In Too Deep

In Too Deep

by Dani Collins

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BN ID: 2940161613337
Publisher: The Tule Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 08/07/2018
Series: Blue Spruce Lodge , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 184,518
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In Too Deep 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 6 months ago
5 star review of In Too Deep (Blue Spruce Lodge #3) by Dani Collins Dani Collins is a new author to me and I am not sure why that is. As soon as time permits I will be going back and getting the first two books in the series. This is Wren Snow and Trigg Johanssen’s story and what a tangled story it is.Wren has been left as guardian to her 12 year old niece Skylar, who is pushing the boundaries and driving her mad with her bad behaviour. She seeks out Trigg (who turns out to be Sky’s father) in the hopes that he can help. Wren is the new manager at Trigg’s Blue Spruce Lodge and although Trigg is finding it difficult being thrust into a fatherly role (he only just learned of Sky’s existence) he also has to face the fact that despite himself he is attracted to Wren. This book was told in 3 points of view which is a little unusual and took me a while to get my head around but once I did I was captivated and honestly I feel this was right for this story. I really liked Wren and felt the pain and suffering that she had been through. Trigg in the beginning was an arrogant jerk whom I wanted to smack across the head. Sky was your typical pre teen complete with attitude and yet I really felt for the vulnerable young girl beneath the brash and often rude surface. This was an emotional read at times with all parties struggling to come to terms with their new realities. It’s hard to blend a family together and even harder when outside forces are trying to drive them apart. As the relationship between Trigg and Wren develops, will Sky put a damper on it before it can even grow?
gmcootie 4 months ago
In Too Deep by Dani Collins is the third book in The Blue Spruce Series. As always Dani Collins has written a story full of life, and In Too Deep is a great addition to the Blue Spruce Lodge series. The lodge is warm and welcoming and it is fascinating to read about the inner workings. The cast of characters are like a family, with all that implies. And of course the surrounding and the scenery are breath-taking. In this story we learn Trigg Johanssen has a twelve-year-old daughter he knows nothing about. Wren Snow is at wit’s end with her niece, Sky, and takes the manager’s job at Blue Spruce Lodge so Sky can get to know her father. Trigg takes his new-found responsibilities seriously, but Sky is a handful. Throw in the chemistry that flames as Trigg and Wren try to co-parent, outside forces that threaten the ski resort Trigg is rebuilding, and a marriage of convenience and you know things are not going to go smoothly. Did Wren make the right decision bringing Sky to the lodge? Can she and Trigg make this work and give Sky the love and family she needs? In Too Deep is an enjoyable romantic story that works wonderfully as a standalone and is also the perfect continuation to the Blue Spruce Lodge series. Dani Collins always keeps me turning pages as fast as I can and leaves me completely satisfied, and this book was no exception. Thanks to LibraryThing for providing a copy of In Too Deep via Smashwords. I was not required to write a review and all opinions are my own.
ShaunaC1795 6 months ago
3.5 Stars Headline: Not Deep Enough for Me This is a sweet book, but I struggled to connect. I couldn’t pinpoint where I couldn’t connect, but maybe more layered characters could’ve helped. This is my first book by this author and would like to read others to see if I can connect to a different storyline. Wren & Trigg find their HEA even when I couldn’t find my own with this book!
EileenAW 7 months ago
I totally enjoyed reading In Too Deep by Dani Collins, book three in The Blue Spruce Lodge series. Imagine being an Olympic athlete in training for the next competition only to suddenly learn you are father; not of a newborn, but an orphaned twelve year-old. Trigg Johnanssen, a gold-medal snowboarder from a wealthy family, had a reputation as a playboy and had no idea how to be parent. No longer knowing what to do or how to handle her out of control twelve year-old niece, Wren Snow became the manager at the Blue Spruce Lodge so her niece, Sky, could get to know her father, Trigg. Two major problems were occurring for Trigg; he had no idea how to co-parent, and his chemistry with Wren was complicating their co-parenting. When outside forces interfere with the building of the ski resort, Trigg and Wren need to act and make illogical decisions in order to give Sky the life she deserves. I loved seeing Wren becoming assertive, standing up for herself as well an indispensible employee as well as seeing the changes in her relationship with her niece, Sky, and with Trigg. Trigg was an enigma. As he spent time with his daughter he actually understood her acting out and figured out ways to get through to her. During this time he was falling more and more for Wren. Ms. Collins wrote a wonderful and moving story that is not to be missed. It had me laughing, crying and everything in between. This story is filled with sexual chemistry, fun dialogue, and endearing characters. I highly recommend this book to other readers and look forward to the next book in the series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
LynnB888 7 months ago
Unexpected fatherhood whisks Trigg off his feat in our latest trip to Blue Spruce Lodge! With a fast paced and entertaining read, Dani Collins takes us along for an adventure of a mouthy pre-teen trying to find her way when she's faced with a new family that she doesn't know. If you think she was snarky before, just wait! I enjoyed watching Wren and Trigg slowly start to let their guards down and fall for each other! Wren Snow is ready to pull her hair out when it comes to the demon child her pre-teen niece has become recently. She's tried raising her the best she can on her own, but she's recently realized she had to admit defeat and take the new job at Blue Spruce Lodge in Montana so Skylar will have a chance to get to know her father. Nothing she's been doing so far has been working ... so throwing in a new dad can't make it any worse ... right? Olympic gold medalist Trigg Johanssen was shocked to learn he had a daughter and that she's being raised by her aunt, but he willingly steps back from competing and retires from his hectic snowboarding schedule in order to be around and get to know her. He and Wren start out butting heads a bit, but once they calm down and get to know each other a tad, they begin to enjoy each other's company even more than they should! When the lodge is threatened and a marriage of convenience is necessary to hold on to Skylar's future, the tides just might turn in favor of forever!
