How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space: Transmute Discordant Energy and Activate Light and Positive Energy in Your Home and Environment

How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space: Transmute Discordant Energy and Activate Light and Positive Energy in Your Home and Environment

by Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos


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ISBN-13: 9781504302470
Publisher: Balboa Press Australia
Publication date: 07/12/2016
Pages: 112
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How To Create Positive Energy In Your Space

Transmute Discordant Energy and Activate Light and Positive Energy in Your Home and Environment

By Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-0247-0


Your Physical Environment and its Energetic Imprint

Your physical environment — your home, workspace, or vehicle — holds energetic imprints from its location, structure, past residents/owners, neighbours, and past events, just to start. The energy imprint created by everything that ever occurred in an environment, both positive or negative, has an impact on the people who live there or lived there before. Liken it to places in the world where there is a rich history; people feel compelled to visit these places to first-hand experience its energy. There is a reason so many visit to feel the vibes.

When you remove clutter from your life, you also remove blocks and stagnant energy from your physical environment. This is known as positive environmental positioning, and it should be done with the conscious intention to clear a path so that new, clean, and crisp energy may cycle into your life. If you don't create the opportunity for this flow to happen, it won't. You must clear its path in order to reach you.

We all do so much inner work that sometimes we need to recalibrate our external environment to match our inner vibration. This supports a steady and calm flow of positive and clean energy. It is a combination of quantum electrodynamics, embedded metaphysical imprints, and our conscious intent that influences the creation and manifestation of harmonious and positive energy.

In the past, when looking for a new place to live, I always allowed my intuition to guide me in such matters. If I felt harmony and peace during the inspection, this was an indicator for me to lodge an application. I have been a successful applicant for every property, because I listened to my intuition.

Over a decade ago, as I was undergoing a transitional phase, I inspected a beautiful and quaint house that was still furnished. I asked a few questions about the previous occupant and learnt that this person was in hospital and likely to move into a nursing home. I went within and considered this. Now, none of us consciously chooses to be in an environment that will challenge us negatively, nor do we look for dense energies to centre ourselves in. What I intuited was that the previous occupant was not just ill but was close to passing (if not already passed by this time).

I considered this energetically. My intuition was confirmed by an oil-fuelled candle that was lit in the home. In many Christian Orthodox religions, a candle burning for a departed soul symbolises that the soul is eternal and omnipresent. Since I grew up in a Christian Orthodox family, I was aware of this. Now let me point out that I have no fear of recently departed souls; I know that they are one with God and transitioning and undertaking their life review. But while I loved this house, my intuition guided me to another place to live, for no other reason than the energy of the property, coupled with the transitional phase I was going through, would have made my transition more complex. Moving into that house would have introduced energy that would not have benefitted my soul development. So I thanked and informed the agent that I would not be submitting an application.

How do you manifest harmonious and positive energy in your environment? By deliberate and conscious intent and taking action to charge it clearly and positively. Unless it has been cleansed and cleared, everything physical that is around you carries with it a vibration, a past energetic imprint. It can be an ornament, a piece of jewellery, or a piece of clothing. The most powerful event that the item was associated with impacts its energy, either positively or negatively. There are a number of ways you can clear the energy in your home, workspace, or vehicle of any negative imprints or associated discordant energy that may be attached to items, and I share these techniques with you in this book.


Land, Location, and Structure

Every piece of Mother Earth carries with it imprints of the past, as well as neighbouring energies. The land, coupled with the location and the structure upon it, can influence the energy that flows into your life.

2.1 Land

Non-indigenous people and landowners might think about land in any number of different ways — as a financial asset to increase profitability, a commodity to be bought and sold, or simply a place to live. The connection to the land for Aboriginal people, however, is unique in the world. When compared to that of non-indigenous people, their connection to the land is sacred and of spiritual significance. The land is their mother, and Aboriginal law and spirituality are intrinsically interconnected with the land. Through this connection, their culture, traditions, and sovereignty were and continue to be formed.

In Australia, the "Welcome to Country" is an important ceremony performed by Aboriginal people to help non-indigenous people recognise Aboriginal culture and history. An "Acknowledgement of Country", which is different from the "Welcome to Country" ceremony, can be performed by everyone, Indigenous or non-indigenous, to pay respect to ancestors past and present, and to the fact that one is on Aboriginal land. Australia has many sacred locations and sites across the country, and access to many of these places is prohibited to non-indigenous people without an elder's approval.

As you can appreciate, the land on which we stand, walk, build our homes, and live has a past energetic imprint that beckons to be acknowledged. Can you imagine what the natural landscape was at the location of your home before modernisation?

2.2 Location

Most of the time, our home is our haven — our sanctuary. We expect to be protected and safe from all harm within its parameters. We also spend an incredible amount of time in workplaces, second only to the time we spend in our homes. Although we may not be able to easily change the location of our homes and workplaces, we can become aware of the energy around us and what may influence us.

