How To Get The Girl - Dating Mindsets Explained (IGNORE and SCORE)

How To Get The Girl - Dating Mindsets Explained (IGNORE and SCORE)

by Robert Belland
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How To Get The Girl - Dating Mindsets Explained (IGNORE and SCORE) by Robert Belland

Is your pocket change worth finding the girl of your dreams?

The idea of meeting a complete stranger and making her your girlfriend may seem like a fantasy - one that can only be attained by the super-rich, the jacked hunk, or the ultra-confident celebrities.

What if told you that by implementing the secrets found in this book, you will have the skills and knowledge to approach any girl in any situation, never run out of things to say, and eventually be able to escalate things into the bedroom?

Furthermore, this can be done without the "traditional" attributes of attraction such as looks, money, height, and genetic looks.

Sounds impossible?

As an overweight computer geek who's nothing special to look at, I'm living proof that your dating life can permanently change if you're willing to learn about the actual secrets of what attracts a beautiful woman.

I went from divorced and lonely to having the power of CHOICE when it comes to dating beautiful women. I can now CHOOSE to spend my evenings alone, or I can go out and meet any number of women I want, or perhaps pick just one when I decide to be with that someone special.

The "answer" to how I did this is found in this book.

Why did I write it?

After seeing and hearing about so many frustrated men who were utterly clueless when it came to their dating life, I felt the greatest way to "give back" after my success would be to create a manual on how I did it. Because the truth is, I was exactly in their shoes at one point.

You've probably heard that "if you keep doing what you've always done then you'll keep getting what you've always got."

By you reading this book, you will be doing something DIFFERENT, and it has the potential to take your dating life to an entirely new level that you've never imagined possible.

If you're curious about what's found in the book, here's a "tip of the iceberg" of what you'll learn...

  • The 5 things a woman instantly assesses about you when she first see's you, and how to make the most of your first impression.

  • How the FEAR of approaching a woman can be used to actually make her MORE attracted to you.

  • How to avoid the "friend zone" simply by building attraction FIRST, instead of RAPPORT first, like every other guy.

  • How a woman's resistance can actually be a GOOD thing, and how to use this to your advantage.

  • Discover why women simply don't value a guy they can get easily, and how to become the playful guy women love to chase.

  • How to understand the fine line between teasing and playful banter - I reveal some of my best banter lines that will guarantee she'll ATTRACT rather than SLAP.

  • 5 ways that RAPPORT helps your dating success, and how to naturally build it.

  • 8 quick tips for telling a powerful story, which will result in a powerful connection with a woman.

  • Word-for-word questions you SHOULD be asking her that will naturally make her more curious about you.

  • 14 non-verbal ways that might indicate her interest in you, as well as 19 others you shouldn't miss.

  • 11 attraction-killing behaviors that makes women avoid you.

  • How to tell when she's ready to be seduced, and what most men do wrong when they first try to escalate the physical relationship with her.

  • 5 things you should NEVER do when in bed with a woman!

  • And much, much more! (trust me)

Allow me to hold your hand through the process and take you on the greatest dating adventure you'll ever have!

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About the Author


Let me start with this... I don't describe myself as a pickup artist, or a dating guru. I respect their insights and the artistry of meeting women, but my approach is slightly more basic. I'm just an average guy who's put in 10 years exploring women, dating, sex, concepts around attraction and rapport, and who's experienced the typical pains and triumphs of meeting beautiful women.

At no time do I claim to know it all, or to have all the answers.

I think we guys often spend too much time challenging and teasing each other instead of helping each other. Ever notice how women have endless magazines based on dating insights, makeup and fashion tips, and seduction strategies?

We guys need to stop fighting over women, and start sharing our dating mindsets.

And so this is my first attempt at helping my fellow brothers with the dating insights I've seen work. Because not only do guys benefit when we share with each other, but women benefit by meeting more men who "finally get it."


Today's typical guy will never CHOOSE the woman he REALLY wants.


It's simple: most guys don't realize that you can LEARN about attraction, flirting, and sexual intimacy! 

Pain may be ahead for you if you choose to rethink your attitudes and beliefs about women, dating, attraction and relationships because changing your attitudes and behaviors is hard to do! 

We rarely allow ourselves to question our own beliefs, but that's EXACTLY what you have to do if you REALLY want to understand what makes women choose one guy over another... and it's NOT what you think.

This is not a journey for the weak. 

Questioning what you take for granted and trying new things outside of your comfort zones just might be the hardest thing you can do, but I believe this capacity to change is what truly makes a man GREAT!

And if you're brave enough to buy a book like this, then you're already on a journey that most men will never take.

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How To Get The Girl - Dating Mindsets Explained (IGNORE and SCORE) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
W-Stickel More than 1 year ago
I found this title to be kinda silly but fun so I bought it based on a friend's suggestions. And I've been so happy with it I felt moved enough to write up this quick review! This book is simply awesome! And it really showed me how I can change my dating life forever... as long as I'm are willing to do a little inner work! I have recommended it to all my male friends and male colleagues. I'm so happy I found it. Only wish I'd found it sooner!