I Got a Story to Tell

I Got a Story to Tell

by Darryl C. Johnson


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ISBN-13: 9781490752211
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 09/29/2016
Pages: 134
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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I Got a Story to Tell

By Darryl C. Johnson

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 Darryl C. Johnson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-5221-1


It's Friday night the sky looks beautiful dust, moon is setting just as the sunset. Breeze is mild for it's summers end. And Autumn weather has yet to begin. A male African American is the driver of an brand new Mercedes Sl550. He too appears to be racing against Board street white painted lines. This particular Benz is remarkable computer and electronic everything. The said car is nothing short of the car of the Future. For this driver there was no waiting he has it now.

Drop top with his top assemble. Wheels so shiny its almost as hes riding on four disco balls. If this guy or this car wanted to be missed they couldn't. Big Boy Toy as this requires some of the highest status. Lawyer,Doctor or maybe even a Athlete. Taylor Cheese Jones in none of those things. He doesn't handle his matters in office or with a ball. In fact what Taylor does doesn't enforce the need of a High School Diploma. There hardly was reason for any certificate or post school achievement. Basic knowledge of counting money and the know how to recognize bad product was it. What Taylor does is sell drugs and to all is welcome.

Taylor's currently approaching Broad & Huntington Park. He knows his turn onto Germantown Avenue is near. His destination of the Nice Town section of Philadelphia in less than a block away. It seems as he may be getting tailed. Taylor doesn't use his turning signal however changes lanes. Just as Taylor starts to veer so does the dark tinted automobile. Taylor then adjusts his rear view in order to get a better look. Taylor knows this could be anyone. He'd slept with tons of women a large number of them being in relationship. Those relationship at times even being marriages. Some dudes loose their heads over women this very well could be the case. In the business he were in was one of cut throat. Taylor at times sold product he shouldn't of given away. It just was the way to game went. With Drugs it's the survival of the fitness. You keep it moving no remorse no regrets.

Doesn't quite matter who this person is. Whomever it is, is surly in for a rude awaking. In Taylor's possession US Military Semi Automatic Tech 9. Taylor's favorite gun, he has a fine love for all semi automatic. Every since he purchase his first one years ago.

It would have been to Taylor liking to have his gun on his lap. After dropping his phone and it being in the exact place it was out the question. Taylor gun rest just under his passenger side seat. His Mercedes is new so new it still has paper lot tags. Taylor making the purchase of this car just some weeks ago. He hadn't had the time to tint his windows as he done with other vehicles. Taylor has to reach for his gun. He too knows him moving could result in the pursuer reacting. And reacting maybe faster than they both may have wanted to.

Taylor reaches down all while attempting to not move his upper extremities. His fingers feel the dead cold like steel. Slowly he brings his gun up. Maintaining stiff neck and shoulders he now has his semi automatic on his lap. One hand on his steering wheel other on his gun. Taylor positions his gun so his finger would near it's trigger. And too gun nose points directly out Taylor driver side window. If this person or party of people believe they have a drop on Taylor they're sadly mistaken. Just as Taylor readies for a all shoot out. A core of lights show behind him. Red and Blue Taylor is all to familiar with these colors and what they represent. Taylor now knows the unknown follower isn't one of a man he engage his woman in a sexual manner. Nor is this business or Drug related. These lights mean one thing the Philadelphia Police. Taylor looks his Glove compartment seems to be the only place to snatch this gun. This isn't the Glove compartment he become use to. To opens it requires the push of a button for which he has no idea which one of the many it is. Looking down at the share size of this gun he 's not sold on the fact his semi automatic would have a comfortable fit. Taylor eyes lead him all around his Mercedes. There isn't anywhere to safely hide this Gun. Time is of an essence, Taylor slides his weapon back under the passenger side seat. Taylor signals right using his right hand turning indicator and begins to pull over.

Before Taylor is completely park, a guy is standing just outside of his car. This guy doesn't look much like a Philadelphia Police Officer.

By stander of clothing for the Narcotics Units follows he well could be that. Maybe even a Street Dress Detective simply wanting answers on a unsolved case. Either way Taylor knows his rights and has nothing to say. Taylor's too more than aware without probable cause they can't search his Mercedes. The days of driving without a valid Driver License was over. Taylor has valid license, car insurance and updated Registration.

The Officer signals Taylor to lower his window. Taylor too was more than happy to!

Him being Nervous he accidentally presses the wrong button. The radio comes on couldn't of been a worse time. Taylor had been listening to a Rapper by the name of Young Jeezy entire album was tailored to Drugs. It was the wrong song at the worst time. Taylor finally gets the music off he also had begun to lower his window.