The first assessment is to consider the land on which you are living. Do you know what was there before your home or building was built? Was it a cleared bock of land? Was it previously an industrial or business zone? Was another dwelling there before and perhaps demolished? Consider the history of the land and previous structures to determine what energies the location you call home may express. Be sure to thank Mother Earth for the privilege of living off her land, and ask that only positive earthly energies be allowed to remain.

What surrounds your environment? Do you have a power station near you? Are power lines close to your personal space? Look around for telecommunication towers; excessive electrical energy can cause electromagnetic smog, and because it impacts our environment, it also influences our personal energy field. This smog increases the level of electrical charge of the space we occupy by flooding it with excessive positive ions. While the electrical charge of our body is small in comparison, it can increase based on our surroundings.

Our physical bodies communicate first bioelectrically and then biochemically. our whole nervous system is signalled by positive or negative ions. The electrical events that constitute signalling in the nervous system depend upon the distribution of ions on either side of the nerve membrane. Once negative ions reach our bloodstream, they are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, which helps to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our life force energy. So we should make our environment plentiful in negative ions. We will explore this in greater depth later.

As I mentioned, our bodies carry their own electrical charges, and that will also impact our soul vibration. When you perform soul-healing work, your soul's vibration refines, and this allows you to access higher intelligence as you clear any discord in your mental and emotional bodies. If you have a non-invasive environment, you are able to access this intelligence much more easily. This is why many spiritualists go into nature (where negative ions are plentiful) to meditate and contemplate, as the natural environment allows for a purer connection to All-That-Is.

Complete an assessment of whether any of these highly charged items are located near your home, and we will look at ways to neutralise the negative influence as much as possible by placement of Himalayan salt lamps, a process I will explain in 2.7. Himalayan Salt to Combat Electromagnetic Smog.

Also consider what type of businesses are near you. Are they businesses that impart positivity or feel-good energy? These tend to be meeting places like churches, social clubs, sporting venues, gyms, cafes, restaurants, health-food stores, plant-produce stores, healing centres, and the like. Or are your neighbouring businesses medical clinics, hospitals, police stations, nightclubs, and law offices, which impart lower vibrational energies?

Do you live near a freeway or busy intersection? Freeways normally have a denser energy. Imagine the number of different people who are coming in close proximity to the place you call home, not to mention the pollutants coming from all those vehicles. I urge you to consider these factors when you are looking for a new home. Once again, if the surrounding areas impart positive energy, this will influence the energy in your environment, and subsequently your soul frequency and energy field.

2.3 Structure

How our homes are built can also affect energy flow, as sometimes pockets of dense energy simply don't have a clear pathway to exit out the door. Do you live in a stand-alone home or in an apartment? What is the floor plan of your home? Do you have a shared wall that divides you from your neighbours? Is it built in a way that it is easy to navigate?

Stand-alone homes provide the cleanest energy. The reason for this is that energy transference can happen through walls, and in a stand-alone home there is sufficient distance between your house and other energies (including neighbours) to act as a barrier. The closer your body and energy field are to an electrical charge — be it a person or a device — the more likely it is that its energy imprint or charge may migrate into your physical space or environment and your own energy field.

For a stand-alone home (or a unit or townhouse with definite land boundaries), there is a method you can use to protect your house and land from intruding energies, called crystal gridding. This technique creates a domelike barrier to any external energy intruding on your personal space.

If you live in an apartment, shared walls have the potential to let in the energy that is on the other side, depending on the type of life your wall-sharer lives and the positive ions that may emanate from the electrical appliances on the other side of the wall. The best way to deal with this is to crystal grid and Himalayan salt your apartment, in particular the shared wall.

Personally, I know that crystals have an amazing ability to shift, cleanse, and remove all negative energy. Many years ago, I was under psychic interference; I had negative energy and projections sent my way, whether it was intentional or unintentional. Being an intuitive, I could not but acknowledge this. I was making my way to a local new age store to purchase crystals, and as soon as I walked into the store, all psychic interference ceased. Instantaneously, I felt no discord. I stayed in the new age store for at least three hours appreciating the crystals and the respite from lower vibrational energies. This was my direct experience and was my confirmation of the power of crystals and the effects of higher frequencies on one's soul vibration.

I now embody a higher soul frequency further aligned to divine love, which now allows me to not experience these negative projections from external sources. While you are on this path, remember that as you progress in your life purpose and align to divine love, you will build your spiritual strength to be able to automatically and instantaneously shift and cleanse any lower vibrational energy you intuit, until such a point that you are no longer affected.

Your life will change in a positive way when you raise your soul frequency and align it to divine love. It is in this refined frequency that lower energies are no longer compatible with your soul frequency, and are therefore immobilised from causing and affecting.

