How To Keep Your Lover Hooked: Helpful Ways To Keep A Lasting Relationship

How To Keep Your Lover Hooked: Helpful Ways To Keep A Lasting Relationship

by Stephen Williams
4.2 5

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How To Keep Your Lover Hooked: Helpful Ways To Keep A Lasting Relationship 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
RLeigh More than 1 year ago
Keeping it fresh This book is another one of Stephen Williams’ handy how-to guides and in the case of this book I did find it to be refreshingly useful.  Williams takes us through a step-by-step guide as to how we can keep our relationships from getting stale.  He provides extremely useful tips that are very specific and also very thought-provoking, for example, how we can often smother each other and not give each other the healthy space that is needed in a relationship.  He also gets sexier and gives you some creative ideas as to ow you can spruce up your sex life so that things never become dull in that department.  Most importantly, he gives us reminders about things we already know about and gives our minds a push into the right direction of making sure we keep our connections with our partners strong and identify and nourish the reasons we connected in the first place to create the bond. The general theme is that of relationship building and I felt this book to be sincerely helpful.  Williams has written similar books on this topic but I have definitely enjoyed this one the most as I felt I could really understand the points he was putting across and most of them I would apply to any relationship I was in.   I would recommend this for anybody who is in a committed relationship that they cherish and want to maintain a happy and healthy partnership and life together, particularly for couples who have had children or have been together for a very long time.  
MaryAbigail More than 1 year ago
Something to think about! I wasn't very surprised by the content of this book. Although I did not expect to be swept off my feet, I expected a bit more from a book that  promised to keep my lover hooked. There wasn't anything that was new or shocking in the revelations that this book contained. For example we know all too well the importance of honesty in a relationship and consistency is a given. It's simple logic that Stephen Williams has somehow managed to turn into 14 page manual filled with helpful suggestions. There were tips that we all have ingrained somewhere deep down in the clutter that exists in our brain. What I will say is that this book is a compass, it steers you in the direction that you always knew you should be going.  I won't go jumping through hopes for this book but I will say it was aptly written. If you have that struggle within your own life you may want to browse through the first few pages of this book and get a head start on setting the right bait. It's not all science as the book clearly states but a bit of art. Stephen is as honest as you can possibly get when it comes to the complex task of stoking the fire rather  than lighting it. This book is all about keeping the fire burning throughout which can prove to be an arduous task for the faint of heart and especially those who do not own a copy. If you are anything like me, then you have tried your own special remedy and watched it fizzle away. With this book I say with a degree of assurance that you will be better armed.  In this recipe for success, Stephen proves how important our root desire to save the relationship is pertinent to achieving that goal. You have to be willing to commit and above all you must be consistent. Relationships are so fickle that when one partner gives up even a little, the entire chain weakens and the bond shatters. But there is hope as Stephen explains. You may feel a little like a computer technician as you apply some of the techniques to trouble shoot the issues and resolve them. As long as the love is there, the resolutions won't feel as mechanical but rather natural. The book is well written bit a bit short for my taste, there were some areas begging for a second look by the writer such as 'being a porn star in bed'. In my own personal experience with this, I have found that men prefer honesty even when it comes to your performance in bed. You may end up trying a little to hard to twist your body into positions  that do not provide any pleasure and there is nothing worse than having your lover's sex die in the middle of a session because your clumsy attempt at mimicking something you saw backfired. But I guess that's where the importance of knowing your partner comes into play.  All in all this is a good book to keep in your arsenal. 
Writergrl11 More than 1 year ago
Starting a relationship is complicated. If you know someone, already when you start dating them that's difficult enough but finding the person you want to date can be even harder. Then you have to get through that first awkward date where neither of you knows what to say or how to act. Once you've made it through that date you have to make it through a second and maybe even a third and fourth awkward date. But finally, you get to a point where you're comfortable around each other. Then your relationship starts to get more serious. But how do you keep it that way? This book is about how to keep your relationship going strong by keeping your partner interested. You want to make sure that they not only like you but they continue to like you. That could involve some work on your part. After all, everyone likes a little bit of change every now and then. This book helps you to figure out how to keep the romance portion of your relationship alive through keeping up your appearance, keeping sexy and getting your sex life on track. The style of this book was simple and easy to read. Anyone can understand what's being said and it doesn't sound like a bossy and pretentious person telling you want to do. Williams writes like anyone would talk to a friend to give advice. You'll be able to read this and learn from it without feeling like you're being talked down to by an older sibling or your parents. The one thing I wasn't so sure of with this book is that it talks only about keeping your relationship going as it pertains to sex and looks. It doesn't really talk about how you should keep in communication with your partner or how you can open up to them better. But learning how to keep your sex life going is definitely important in any relationship because you don't want things to get boring, that's for sure. If your sex life gets boring then you're really in trouble. If you're in a relationship that seems to be sort of fizzling out then this is probably the book for you. You want to find out what is going wrong and how you can fix the problems to make sure everything is going right. Fixing the problems can start with fixing how things are going in the bedroom. I know some people that have been having some relationship issues and I would recommend this book to them to help with those problems. If you start by fixing one part of your relationship, more will follow and I think that's definitely, what will happen with this book.