"Ugh how can I help you today officer? My Registration and Insurance are just up in the sun visor. My license is in my wallet if you hang on a sec I can get it for you. Is there a reason you stop me Taylor asks.

What I need you to do is step out of the car. I need you do do this very slow this officer says.

Taylor knows he cant step out the car. This Policeman or detective is going to have to join in a shoot out. Or sprint back to his patrol car to pursue Taylor as he flees. It seems for the moment time has stop. About five different ways play through Taylor head how this would end. Four out of five Taylor being killed. Taylor Benz for sure could obtain a block lead on the Cop car. One block being all he really needs to get rid off what he possess. As unique as his Mercedes was any damages sub stain through a chase would be fix. In order to do that or any other of the things he become accustom to. Taylor knows he has to be on the streets. No way could someone run his operation as he. Not to mention no one hardly reliable enough to leave his operation to. Time to toss the semi automatic is all Taylor needs. Gun along was a charge than would soon fall into the hands of the Feds.

Bullets are special street name Cop killers. Gold point hollow tips, all capable of piercing vests. Type of Ammunition use in the sport of hunting Rhino.

A second Policeman takes his place on Taylor passenger side. Didn't matter there was no way Taylor were stepping out. Again the first Officers asks

"Sir I need for you to step out of your car'

Taylor could tell by the office tone of voice he was serious. Officer hand too seems to have found its way to his waist. Officer hand rest just above his pistol. This situation is bad and getting uglier by the minute. Just then another Philly Police patrol car pulls up in stops right in front of Taylor. And that whole thought of fleeing seems like and eternity ago. Corner and box feeling defeated, Taylor has to step out. He always picture him going out in a blaze of glory. This hardly was that but in life you have to pick your fights.

This all is a bit excessive for a routine stop. Taylor has a idea he may have been speeding on Broad Street. Come to think of it Taylor never knew what the speed limit on Broad Street was. He were using the speed for good reason. Half of kilo sale nickname half of brick. Or simple in street terms 18grams. As always Taylor were running late and using speed to make up the time. With or without a record this shit is a one way ticket to life. Taylor could only imagine how many old friends he'd see once incarcerated. As Taylor begins to step out again he asks what did he do.

Officers replies listen Mr. Jones get out the car. I need you to do what I say and exactly how I say it. First when out place your hands on the hood of the car. My name is Federal Agent James Pensika.

As Taylor stands to his feet outside his Mercedes he's thinking about the persons he recently done business with. There aren't any new names or faces that came to mind. He couldn't see someone he done business with to turn snitch. No snitching was the one thing everyone models their self's after. Respect had long been dead, Loyalty now just a word much like any word in the vocabulary. No way someone drop a dime of Taylor this all just was strange.

If no one snitch then these action have to be spontaneous. Taylor is sure he hadn't done anything to peak the Feds interest. Not sold on what the speed limit on Broad st is. Taylor has question to even if all this was due to not diving accordingly. To this point the officer has yet to inform Taylor why he stop him. Neither did the officer present a warrant at the time of the stop.

After Taylor is patting down he's escorted to the unmarked police vehicle. Taylor starts to feel much better about this situation. It looks as bad as it is. However Taylor has some knowledge of the law and the law is the law. Feds, Detective all have to follow the letter of the law.

Taylor begins to get psych for he knows his lawyer will have much fun with this case. Lastly Taylor Mercedes isn't in his name. There weren't anything connecting him to it.

Taylor is shove into the back of the un mark police car. It appears that one officer is doing the searching of Taylor Benz. Its not long before the officer founds Taylor gun. The Officer gentle hands Taylor's gun to another officer. Who then removes it's cartilage of ammunition. Officer whom had began to search Taylor Mercedes. Heads back for Taylor car to continue his search. Officer is lost he's not sure how to cut Taylor car off. Or even where the key may go. Searching officer head pops up from Taylor's car. He scream to an officer nearest to Taylor.

Hey Pensika ask the fucker how do you work this shit. Drug Dealer man they always have the nice cars. This officer is sure a car like this got Taylor many women. Drug dealers haven't learn the searching officer whispers. They always get fuck in the end. Worse then the fiends they become accustom to serving. Much like them they're addicted as well. And addiction that's generated by making money.

Attempting to kill the power on Taylor car. Searching officer accidentally opens the trunk. Curiosity sends him to the back of Taylor car. Him being the closet officer feels as its his duty to take a look.

In plain sight, no bag not even covered. Taylor obviously had just toss his product into his trunk.

Searching officer yells we got some Cocaine.

Seeing the Police so excited puts even a smile on Taylor face. Everything they found would be thrown out in court. Taylor almost cant wait to get out the handcuff and go through the lock up process. No longer then the second he got bail it be paid and he be out. These charges couldn't stick, Taylor knows this. And is more than sure this all would be over in Preliminary hearing.

