adapt to her newly found sisters. She is a breath of fresh air for her family and the team. When Violet spots Bren in a pub brawl, she gets curious. He thinks that she is after a quick fling with the team captain. Ironically, she doesn't know who he is anymore than she knows him. With both of them playing a part in the Hockey team, they are bound to meet and when they do, she teases and he scowls. Underneath this "I don't like you" behaviour, there is an undeniable attraction, obvious to most, but not to them. Violet is aware of Bren's struggles, but he doesn't know about the agonising situation that she has been in. Whilst being a temporary nanny to Bren's daughters, they call a truce, but the insults keep flying, until she has another scare. She opens up to him and he realises that he actually cares about her. Being in the middle of a dispute, making sure that his daughters are happy and leading the team to victory, Bren doesn't want to digress from his obligations. Violet has doubts about his feelings even when they start exploring what's between them. Will they conquer their fears and go with what their hearts desire? I absolutely love this storyline. Bren's daughters are very well portrayed. Violet is strong, kind and witty. Bren is lovable and caring. I like the interactions between Violet and her sisters as much as I like her interactions with the team and Bren's daughters. Her interactions with Bren are sometimes full of sarcasm and steamy hot and considerate at other times. They support each other! I love the way everything comes together in the end. Fabulous! I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion.
    iScreamBooksBlog More than 1 year ago
    "O Captain! My captain!" Bittersweet, the final installment of the oh-so-amazing #ChicagoRebels series. I've loved every page of every book and I'm sad it's over. But what a perfect finale #HookedOnYou was...sigh. ❤ I met Bren, the surly Scott, in previous books. He's the captain of the team, and he's very lucky to not have lost that title with his past shenanigans. He let the bottle get the best of him and hit rock bottom, risking his career and his family. When he showed up to a game drunk, Harlow, the team's new female owner gave him "orders to dry out or get out." That was the wake-up call he needed to realize what he had to be thankful for and what was at stake. I have to admit, Violet is my favorite of the three sisters. She's got enough sass and spicy Latino flavor to have all the players drooling over her. She takes her self-appointed job of team morale-boosting very seriously and finds creative ways to entertain the men. Not having been raised on hockey like her sisters, she doesn't have sport-related skills to offer, but support and enthusiasm make her a well-loved addition to the team family. Bren has been attempting to keep his eyes and other parts of his body off of Violet from the first moment he saw her. He knows that he has much more important things to focus on as he tries to reclaim his family and his future. But the damn woman drives him crazy. She pushes all of his buttons, on purpose, making him feel #Quangry, queasy and angry. As his team gets closer and closer to their goal of winning the cup, he finds himself between a rock and a hard place. The hard place is between his legs and the rock is his new nanny. How the hell is he supposed to resist her when she's in his house, with his children, worming her way into all of their hearts? Let me tell you, being inside Violet's head is better than chocolate. What comes out of her mouth is unfiltered, but her internal dialogue is even better. I hate grocery shopping, but going with Violet and Bren was an experience that brought a smile to my face. "Meet 'n' greet-slash-eye-fuck in aisle five." The explosive chemistry and banter between Vi and 'Mr. Kilt 'n' Built' is hotter than her #Dicktabase and almost melted my Kindle. How cruel of the author to not share the Tumblr handle for us to stalk, right? I also enjoyed the banter between sisters. They are all so opposite, but still supportive of each other as they grow closer while carrying out their father's wishes. Their sense of humor kept me giggle-snorting throughout. I especially got a kick out of, Sheesh, I'm thinking we need to put something in the player's contracts. Must be willing to sleep with management." And of course, the suspense of whether the girls will be able to meet the terms of their father's will regarding the future of the franchise is exciting too. Will the #Chicago Rebels win the Stanley Cup, or will winning the hearts of the sisters be enough for the NHL players who fell for them? I happened upon this author by accident, but I guarantee that I'll keep reading her books on purpose. I'm already suffering withdrawal and I'm anxious to see what she has for her readers next. The line forms here...
    Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
    Meader is an avid scorer when it comes to temptation, but this time around she has a surprise ace up her sleeve. A DILF. In the world of fast track sports and heartbreaking choices, nobody's perfect. There's heartache in every life. Bren and Violet have seen enough disappointment. This time their shooting for the stars. No matter the obstacle, the hard won reward is so worth it. Hooked on You is like an icy rink. There's some rough terrain ahead, but once in the zone, there's nothing but smooth sailing.
