Inhumanum: A Thriller

Inhumanum: A Thriller


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ISBN-13: 9781534719798
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2016
Pages: 318
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.71(d)

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Inhumanum: A Thriller 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
MosesMcK More than 1 year ago
i found myself wavering around while reading “Inhumanum” by Bradley Ernst. At first I was immediately grabbed into the story, and became immersed in the dramatic and enticing opening and the overall plot development with each successive character. But there were times I felt the story wasn’t as focused as I’d like, with some conversations and scenes maybe weren’t necessary and perhaps could have been eliminated to tighten the narrative some (some characters/subplots felt unnecessary… just too much drama). But at the same time, the pacing was usually fast (liked the shorter chapters and alternating character POVs)) and there was pretty much nonstop action and some *definitely* crazy developments there toward the end. It felt unique and unpredictable, always a nice experience, especially in a genre that is fraught with copycats. Would be interested in reading more from Ernst in the future, and would recommend to anyone who wants an intelligently constructed, entertaining read that has thriller, chills, and even a little humor.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Inhumanum” is a unique, compelling read, and one that will definitely appeal to fans of Psychological thrillers, suspense and crime drama. Although the concept isn’t entirely new, Bradley Ernst brings an exciting fresh voice and infuses a unique blend of turmoil, emotional and personal backstory (with the characters and their motives) true-to life feeling events and characters, corruption, and shocking twists. The story itself was fairly fast paced, and even though some parts were sort of predictable, there were some things that honestly surprised me. The writing and plot is dynamic and very easy to stay interested in until the end and to see how things turned out for the major players, and thought the overall feel of the book was entertaining, even though it has sort of a darker theme (not sure what this says about me, honestly). Well researched and nicely crafted, this is a great start to what looks to be an intriguing new series and I’ll read the next one immediately.
AprilDawn More than 1 year ago
from the opening pages of “Inhumanum” I knew it would be different from the books I’ve been reading lately and I was right! Mr. Ernst sets up the scene and characterizations in a skillful way that not only pulls us in right away, but creates great visualizations and elicits emotional investments—no easy feat considering some of the characters we are dealing with. He has a gift for writing descriptive and life-like scenes that make us feel like we are really there inside the story, as opposed to it all just being rehashed to us and keeping us away from the action and the character’s emotions as so many rookie authors make the mistake of doing. I like that this book didn’t feel stale or derivative, but instead like a new niche of thriller that serves well to help diversify a somewhat cookie-cutter genre (in my opinion). I did think some parts could have been pared down a bit more because on occasion there would be things that would “happen” (or talked about) but didn’t really serve a specific purpose. But overall the entire novel was one that I thought was impressive and kept me reading night after night. Thought the ending was perfect, and I am looking forward to the next one.
cvasquez More than 1 year ago
this book “Inhumanum” by Bradley Ernst seems to have something of everything… seriously. Action, suspense, drama, personal struggles, family life, Intelligence, and mystery… good guys and bad…….but I was impressed by the seamless narrative and various POV transitions with the different characters, and while I’m not usually a fan of stories told from frequently different character perspectives, it didn’t bother me here much as I enjoyed Mr. Ernst’s skillful setup for each one and the way that the characters did a great job of progressing their individual roles to form a cohesive story. This book had more tangents and sub plots than many others I’ve read lately. Such a dynamic cast of characters who have their own stories to tell and conflicts to overcome and are wickedly brilliant and even a bit disturbed—makes for some interesting reading. Always found myself reading for longer than I planned to, as there was never a place I’d get to and then wanted to “stop”. This is good too. This book will have wide ranging appeal and I can see (adult) fans of psychological suspense and literary thrillers gobbling it up.
Coreeez More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this story and could not put it down, and as I read this book I really began to care about the characters and was anxious to see how things would turn out for them. However, I thought sometimes the narrative went on too long though and would have liked to see more active plot progression through direct character dialogue instead of just reading about everything. And sometimes I didn’t feel like we needed to know “everything” about ‘everything”… meaning sometimes I felt there was too much backstory for the characters and events and felt like overall the focus was looser than I like. I prefer to have books have a more distinct arc, and while this one eventually did, it seemed to take some time to become clear wheat it was. But I did enjoy it for the writing and the characters and the fact that it was an entertaining ride that was absolutely unlike any I’ve read before. I’m excited to read the sequel next!
NikkyH7117 More than 1 year ago
seeing as how I’d never read anything from this author before (or even heard of him for that matter) I admit that I didn’t have the highest expectations going in. But I love thrillers and suspense and I like trying out new authors. Thought the premise sounded intriguing. However, I was in no way prepared for how totally addicting this novel would be, and the sheer magnitude of the world Ernst created, spanning time and locales, the characters, the multi plots, the murders, the suspense… I was really impressed. The way Ernst writes is captivating from the beginning and you just want to keep reading and reading and not stop. It is both descriptive and has great characterizations, but also is fast moving so that you aren’t bored. There is NO way you can be bored with this crazy, motley crew! I was reading as fast as I could, and even though it’s a really long book, I was a bit glum when it was over…but I immediately downloaded the next one in the series, “Made Men” so I am good to go! A must read for adult fans of thrillers and crime dramas.
JeanOJO More than 1 year ago
one thing I like about this book by Bradley Ernst is that his narrative prose is some of the best and most authentic I’ve read in a while, the way he brings the scenes to life and the attention to personal details on each character really gave this story genuine authenticity in a creepy, almost surreal sort of way. I actually feel like I was there inside this crazy world with Bonn, Henna, Germans, Stephan, et al…. It is action/drama/crime/thriller /suspense all in one, and while it still has the familiar vibe that most suspense thrillers have, it still feels fresh and original enough and is definitely unpredictable, especially towards the end. It is more than just a regular thriller/suspense and really encompasses so much more of the human condition – psychological and emotional and mental—and it is also inspiring at times, despite being so ‘dark’. I chuckled at some of the dialogue and really enjoyed watching the characters evolve as the story progressed. Thought it wrapped up well and I liked how it all played out. Recommend.