Ant0 More than 1 year ago
Relationship Stability is No Longer a Problem The hardest thing in a relationship is maintaining that well-established stability with one another. I know how hard it can be to keep the same feeling like it was during the first few weeks. I’m sure we have all experienced this sometime in our lives and it’s something that we can learn from it to develop into a better person. However, sometimes I like I have to find some way to keep that relationship going because I love her so much and share such strong bond with her. That’s why I turned to Stephen Williams for some advice to help me keep the relationship strong and healthy. Stephen Williams immediately provides advice about holding the relationship together on the very first couple lines in the book. The most important aspect to keep a relationship together is to understand your partner and know what he/she is going through. If not, then there will be a lack of communication which will lead to more serious consequences like breaking up. Stephen Williams will show you everything you need to know to keep things under control and most importantly help you understand your partner more. One thing to keep in mind though is that this book is designed to improve your relationship. It will help you become a better person in the relationship, but that doesn’t mean it will instantly create success to keep it together. It takes time and depends on the current status of your relationship. Is your relationship just starting to slowly fall apart or has this been going on for a long period of time? Don’t expect everything to heal right away. Other than that, this book is worth every minute. You will learn more about yourself and what you could do to keep the relationship going. If you need advice on improving your relationship stability then look no further and pick up Stephen Williams’ “How to Keep Your Lover Hooked”.
RussellG More than 1 year ago
If you're like me, no doubt you probably have experienced the triumphs, challenges, and pitfalls of keeping a steady relationship. It really doesn't matter as to its status: familial; platonic; emotional; significant other---all of us, as human beings, desire close contact with one another and seek out others to whom they can relate best. What seems to tie all of the various factions of the human race together are such intangibles as love, loyalty, strong communication skills, emotional stability, physical attraction, and an inner drive to want to contribute and provide for the community, in addition to helping themselves become better human beings in the process. However, we are not static creatures. We grow and mature chronologically, sexually, physically, and emotionally. (Then again, some of us emulate Peter Pan and never grow up. But I'm just saying.) As a consequence, the ties that bind two or more people together can either loosen or strengthen, depending upon how much each person is willing to invest. It's very easy to allow ennui and routine to dominate the relationship and subsequently alter the dynamic that exists, which is all the more reason to want to not only self-improve, but to encourage and inspire others to do likewise. But never fear---Stephen Williams is here! The author's book, "How to Keep Your Lover Hooked: Make it Constant" is a virtual recipe book for providing numerous suggestions to holding on to the love of your life. (In this particular instance, Williams focuses upon the readers' lovers and/or significant others.) One of the most important concepts that the author provides in "Hooked" is that "(d)ifferent strokes for different folks is the main secret. Thus knowing your partner more deeply is vital." (intro.) Williams is wise in his pronouncements---he realizes that there is no one-size-fits-all for couples in need of a relationship tune-up. He gently encourages, in his inimitable style, his readers to peruse the numerous suggestions for improvement and to select those ideas that both make sense and that are applicable to their specific situation. Social scientists and psychologists have studied the phenomena of human relationships for years, and while countless differing opinions exist, it seems that there are several universal basics that our species exhibit when seeking out a potential long-term mate---physical attraction; financial and social capability for providing and protecting a future family unit; having a strong ability to communicate both directly and via body language; potential for producing and raising offspring; and body odor. (Yes, body odor---we give off pheromones through our sweat glands when we perspire that can trigger certain sexual and physiological reactions in others.) Williams's assertion that "Hooked" has a "diamond list" smacks a bit of hyperbolic over-confidence; nevertheless, I truly believed it to be a lighthearted approach to the age-old quandary of making a relationship not only survive, but thrive despite numerous pressures from sources such as work, family, finances, etc. By and large, Williams has a solid track record of providing valuable advice to his readers for improving themselves. While sounding a bit preachy from time to time, he usually has the best interests of people at heart and this certainly is manifested in "Hooked." But as the title of this review suggests, loyalty