    Dalitza More than 1 year ago
    With the last entry of her Chicago Rebels series, Kate Meader delivers a steamy, sweet and heartfelt of a recovering alcoholic looking for redemption and a woman with a second chance at living who brought light to his life. Violet Vasquez is a vibrant, valiant and vivacious with a new lease on life who unexpectedly finds she’s owner of a third of the Chicago Rebels hockey franchise. The other two thirds belonging to her half-sisters who she’ll have to get to know and work with in order to get her share of the inheritance. She wasn’t really interested until she comes across the brooding half Scot, half Canadian team captain and knows she won’t walk away until she gets him. Bren St. James had it all, the team’s captaincy, the multi million contract, the beautiful wife and even more beautiful and loving children and nearly lost it all because of his drinking problem. Being lucky enough to get a second chance Bren is now rebuilding his career and life as a single father. He doesn’t need any distractions but the feisty temptress and now primary caregiver to his daughters, Violet, is proving to be an addiction he can’t resist. Can he become the man his team, his daughters and Violet deserve? The attraction between Bren and Violet was delicious torture that kept me turning page after page. I cheered them on in each book and greedily devoured their story. Meader provides two captivating main characters, each a bit lost by past sufferings. Violet though brave and resilient, covered her insecurities with humor while Bren battled his addition and failures as a father and team captain. Both must learn to trust in themselves and each other to bask in the happiness and love they deserve. Along with the romance, there are other elements in this story that make it so enjoyable like Bren’s adorable daughters, the incredible relationship that’s been forged between Violet and her sisters, the return of all the couples in the past books which could be considered as goodness overload, and oh yes! that incredibly swoon worthy epilogue. Meader delivers an intoxicating tale that’s full of awesome feels! Hooked on you is book #3 of the Chicago Rebels series by Kate Meader. It is a sweet, steamy and heartfelt hockey romance. Told by both points of view with an even more swoon worthy ending.
    AboutThatStory More than 1 year ago
    My heart is so ridiculously happy. I loved Violet and Bren's story, they're the perfect match of opposites attract and I couldn't get enough of their heartfelt, sexy ride! Violet and Bren were like fire and ice and I loved the animosity and tension between them. There was an excellent push and pull happening and I enjoyed their playful banter and snarky comments. Violet was such a wonderful person, so sweet and caring. I freaking loved Bren! I loved his grumpy attitude and how hard he was working to put his life back together. There were so many fantastic scenes that had me falling more in love with them both as the story went on. I really liked their building friendship and relationship and how everything developed, I thought the timing to it all was great. The character development was awesome. There were some hard truths to learn but it was very healing. I loved watching Bren and Violet open up and grow, accept and forgive and embrace their future. There were fun times and sexy ones too (hello smokin’ hot Scot who has a way with words!) but I really enjoyed the emotional moments as well. I think Kate Meader did an extraordinary job with all the different dynamics and things happening in the story, making me feel like I was right there feeling it all. The Chase sisters are wonderful! I have adored this complicated relationship between Harper, Isobel, and Violet since the very beginning. They’re very different women in a unique situation and I found it incredibly touching how they forged ahead, worked together, embraced one another, and formed a new family. This foundation was almost more important to me for the overall series than the couples themselves. It was just so meaningful! This story had the right amount of sweet and sexy with just a touch of drama to keep you on your toes. Amazing characters you can't help but fall in love with. Excellent story and series! You can’t go wrong with the Chicago Rebels! Complimentary copy received for honest review.
    LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
    Captivating characters, explosive sexual chemistry and a hockey team trying to go all the way! With the next book in Kate Meader's Chicago Rebels hockey series, we get the final sister Violet's story. When the series started we delved into the storyline of an NHL owner dying, leaving his struggling team to his three daughters who were all fairly estranged from him and barely new each other ... with the stipulation that they had to work together to run the team and the team had to make it into the play-offs. They're here in all of their glory! This story belongs to the most unknown sister whose feisty attitude shines through everything else she does ... and the team's brooding but sober captain. They met at a turning point in both of their lives, and even though the snark is strong when they're in the same room together, the attraction between them is out of this world! I loved this entire series and wish there were a few more sisters to meet! I personally feel like you get the back story a whole lot more in detail if you read the whole series, but they are stand-alone and you can catch up the bare minimum of what happened previously with each book. Violet Vasquez never expected the father that never wanted to be a part of her life to up and leave her a third of his profession hockey team, but she's here to claim her portion. Stipulations lead to her staying around longer than her original intention, but it gives the sisters time to actually get to know each other. She can't deny her hunger for the team captain is a strong selling point to stick close as well! Bren St. James hit rock bottom a few months ago, but luckily his team stood by him and allowed him to take the time to get sober and make his way back to having his head in the game enough to make this strike towards the Stanley Cup Play-offs! His ex-wife however is another matter ... and now she's dropping his girls off on him with no warning. When Violet makes a connection with his youngest, he grudgingly agrees to let her stay with them when he's at his away games ... but he doesn't have to like having her temptation front and center all the time!
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Loved Bran & Violet.
