Hunting Dangerous Game: True Tales from Around the World

Hunting Dangerous Game: True Tales from Around the World

by Vin T. Sparano

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If you are like most hunters, you probably relish the thought of hunting dangerous game. It’s high adventure, challenge, terror, glamour, all rolled into one face-to-face encounter. Make no mistake—you will also experience fear. Your mouth will run dry, your knees will feel weak, and your hands will shake. You are hunting animals that can hurt and even kill you.

These are the stories of hunters and dangerous animals they have channeled. Some hunters did not fare well when it came to that final encounter, but that is what happens when you hunt game that gives no quarter. These tales, dating from the time of Teddy Roosevelt, relate adventures in Alaska, Africa, Malay, Mexico, and other places across the globe. After reading these stories, you will know how it feels to track down a rogue elephant, survive a grizzly attack, face a charging buffalo, and drive an arrow into a brown bear at twenty feet. These classic tales will be sure to make you a bit more apprehensive next time you are in the deep woods.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781510714793
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 09/20/2016
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 164
Sales rank: 618,156
File size: 607 KB

About the Author

Vin T. Sparano has been an outdoor editor and writer for more than fifty years. He is editor emeritus of Outdoor Life magazine, having served as editor in chief from 1990 to 1995, and previously as the executive editor for more than ten years. Sparano’s work in the field includes numerous articles and syndicated feature writing for USA Today and Gannett newspapers. He has written and edited eighteen books, including Tales of Woods and Waters and Classic Hunting Tales. He is a former president of the New York Metropolitan Outdoor Press Association and a heritage member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association. Sparano lives in Waretown, New Jersey.

Table of Contents

Dedication v

About the Author vii

Introduction to the New Edition ix

Foreword xiii

Suicide Made Easy 1

Bear Attack! 9

The Rhinoceros 19

The Leopard 27

Brown Bear-1962 37

In the Louisiana Cane-Brakes 49

The Last Stand of a Wily Jaguar 63

Buffalo! 71

Brown Fury of the Mountains 85

Rogue Elephant 93

The Chabunkwa Man-Eater 101

Grizzly with a Grudge 111

Never Trust a Moose 119

How to Stop an Elephant 127

Lions Don't Come Easy 139

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