How to Develop PLCs for Singletons and Small Schools: (Creating  Vertical, Virtual, and Interdisciplinary Teams to Eliminate Teacher Isolation)

How to Develop PLCs for Singletons and Small Schools: (Creating  Vertical, Virtual, and Interdisciplinary Teams to Eliminate Teacher Isolation)

by Aaron Hansen


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Part of the Solutions for Professional Learning Communities series.

Ensure singleton teachers feel integrally involved in the PLC process with this concise, user-friendly guide. You'll quickly discover how small schools, full of singleton teachers who are the only ones in their schools teaching their subject areas, can build successful PLCs and avoid teacher isolation. Explore five methods for structuring PLC teams for better teacher support and collaboration. Better involve singletons, and read short examples that highlight how real schools have made collaboration among teachers possible.

Quickly learn how to create your own singleton teacher support network using the PLC process:

  • Understand what it means to practice collaboration lite and evaluate teacher collaboration in your school or district.

  • Examine scenarios, opportunities, challenges, recommendations, and PLC ideas for electives teachers or other singletons.

  • Review specific ways that teams can connect teachers and help small teams be active participants in the PLC process.

  • Learn the essential steps for creating vertical, virtual, and interdisciplinary teams.

  • Read sample dialogues and quick tips for how to state intentions related to building PLC teams and including singletons in the process.



Chapter 1: Vertical Teams

Chapter 2: Interdisciplinary Teams

Chapter 3: Singletons Who Support

Chapter 4: Virtual Teams

Chapter 5: Changing Structures


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ISBN-13: 9781942496021
Publisher: Solution Tree Press
Publication date: 05/20/2015
Series: Solutions for Professional Learning Communities
Pages: 80
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Table of Contents

About the Author vii

Introduction 1

Framing the Problem 1

Making the Problem Worse 2

Avoiding "Collaboration Lite" 4

Chapter 1 Vertical Teams 7

The Scenario 7

The Principles 10

Opportunities 14

Challenges 16

Recommendations 17

Chapter 2 Interdisciplinary Teams 19

The Scenarios 19

Scenario 1 19

Scenario 2 23

The Principles 24

Oppotunities 25

Examples 26

Challenges 28

Recommendations 29

Chapter 3 Singletons Who Support 31

The Scenario 31

The Principles 34

Opportunities 39

Challenges 40

Recommendations 41

Chapter 4 Virtual Teams 45

The Scenario 45

The Principles 47

Opportunities 48

Challenges 48

Recommendations 50

Find Other Teachers in Your Discipline 50

Clearly Communicate Your Intentions 51

Make a Pitch to Your Supervisor 51

Decide On the Logistics 53

District Virtual PLCs for Singletons 53

Setup for Success 54

Leadership and Accountability 54

District Virtual PLCs for Small Schools 55

Chapter 5 Structural Change 57

The Scenario 58

The Principles 59

Opportunities 60

Challenges 62

Recommendations 62

Epilogue 65

References and Resources 67

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