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i want 2 do project. tell me wat 2 do.

i want 2 do project. tell me wat 2 do.

by Shakthi Kannan


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This book has been written to help students and professionals as well to work on free and open source software (F/OSS) projects.

These software projects are released under a freely distributable license which allow you to use, copy, make changes, and distribute the software.

This is different from proprietary software, where you only receive an executable under a restrictive license, and the source code is not provided to you.

The book teaches you the methodology to be followed when working with F/OSS projects and similar programs.

This will help you to become a valuable contributor to these projects, and get wide recognition as an individual.

Topics covered in this book:
Mailing List Guidelines
Attention to Detail
Project Communication
Project Guidelines
Development Guidelines
Methodology of Work
Reading and Writing
Art of Making Presentations

Shakthi Kannan is a Free Software enthusiast who blogs at He can be reached at He has been advocating the use of F/OSS across India. His online presence is by the name @shakthimaan.

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