I'm Glad I'm a Mom: Inspirational Stories of Love, Laughter, and Everyday Life

I'm Glad I'm a Mom: Inspirational Stories of Love, Laughter, and Everyday Life

by Hearts at Home

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Moms who have chosen to invest their time at home are often asked, “What do you do all day?”

Hearts at Home offers 50 answers to that very question through real–life stories by Liz Curtis Higgs, Jill Briscoe, Julie Barnhill, and 47 others. These stories showcase the triumphs and trials of everyday moms. Sometimes hysterical and sometimes heartwarming, these personal vignettes will connect the hearts of mothers and give them a sense of community with one another.

Day after day stay–at–home moms work to make their house a haven for those they love, and husbands and children may depend on mom more than they realize. These stories will encourage, inspire, and delight mothers as they see again in these pages the special importance of their role in their home.

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ISBN-13: 9780736935999
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 03/01/2008
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 238 KB

Table of Contents

Foreword     9
Expect the Unexpected
Lost in Translation   Liz Curtis Higgs     13
Chow Down   Leslie Wilson     16
Stuck in the Music   Marla Ringger     19
Caution: Children at Play   Jenn Doucette     22
Happy "Balentine" Day Returns   Jennifer Glewen     26
Beads and Kryptonite   Valerie Stranathan     29
Friend2Friend, Mom2Mom
The Fine Art of Self-Care   Jill Savage     35
Martha Mentor   Donna Otto     38
Pity Party   Robyn Whitlock     41
A Hand to Help   Joy Kaurin     44
Moving Finds   Patty Maier     47
Change of Heart   Gina Frandle     50
The Art of Everyday Mothering
Mount Guiltmore   Julie Ann Barnhill     55
I Love Smelly Shoes   Lysa TerKeurst     59
Mom's Day In   Sherry McCaulley Palmer     63
Plus Column   Cheryl Pacilio     67
Getting Over an Overnight   Julie Kaiser     70
The Mystery Man   Brenda Poinsett     73
Bless This Mess   Becky Wiese     76
Decisions, Dilemmas, and Determination
Pillow Fright   Deborah Raney     81
A Touch Toward Transitioning   Mary Byers     84
The Fearful What-Ifs   Megan Kaeb     88
How It's "Supposed" to Be   Jody Antrim     91
Stuck   Marcia Jordon     94
I Can't Do It! I Can't Do It! I Did It!   Melissa Herter     97
Faith of a Child
Sunglasses to See   Danna Demetre     103
Finding God in the Bathroom   Lisa Boggs     106
Dinner Hour   Elisa Pulliam     109
Scary Trust   Tracie Elliot     113
Ice-Cream Spills and Sons of God   Wendy Arneson     116
Muddling Through Mistakes and Mishaps
Who's in Charge?   Kendra Smiley     121
My Plan Hits Reality   Jessica Gramm     124
Shots and Spots   Cyndie Claypool de Neve     127
Wake-Up Call   Mary Steinke     130
The Perfect Corsage   Connie Pombo     134
Sledding into Hope   Tena DeGraaf     138
God-Touches in the Trenches
A Parent Too   Cheri Keaggy     143
At the Wheel    Amy Young     147
Kissing the Finials   Mary DeMuth     150
Encounter with Wonder   Lise Gerhard     153
I Don't Like You, Mommy   Danielle E. Crowell     156
Busyness and Big Bird   Crystal Bowman     159
Goal Oriented   Amy Bock     162
The Face Before You   Andrea Van Ye     165
Siblings, Side by Side
Brotherly Love   Susie Larson     171
We Can Both Dance   Julia Pryor     175
More Than I Bargained For   Kelly Hughes     178
Just Like...   Jennifer Noble     181
Learn from the Best
Partner in Prayer   Pam Farrel     187
Cool Mom   Karen Brundieck     191
A Birthday Surprise   Christie Todd     194
Grandmother at 37   Jan Kwasigroh     197
Listen with Your Eyes   Bridget Nelan     200
Let Go with Love
Daddy's Travels   Jill Briscoe     205
Kitchen Door Prayers   Holly Schurter     209
But I'm Almost 18!   T. Suzanne Eller     213
The Closet   Cindy Sigler Dagnan      217
A Harvest of Satisfaction   Cheryl Eliason     220
Notes     224

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