Federal Agent Pensika joins Taylor in his patrol car. Pensika gets in the front and rolls down Taylor back window for air. Taylor cant tell which one but one of the officers drives away in his Mercedes. Just as Taylor is set to question about his car Pensika starts to talk.

For starters Mr. Jones tax invasion. We know this car isn't in your name but you Co sign. And my brother to the government knowledge you haven't work in over a decade. And still you come up with a way to make a purchase as that.

Me myself Taylor not much of a dope cop. My entire time working with the Feds have been relegated to guerrilla warfare and terrorism. But naked eye tells me you have maybe a brick of coke or a little less. Semi Automatic I'm sure is reported Stolen. Not sure who just walk out the Military facility with one. But Taylor no way a gun like that should be on our streets. I've done my research on you your currently on probation. Minor charger of possession of marijuana. My partner has inform me of the Lawyer that represents you. In maybe your thinking you could beat this by way of technicality. Ill say this now Mr. Jones your sadly mistaken.

'See Mr. Jones Pensika says you were dancing all over the streets lines. Driving like that draws much suspicions. Me being a Police and all I have to see whats going on. Make sure a driver isn't under any influence and be putting others in harms way. You made a right turn onto Germantown Ave in my friend the sign "no turn on red' couldn't have been bigger. Not to mention just standing next to your car it wreaks of Marijuana.

Pensika partner gets in the car. He says we got him huh Pensika. What did the little cock roach say.

Bowler, watch the racist shit I still got black in me you know.

But Pensika Bowler says isn't that like a Italian name or something?

Listen Bowler Pensika replies don't worry about my past. My name my name and I have yet to get a answer from Mr. Jones. But granted we'll get a 'hell yeah just as always.

Alright Mr. Jones Pensika says as he turns his attention back to Taylor. Listen Mr. Jones now I could take you to jail. My friend I could promised you,you will never see the light of day. Allow me to ask you Mr. Jones do you have a girlfriend or kids.

Taylor is confused and not totally sure where this Agent Pensika is going with all this. Not a women to call his own but he does have a son. Taylor responds to Pensika question "uh yeah I got a son.

Well okay then Mr. Jones I'm sure you don't wanna go to jail. Me myself id love to perhaps skip the paper work. Now this could play out two ways Pensika says. One well we know that you skip 'go' and head straight to jail. Two is less of a life style change. Mr. Jones do I have your undivided attention?

'Yeah I'm listening Taylor states

This is what I need from you Mr. Jones in I need you to do it in the exact manner I explain.


Nearly a week had pass since the ordeal with Federal Agent James Pensika. Taylor has yet to inform anyone of the run in. Couldn't tell friends or persons close to him. People to whom he done business with all would stop their dealings. This was something he vowels to take to his grave. Much like the information he receive some two years back.

During a follow up Check up he's inform he been in contact with a Std. This Std is chronic and has no cure. Taking a daily medication and being a gym rat insures he doesn't have outbreaks. He too were told this Std could be pass without symptom. Taylor should always practice safe sex. Protecting women from him. And his self from any other foreign virus. Taylor has enough money to buy a stock from any condom brand. He just can't seem to purchase one prior to sex. With one women he got so comfortable he nearly slip up and told her of his condition. Thinking how it possibly could ruin his reputation he quickly had change his mind.

The day is Thursday Taylor is setting to leave his plush condominium. His home isn't out of Philadelphia although its in a gated community. Ways away in the Northeast just down the road from Grant Street. This is as private as being in the city got. Five thousand dollars a month rent calculated to about Sixty thousand a year. With Philadelphia's housing market just on the incline fact of the matter to live where he does. Being on the pay roll means nothing. This residential area was tailored to Gm. Taylor waves to his neighbors but to this point stayed to himself. Neighbors too could only speculate what sort of occupation Taylor has. Him seeming to be dressed down and coming in and out different times of the day. Taylor didn't have many visitors those that came were all women. One thing all the neighbors knew was Taylor was much of a ladies man.

Taylor punches the numbers on his alarm system. Once outside he founds his self staring and marveling at his Mercedes.

His car is clean but to Taylor it isn't quit clean enough. While it's early he plans to get his car detail. Its going on three weeks of having his Mercedes. Transformation from Range Rover height to car size wasn't easy as thought. Sl550 a beautiful car, limited edition it just hadn't grew on Taylor yet.

There was one detail shop Taylor allows to touch his cars. Though its across Philadelphia he makes his way to Eleventh and Spring Garden. Philly's own Bernard Hopkins trucks and cars detail shop. Taylor isn't aware as to what they use on the tires but the shine would last for days. Workers had to been told to keep it secret, Taylor inquire about the product and each time he got no answer.


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