Improving Reliability and Quality for Product Success

Improving Reliability and Quality for Product Success

by Dongsu Ryu


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ISBN-13: 9781466503793
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 05/21/2012
Pages: 226
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Table of Contents

Design Technology and Approval Specification of New Products

Design Technology and Manufacturing Technology
The Substance and Results of Design Technology
Basic Concepts of Design Approval

The Distracting Jungle of Reliability Concepts
The Meaning of Reliability
The Inadequacy of the MTTF and the Alternative: BX Life
Reliability and the Commonsense Level of Confidence
Dimensional Differences between Quality Defects And Failures
The Two Elements of Failure: Stress and Material
Reliability Engineering as a Science

Novel Concepts of Reliability Technology

The Definition of Reliability and the Meaning of Quality
Two Failure Rate Shapes and Infant Mortality Distributions
Reliability Target Setting for Finished Products and Unit Items
The BX Life Target Setting as a Durability Index
The Revised Definitions of Failure Rate and Characteristic Life
The Conversion from Characteristic Life to BX Life
Connotations of these New Concepts

Current Issues in Reliability Technology
Product Approval Tests and their Bases
Reliability Assurance Methods and Tests at the Development Stage, and Ensuing Problems
Why Reliability Accidents Occur in the Products of Advanced Corporations
New Classification of Reliability Assurance Tests

The Fundamental Solution for Reliability Assurance: Parametric ALT
Benefits of Quantified Tests and Parametric ALT
Target Setting for Parametric ALT
Recurrences of the Failure Mode
Definition and Procedure of Parametric ALT
Life-stress Model and Minimum Test Period
Shape Parameter and Sample Size Reduction
Characteristics of Life Tests and Difficulties with the Failure Rate Test
Redundant Systems and Preventive Maintenance
Estimating Reliability Targets from Test Conditions and Predicting Expenditures for Quality Failures
Advantages of parametric ALT

Failure Analysis for Accurate Corrections

The Significance of Failure Analysis
Considerations in Performing Failure Analysis
Results after Completing Parametric ALT and Failure Analysis

Problems in The Manufacturing Inspection System and their Solutions
The Architecture of the Manufacturing Inspection System
Quality Improvement and Stabilization of Manufacturing Lines
Considerations Regarding Design Changes

Customer Satisfaction and Comparative Advantage for New Product Success

The Five Factors of Market Quality
Customer Satisfaction
Comparative Advantage of Performance Fundamentals

Market Share Increase and Market Situation Analysis
Predicting the Market Share Increase for New Products
Extreme Competition until Two Strong Corporations Emerge
Some Suggestions for Competitive Capability Building


Appendix: E-Mail to CEO Regarding Reliability Management

A.1 The Operation of a Reliability Organization is a Must in Corporate Hardware Development
A.2 Design Technology is Only Completed with the Establishment of Approval Test Specifications
A.3 The Core Concept of the Approval Test is the Quantitative Estimation of the Product


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