Shweetsandi 8 months ago
This is the third book in this series and while this book can be read as a stand alone it really is best read as a series to understand the issues in the past to know what is happening in this book.Wren and Sky have come to live and work at Blue Spruce Lodge in order for Sky to get to know the father she had no idea was around. And in all fairness, he had no idea she was in this world either. Trigg was an Olympic snowboarder who had retired to run the lodge and now finds out that he has a 12 year old rather upset tween on his hands. Oh and the mother is dead and she has been left in the hands of her Aunt whom he is attracted too. This book for me was confusing in parts and slow but it was well worth reading past those times. Wren and Trigg have their chemistry and the Father Daughter push and pull between Sky and Trigg is good reading. Then we have the issues of the lodge itself. Author Dani Collins pens a really good book that is do recommend
tiggeruoSO 8 months ago
Wren can’t take it anymore her nieces needs her dad and she is ready to finally make them happen. Can she do whats best for both of them or will introducing them be a mistake from all sides? Trigg can’t believe the past is finally catching up with him. When he finds out he has a daughter he has no choice but to take it in stride even though everyone thinks he can’t be tamed he’s willing to try and put her first. Can he get to know his daughter or will it just be too much time lost between them? I really enjoyed this book, I am not sure if this the final book in the series but I will be honest I hope not I have really enjoyed this group of “friends”. I love coming and reading about Haven Montana and the fun characters and what they have been up too. I loved how the author included Sky in a big way in this book so it wasn’t just about Wren and Trigg’s story but you got to read about how Skylar was effected and her thoughts which I think added a whole different element to the story overall. I really loved how we got to catch up with Rolf, Glory, Nate, and Ilke. I can’t really think of anything I didn’t like this book just seemed to flow which made it really hard to put down. This book does have adult language and situations, but if that does not bother you grab this book and this series it's so good you can’t go wrong. Like I said I can’t wait for more. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley. I was under no obligation to post a review and have given my honest opinion
sbart84 8 months ago
Loved this story!! Wren has taken a job on at Blue Spruce Lodge, so her niece, Sky can get get to know her father, Trigg. Trigg has given up competition as a world reknown snowboarder to get to know his daughter and help rebuild the ski lodge. Loved these characters!! Wren has put her life on hold raising her niece after her sister dies and has no time for a personal relationship, until she meets Trigg. But of course she shouldn't have these feelings. Sky, is the typical sassy teenager. She is loved by both Wren and Trigg but she is having a hard time with all these changes. Then, Trigg just wants to do the right thing for his daughter. Added in the romance between Trigg and Wren makes for the perfect read.
Susanmc81 8 months ago
This is the third in the Blue Spruce series, but can be read as a standalone (I have not read the first two books and had no problem jumping into the series). Wren Snow has been raising her niece, Skylar since she was 14. Her Sister Mandy lost her virginity and got knocked by Trigg Johansson when she was 17 and Trigg was 16. She called Trigg about the pregnancy, but led him to believe that she was having an abortion. She couldn’t go through with the abortion and chose to take care of the child on her own. Mandy was killed when Sklar was two, and 14 year old Wren begged her abusive and neglectful parent to let her take care of her niece. Fast forward ten years and Sklar is a hormonal 12 year old who is acting out and wants to meet her father. Wren secures a job at the lodge and let’s Trigg know about his daughter. This is told from three points of view, Wren, Trigg and Sklar. These characters were hard to warm up to in the beginning due to the anger and guilt driving each of them. But as the story develops, you care about more about them. I loved the character development, the pacing of the plot and the right level of angst. This was my first book by this author, and I will definitely be reading the first two books in the series. I was provided an ARC of this book by NetGalley for my honest review.
TerryL56 8 months ago
5 Stars! Wren has had sole custody of her niece since her sister's death and she's at her wit's end. Sky has been skipping school, talking back and complaining to Wren that she wants to meet her dad. Trigg is a gold medalist snowboarder and when he finds out that he has a 12 year old daughter, he quits competing to get to know her and help his brother rebuild the resort he invested in. When Trigg and Wren meet, there is an attraction between them that they both fight because they have to get along to co-parent Sky and a relationship would just complicate things. I really liked that this book was told from 3 POVs ... Trigg, Wren and Sky. I loved that Trigg and Wren just didn't jump into bed when they felt the electricity between them ... they became friends first. Even though the book said that Trigg was a playboy, I didn't get that vibe from him ... he just seemed a little immature at the beginning of the book, but soon took on the responsibilities of parenting. This book had me laughing, crying and everything in between. A great read and I recommend it! I received an ARC courtesy of Tule Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Bette313 8 months ago
Excellent book! Third in the Blue Spruce Lodge series but easily read standalone. This is a wonderfully crafted story with amazing characters and a plotline that will grab your attention right from the start. The relationships that develop between Trigg and his daughter Sky as well as Wren, Sky's aunt, are beautiful and fun to read about. Having just found out about his daughter has thrown his whole life into a tailspin but Trigg is giving it all he has. He's left his professional snowboarding career behind to come home and work in the family business while he gets to know his daughter. Will he be able to handle everything that is thrown at him? What about Wren? His growing attraction to her is hard to ignore. Can all of this come together letting everyone find their happy? I highly recommend you grab a copy of this one and find out.
DJTP 8 months ago
A really enjoyable series. In Too Deep by Dani Collins is book third in the Blue Spruce Lodge series. I really enjoyed reading more about Trigg, Wren, Skylar and the rest of the characters in this series. Great character development in this story perfect for the storyline.