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IN THE ARENA: Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, make your idea a roaring success

IN THE ARENA: Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, make your idea a roaring success

by Saumita Banerjee

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Make Your Business Idea Come True.

Imagine if you had the ability to know precisely what your customers want, and built a business around it. What if you could minimise the risk of failure when starting something of your own? What if you could act on your idea today and build it into a revenue-generating business?

Written by a cohort of successful startup founders, mentors, business strategists and intrapreneurs from around the world, this book answers the question: what is the secret to building products that customers really love and willingly pay for?

In this book, you'll learn:

  • Why you should (or shouldn't) act on your idea NOW
  • How to develop the mindset of a fearless entrepreneur with a strong sense of purpose
  • How to make better decisions when outcomes are uncertain, using the DM Canvas and the mental time travel technique
  • Why you should not spend your time and resources in search of investor funding, but instead delay investments as much as possible
  • How to design and build products with high chances of success in the real world (instead of speculating and failing)
  • How the "Innovator's Canvas" can help you build a flexible and robust business model
  • How to tell your story to get the attention of your customers
  • How to create valuable IP, not just patents to show in your pitch deck
  • BONUS: Be remarkable and stand out from your competition
  • BONUS: How you can build a culture of fearless innovation

Each idea is unique, but there is a universal process to innovate. Buy this book to test your idea, unleash the entrepreneurial spirit within you and make your idea happen!

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ISBN-13: 9788195259038
Publisher: LetsAuthor Technologies Private Limited
Publication date: 09/09/2021
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 226
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

An entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, Saumita is the Founder of LetsAuthor, a publisher of books written through Open Authoring. A seasoned Open Innovation practitioner, Saumita is credited with adapting the practise of Open Innovation into the field of book writing, by introducing the concept of Open Authoring. A true entrepreneur, Saumita wears multiple hats co-ordinating activities that go with running an innovative company: from conceptualising the platform, to commissioning new book topics, co-ordinating co-author contributions, publishing, marketing, and so on. In this book, she shares her slice of knowledge as an entrepreneur, creating something new to the world, operating in a blue ocean, and growing her own company.

Table of Contents

Why this book is right for you?

The story of this book



1. Your Serendipitous Discovery

- Jean-Marie Buchilly and Saumita Banerjee

2. Why this Idea?

- Saumita Banerjee and Susanna Schumacher


3. Embrace the Uncertainty and Make Better Decisions

- Jean-Marie Buchilly

4. Giving Legs to your Ideas

- Meenakshi Babu

5. Understand your Customer: Status, Worldviews, Beliefs

- Jean-Marie Buchilly

6. Why Wait? Go Fund Yourself

- Shyjal Raazi

7. Do you Need a Co-founder?

- Aditya Bhatnagar, Simon Krystman, Susanna Schumacher, Shyjal Raazi


8. The Innovator's Model

- Simon Krystman, Susanna Nissar, Saumita Banerjee

9. The Innovator's Canvas

- Aditya Bhatnagar and Jean-Marie Buchilly


10. Tell your Story, Share your Assertions, Get their Attention

- Jean-Marie Buchilly, Aditya Bhatnagar, Yehoshua Zlotogorski

11. Branding and Brand Marketing

- Christopher Norris and Jean-Marie Buchilly


12. Create Valuable IP

- Donal O'Connell and Ilanit Appelfeld

13. Need Outside Money?

- Saumita Banerje

14. Remarkable or Invisible?

- Aluwani Nemukula

15. Fearless Innovation

- Jean-Marie Buchilly, Massimo Scalzo, Aluwani Nemukula



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