MarcellaGonz More than 1 year ago
fast-paced, high-stakes thriller with exciting twists and turns that keep you in suspense for hours! In a way this is modeled after a classic antihero vigilante motif, but it really impressed me by its originality in many areas and terrific detailing and a substantial (and genuinely clever) plot that sets it apart. Bradley Ernst is a talented author whose creative vision breaks new ground but follows comfortingly familiar elements necessary for the genre. This is a story that kept me glued to the pages for hours, lost within an interesting world that fascinated (and sometimes frightened!!) me to no end. I have to say that there were some times where I felt there could be some cutting down of some subplots and extraneous scenes that seemed to just add more confusion than necessary, and the last 5-10% or so felt strangely anticlimactic to me after the intense buildup… Still a riveting journey that entertained, and I will gladly read more from Bradley Ernst in this “Law of Retaliation” series. Recommend to mature fans of literary suspense and crime thrillers.
RepoManJM More than 1 year ago
brilliantly imagined and written, “Inhumanum” by author Bradley Ernst is the first in a thrilling new series that I will definitely be following through (Law of Retaliation). This world is wholly conceived, and I was pleased with the level of character development. The plots are intricate and intelligent and keep you on your toes. This one just flows so smoothly and fast and keeps picking up steam as it goes along. There are several big reveals that continue to shift the dynamic of the storyline and the characters in unexpected ways, something that even a jaded thriller reader like myself can fully appreciate and still be shocked by. This is great because nothing I hate more than predictable clichés. Really interesting characters, some of the best collection I’ve come across, even if they seem almost *too* interesting at times. It works.. I would also like to commend the level of solid writing, even if there were a few minor things here and there. Overall a very polished and professional presentation, and I will be recommending to my friends and fans of psychological thrillers/suspense.
JGoldmanJG More than 1 year ago
a fantastic read by Bradley Ernst. Overall the pacing was decent, with adequate character backstory, forward action, and elements of darkness, danger and mystery, and the shorter, alternating p-o-v chapters that made the book fly by very quickly for me. I appreciate the energetic manner of storytelling that was employed by Ernst. Reads very quickly, even literary almost, even when covering ugly scenes. Very true-to-life in a way, yet also stretches the boundaries of imagination, like you can tell that Ernst knows well the characters of which he writes. Frequently with books I find that authors tend to just wing it or skim over important plot detailing, but here I can tell that Ernst did his research (impressed with the scientific knowledge) and plenty of high stakes at hand to keep us engaged throughout. I like how ‘big’ this book feels, in terms characters and multi-layered plotlines. A riveting read and while it’s not perfect, could use some proofreading, it’s very enjoyable and entertaining and I look forward to more.
TabithaP1 More than 1 year ago
wow, “Inhumanum” By Bradley Ernst was awesome! I haven’t read anything like that in a long time, if ever. For once it seemed like the characters were anything but the stock, ordinary typical hero/protag guys, but instead all had demons, motivations, secrets. I like reading books like this, and we all know there are some crazy people out there who would do unbelievable things to further their agenda. This book brings it all home and I was totally invested until the very end. I loved the plot line, and thought it felt as real as it could be…I did get a bit lost on some of the characters, and thought that at times there were parts that when something really crazy happened, it just sort of got glossed over (don’t want to reveal more for spoilers…) But I was really invested in how it would all turn out, and was shocked (horrified, sad) more than once. I thought the ending was perfect, and overall it was a genuinely good book, even though it needs some further polishing editing-wise. Recommend!!
-Cale-Owens- More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars "Inhumanum” by Bradley Ernst is a great piece of literary fiction no one should miss reading if they are looking for a thrilling, darkly brilliant and entertaining read that has unforgettable characters and an intelligent, complex and unpredictable plot… If you're looking for a work that is completely believable and lacking in cliché then I must say that you might have a bone to pick with this, as there were many elements that made me almost feel at times that it stretched the bounds of credibility or that I had read it before (I haven’t). But I believe the author's job is not to be completely original (for is there such a thing as true originality, especially in the thriller and suspense game?) here but rather to tell a powerful, authentic story that stays with you and affects you somehow. For I believe that the true future for the genre lies not in becoming ‘newer’ but rather by taking old tropes and telling them better. This is done nicely here and I am impressed with the way that Bradley Ernst can tell a story in his own way with characters that we love, or love to hate. I looked forward to my reading time each evening and was disappointed when it was over. Recommend for mature readers only.
SamRyan More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars For the most part “Inhumanum” by Bradley Ernst was an enjoyable, almost intoxicating mix of a psychological thriller and murder/killer(s) story, and a complex drama with darker literary motifs (if this makes sense). However at times I almost felt like there was too much going on, with the changing character’s POV’s at almost every chapter and I frequently felt emotionally detached from all the action. Like just as soon as I was started to feel invested it switched to someone else. Seemed like it lost focus on several occasions and at times I thought there wasn’t enough tension, and the pace slowed down instead of picking up. The writing and character building is quite solid, however, (if not a bit redundant at times – I feel the Germans were repetitively described as being ‘reptilian’ -like) and as far as the actual story itself I was hooked… but only about after about half way through. While Bonn and Henna (and their families) are interesting – it just took some time for me to care – and this is important, especially in such a character-driven book such as this on. But once I was in I was dying to see what would happen and frequently stayed up reading later than I should have. Now I’m looking forward to the next book in the “Law of Retaliation” series. Recommend for adults.