How To Become A Better Speaker By Changing How You Speak

How To Become A Better Speaker By Changing How You Speak

by Jim Anderson

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How To Become A Better Speaker By Changing How You Speak by Jim Anderson

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is the one who is credited with saying "The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change". In the world of giving speeches this is especially true.

One does not just suddenly become a great speaker. Rather, what happens is that we start to give speeches and gradually over time we get better at doing it. However, we'll never get any better at speaking in public if we don’t know how to change.

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Change is all about being aware of what a great speech really looks like. There are a number of different ways that we can learn what good speaking really is. The simplest way to do this by taking the time to listen to great speakers. The best way to do this is by getting invited to one of their speeches, sitting in the audience, and watching how they connect with their audience.

That's not always possible to do for a wide variety of reasons: they are too far away, your schedule is too busy, tickets cost too much, etc. That's when YouTube comes in to play. All of the really good speakers have had one or more of their speeches recorded and they are available for you to watch for free on YouTube.

Part of the change process is making your speech more effective. As you deliver a speech you'll discover what parts work and what parts don't work. When you are preparing to deliver the speech again, you'll have to prune it in order to make sure that you just deliver the good stuff.

What we are ultimately looking for is something called charisma. We all know that we want to have it in order to better connect with our audience; however, first we have to understand just exactly what it is and how we can get more of it.

This book will show you how to change your speech in order to transform it into something that is even more powerful than it is today. We're going to show you how to find out what you should be doing and how to incorporate the changes that will boost the impact of your speaking.

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About the Author

Dr. Jim Anderson is a talented engineer, teacher, and marketing professional. Born in Iowa City, Iowa his family moved many times during his childhood eventually settling just outside of St. Louis Missouri in Edwardsville, Illinois. Dr. Anderson went on to earn four college degrees: three in Computer Science including a doctoral degree and an MBA in marketing. He has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years for both large companies (Boeing, Siemens, Alcatel, and Verizon) as well as at some start-ups during that whole "dot com" thing. Dr. Anderson is now the founder and President of Blue Elephant Consulting. Blue Elephant Consulting shows technical professionals and groups how to use their business communication skills to change the world. By using its Clear Blue Knowledge Systems Blue Elephant Consulting shows them how to become successful communicators and set their ideas free thereby changing the world. Dr. Anderson provides consulting, coaching, speaking and training products and services to help in 5 key areas of business communications: public speaking, product management, IT team management, IT department leadership, and negotiating. Based on his experiences with many different customers, Dr. Anderson has taken the lessons that he's learned in the real world and has documented both the issues and their solutions in the books that he has written. Each book is filled with a unique set of real world challenges that product managers, CIOs, negotiators, IT managers, and public speakers encounter on an almost daily basis. In clear, easy to understand language, Dr. Anderson lays out exactly what the challenge is and then how to go about easily solving it. In addition to running his company, Dr. Anderson has had the opportunity to teach college courses at multiple universities. While doing this Dr. Anderson discovered that his students had a real need for information on how to get their first job after they graduated. His after class one-on-one discussions about the tips and techniques that today's college students could use to simplify their job search lead to speaking engagements and eventually to the book "Making The Jump: How To Land Your First Job After College!"

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