In some faiths, people ask the parish priest to visit a new home and bless it. If this is available to you in your chosen faith and you feel positive about it, please do so, as this will energetically protect your home and infuse it with light and love. It is like christening a home, exactly the same way we christen our children, asking for God's anointing and protection from all harm and the guidance to live the most prosperous life possible.

You can also crystal grid your home to create positive energy. A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals on a specific geometric shape that focuses universal life force in a particular way for a particular purpose.

The crystal to use to shield your home is black tourmaline. This is a powerful stone for protection against lower vibrational energy of all kinds, as well as a strong spiritual grounding stone. Also known as schorl, black tourmaline encourages positive attitudes, good luck, and happiness regardless of the circumstances. Black tourmaline does not absorb negative energies; instead, it cleanses, purifies, and transforms them into a higher vibration.

Black tourmaline has unique electrical and magnetic properties, so it helps ground energies to the circuit of Mother Earth's electromagnetic field. The arrangement of these crystals in a grid forms a dome or sphere like energy barrier — providing protection from electromagnetic smog and lower vibrational energies.

2.4 Cleaning, Cleansing, and Programming Crystals

Crystals have formed over eons, through shifts in the earth's plates and the activity of molten magma under the surface of the earth. All crystals have a geometrically regular shape and are built from one of seven possible geometric forms. The internal structure of a crystal is constant and unchanging. Crystals can be considered the DNA of Mother Earth, imprinted with the energy of millions of years of evolution. Crystals contain ancient and current imprints of energy.

In 2015, I took a holiday to Hawaii, mainly to attend Dr. Wayne W. Dyer's "I Am Light" seminar in Maui, which I loved. God bless his soul. I was also yearning to visit Kilauea Volcano on Big Island. I sought to be present to experience its sheer majesty.

Halemaumau Crater is a pit crater located within the much larger summit caldera of Kilauea. It is extraordinary. Halema'uma'u is home to Madame Pele, goddess of fire and volcanoes according to Hawaiian mythology.

I so wanted to bring home with me a piece of lava rock as a token of the amazing healing energies I experienced in Hawaii. Before you jump to conclusions, I didn't, as I learned it is said that anything natively Hawaiian — such as sand, rock, or pumice — will bring bad luck to whoever takes it away from Hawaii. Some say it is a myth and some say it was a park ranger who invented the story to deter tourists from taking lava rock and sand from Hawaii. (Hawaii also has black-, red-, and green-sand beaches that are spectacular.)

In addition, it's actually against US law to remove objects from a national park, but tourists still do. Thousands of tons of rock and sand are returned to Hawaii every year — along with apology letters declaring that the people returning the items have experienced bad luck since acquiring them.

Given that all crystals were originally created from molten magma, we are compelled to consider that they contain ancient as well as current energy imprints. We can programme crystals to a specific purpose, as I will explain in the coming pages. So if the people returning the Hawaiian sand, rock, or pumice believed the myth of Madame Pele, could they have unconsciously programmed the sand, rock, or pumice with that energy, and did that programming bring about misfortune? Or is Madame Pele's myth actually true? Whether Madame Pele's myth is true or not, it mostly comes down to respecting Mother Nature, the land, and its ancestors. It is just something to think about.

Back to preparing your crystals to use in a grid. Crystals need to be programmed to respond in the way you intend. The first step is to reset your crystals, which means that you are removing any pre-existing programmes or energies. These programmes may have come from you during a previous use, from someone else who has come into contact with them, including anyone who may have touched or admired them in the store from which you purchased them. You can cleanse and clear programmes and energies using a number of tools, including frankincense, sage, a running river, the ocean, falling rain, running tap water, earth, sound, plants, a quartz cluster, or sacred geometry. Let your intuition lead you to the method of cleansing and clearing your crystals that resonates with you.


Excerpted from How To Create Positive Energy In Your Space by Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos. Copyright © 2016 Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Preface, xi,
Introduction, xiii,
Chapter 1 Your Physical Environment and Its Energetic Imprint, 1,
Chapter 2 Land, Location, and Structure, 4,
Chapter 3 Previous Residents, Neighbours, and the Past, 23,
Chapter 4 Decluttering to Remove Blocks, 28,
Chapter 5 Cleanliness to Promote Clean Energy, 32,
Chapter 6 Cleansing to Clear Discordant Energy, 34,
Chapter 7 Interior Design to Improve Flow, 36,
Chapter 8 Colour Therapy, 45,
Chapter 9 Plants and Flowers, 62,
Chapter 10 Aroma and Atmosphere, 64,
Chapter 11 Sound, 73,
Chapter 12 Sacred Geometry and Symbology, 76,
Chapter 13 Your Vehicle, 88,
Chapter 14 For Healers and Therapists: Treatment Spaces, 90,
Chapter 15 Conclusion, 92,

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