How To {Not} Get Screwed by Your Real Estate Agent: Protecting Yourself From Your Real Estate Agent

How To {Not} Get Screwed by Your Real Estate Agent: Protecting Yourself From Your Real Estate Agent

by Daniel Reeves

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Real Estate Agents have a crappy reputation for a reason: They've sure as hell earned it. I know, I am one. If you haven't personally had a bad experience in real estate, you probably know someone who has: a family member, a co-worker -they're not hard to find. So what do you do when you want to buy or sell a home & don't want to be taken advantage of? How can you protect yourself, your wallet & your best interest? What should you know in order to stack the deck in your favor when dealing with a real estate agent? And how do you do it all without gobbling a bottle of Xanax? This book will help you: * Understand the behind-the-scenes factors that may influence how your agent acts & advises you (ie: when it's in their best interest & NOT yours). * Clue you in to industry standards that are not publicized to the general public. * Ease your anxiety by informing & arming you with insider industry knowledge. * Help you weed out the unscrupulous, self-serving or unethical agents. The book also includes how to deal with situations like: * When you don't like/trust the agent you've been working with * Feeling pressured by an agent to do something you don't really want to do * When your agent disappears/fails to communicate with you If you've ever thought about selling your home without a real estate agent or are simply trying to find a good one to help you buy, this book has all the right questions to ask. While I can't remove the bad apples myself, I can help you pass over the rotten ones & enable you to find the best in the barrel. So who the hell am I to talk? *Active residential real estate broker in Phoenix, AZ *10 years industry experience (through two booms & one big bust) *viewpoint of a broker who not only works with agents, but manages them *Being in the trenches every day, I've been witness to all kinds of unscrupulous acts, both ignorant & purposeful. It boils my blood & most clients never know how their agent screwed them over. If you've ever been in a real estate situation & your Spidey Sense started tingling that something was off... If you've ever suspected that an agent was not being up front with you or was lining their pockets when you make less-than-optimal decisions for yourself on their advice... this book is for you. While I can't police every damn agent out there, I can educate YOU & help YOU set the stage for a profitable & positive experience. When you're equipped with the right information, your bullshit alarm will sound & the benefit will be to your bottom line & your peace of mind. Are you meandering through open houses? Considering selling your house FSBO (For sale by owner)? Not sure where to start when selling your home? Calling random names on For Sale signs? This book is NOT for the purpose of extolling the virtues of agents or convincing you to use a real estate agent. If you hate them, don't work with them. End of story. This book IS for those of you who want the best possible experience in buying or selling a home on the standard residential market (ie: not buying at auctions for cash). This book is not for investors. The info contained herein will help you select a knowledgeable & ethical agent who truly has your best interest at heart. It will also help you weed out the shady agent who may be there only for the quick paycheck. The goal is to educate & empower you with information. The best way to have a positive experience is to plan & this book is the step by step guide for setting yourself up for home buying/selling success.

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