    MBurton More than 1 year ago
    I've been waiting very patiently for this book just to get me some more of Bren. When Kate Meader introduced him in book one as big, broody and a Jason Mamoa look alike...I was sold and he did not disappoint. Add in him being such a great dad to two little girls, well lets just say there will be many hearts falling for this guy. As much as I like to dedicate my whole review to Bren, Violet held her own against him. You learned in previous books that she survived breast cancer but we only got to see her as the fun loving woman who just wanted to enjoy life. Who could blame her for that? I'm so glad we got to see a deeper side to her. There was so much more to learn about her and enjoy about her character. I hurt for her and I rejoiced for her. She is type of character you wish you could get to know in real life. I'm sad to see this series end. We've gotten to know some fun characters that kept us entertained. I also really loved the message of girl power in this series. I don't think we see enough of women being lifted up and Kate Meader did a fantastic job of that. These books can be read as a standalone but you will get so much more if you start from the beginning and get to know all these characters from the start. ARC provided by NetGalley.
    Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
    sexy, sassy heartwarming HOOKED ON YOU is the third and final full-length instalment in Kate Meader’s contemporary, adult THE CHICAGO REBELS erotic, romance, hockey series focusing on the men and women of the professional hockey team the Chicago Rebels. This is team co-owner Violet Vasquez, and team captain Bren St. James’s story line. HOOKED ON YOU can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary but I recommend reading the series in order for back story and cohesion. For fans of Kate Meader there is a slight cross-over with the author’s Hot in Chicago series with the cameo appearance of Alexandra and Eli Cooper (Playing with Fire #2). SOME BACKGROUND: Upon their father’s death, estranged sisters Harper Chase, Isobel Chase and Violet Vasquez inherited the ownership of the struggling NHL hockey franchise-the Chicago Rebels. With only months remaining in the current season, the sisters are tasked with turning the team into a play-off bound franchise or risk loosing everything, including their father’s legacy, one piece at a time. Told from dual third person perspectives (Violet and Bren) HOOKED ON YOU follows the building relationship between The Chicago Rebels co-owner Violet Vasquez, and team captain Bren St. James. Months earlier Violet hit on the stranger in a bar not realizing the stranger was the Chicago Rebels troubled captain, and essentially her new employee. With the death of her absentee father, Violet inherited one-third of the mantle of ownership of professional hockey’s struggling Chicago Rebels, and subsequently, along with two half-sisters she knew little about. But when troubled team captain Bren St. James found himself in desperate need of childcare for his two young daughters, Violet reluctantly stepped in knowing Bren didn’t feel the same way about her as she did about the handsome Scot. What ensues is the building relationship between Bren and Violet, and the potential fall-out as Bren’s past comes looking for a second chance forcing Violet to step aside to protect her heart and Bren’s future with his beloved daughters. Bren St. James’ personal life had spiralled out of control but close to a year of sobriety finds our hero looking towards the future with the children he loves, and the woman that calls to his heart. Violet Vasquez had no plans to stick around past the current hockey season; falling in love was never on the agenda, but having her heart broken meant moving on was more of necessity than previously planned. All of the previous story line couples and characters play secondary and supporting roles. We are introduced to Bren’s daughters, nine year old Franky, and eleven year old Cat, as well as Violet’s mother, whose own history with Violet’s father was nothing more than a one-night stand. HOOKED ON YOU is a story of family and friendship; struggling against the demons from the past; romance and love. The premise is entertaining, encouraging and captivating; the romance is hot, erotic and intense; the characters are broken, colorful and real. HOOKED ON YOU is a sassy, sexy and heart-warming story; an energetic conclusion to an addicting series.
    Febbabie212 More than 1 year ago
    This was a tough read. It took me a while to get into the right head space to read about Violet and Bren. Even then, I couldn't let myself get too immersed in the book. The experiences Violet went through hit just a little too close to home. However, that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the book. Violet is a free spirit, which was enjoyable after reading her more serious sisters' books. Bren is a recovering alcoholic who is trying to put his family back together and find a nanny for his two daughters. Violet, despite being a surprise heir of Bren's hockey team, ends up becoming his nanny. I really enjoyed the interactions between Violet and his daughters.  Also, the build-up to Violet and Bren's relationship spans the earlier books and Lord knows I love a slow, multi-book burn for secondary characters. It's always so satisfying when they finally get their own book and give in to that burn.  While I think Harper and Remy's book was my favorite of the series, this was an excellent conclusion. And I loved the cameo appearances of some of Kate Meader's characters from other series! 
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    So full of life! The series showed just what it takes for families to get to love.
    astroyic More than 1 year ago
    Delicioso! OMG! This series was Fantastic! Kate Meader saved the best for last with Violet Vasquez and Bren St. James. Their immediate attraction, simmers, and sizzles in a slow, delicious, burn that’s full of vulnerability, tension, heat, and temptation that explodes into smoking, hot, chemistry with Va Va Voom! Such an incredible story with these in-depth and complicated characters that were so real, and dealing with real life issues and I loved every second of it. Grab your copy today and be prepared for a fantastic read! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.