Insects That Feed on Trees and Shrubs: Exotic European Travel Writing, 400-1600 / Edition 2

Insects That Feed on Trees and Shrubs: Exotic European Travel Writing, 400-1600 / Edition 2

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Cornell University Press


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Insects That Feed on Trees and Shrubs: Exotic European Travel Writing, 400-1600 / Edition 2

This comprehensive handbook, acclaimed when it was first published in 1976 as "one of the most useful reference manuals on diagnostic entomology yet produced," has now been completely revised and expanded to reflect recent advances in technology and the wealth of new information affecting the "Green Industry."Augmented by 241 full-color plates, it gives the essential facts about more than 900 species of insects, mites, and other animals that injure woody ornamental plants in the United States and Canada, and provides means of quick visual identification of both the pests and the damage they cause.

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ISBN-13: 9780801426025
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Publication date: 04/28/1991
Series: Comstock Book Series
Edition description: Second revised edition
Pages: 560
Sales rank: 1,220,439
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 12.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Reader's Guide to Identification of Insects and Related Pests
The Book and Its Use
Pest Control
Pest ldentification and Problem Diagnosis
Natural History

Insects That Feed on Conifers
Sawfly Defoliators, Bud Miners, and Shoot Borers
Webspinnlng Sawflies, Pine Webworm, Pine False Webworm
Moth and Butterfly Defoliators of Conifers
Spruce Bud Moth and Spruce Budworms
Juniper Webworm
Spruce Needleminers,
Douglas-fir Tussock Moth and Silverspotted Tiger Moth
Larch Casebearer
Needle Miners and Webbers
Cypress TIP Miners and Arborvitae Leaf Miners
Needle and Twig Midges
Pine Tube Moth
Pine Tip or Shoot Moths
Pine shoot Borers
Conifer Twig Weevils
Trunk and Root Collar Weevils
Pine Needle Weevils and Juniper Twig Girdler
Cypress Bark Moth and Douglas-fir Twig Weevil
Conifer Bark Beetles
Eastern Pine Bark and Shoot Beetles
Western Conifer Bark Beetles
Cedar Bark Beetles
Cypress Bark Beetles
Balsam Woolly Adelgid
Adelgids of Pine and Spruce
Adelgids of Larch, Spruce, and Hemlock
Balsam Twig Aphid
Cinara Aphids and Other Aphids of Conifers
Conifer Spittlebugs
MeaIybugs of Yew and Pine, and the Woolly Pine Scale
Golden Mealybug
Matsucoccus Scales
Irregular Pine Scale and Monterey Pine Scale
Pine Tortoise Scale, Spruce Bud Scale, and Virginia Pine Scale
Fletcher Scale
Black Pineleaf Scale
Hemlock Scale
Elongate Hemlock Scale
Juniper Scale
Pine Needle Scale
Armored Scales of Conifers
Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid
Eastern Spruce Gall Adelgid
Conifer Gall Midges
Spider Mites of Conifers
Eriophyid Mites of Conifers

Insects That Feed on Broad-leaved Trees and Shrubs
Dogwood Sawfly
Mountain-ash Sawfly and Dusky Birch Sawfly
"Slug" Sawflies
Rose Sawflies
Gypsy Moth
California Oakworm
Fruitworms and Other Caterpillars
Walnut Caterpillar
Nymphalid Caterpillars
Notodontid Caterpillars
Tussock Moth Caterpillars
Subtropical Caterpillars
Armed Caterpillars
Eastern Tent Caterpillar and Forest Tent Caterpillar
Western Tent Caterpillars
Uglynest Caterpillar, Oak Webworm, Rollers, and Tiers
Euonymus Caterpillar
Mimosa Webworm
A Bougainvillea Caterpillar
Birch Leaf-mining Sawflies
Sawfly Leaf Miners and Case Bearers
Leaf-mining Beetles
Oak Leaf Miners
Blotch and Serpentine Leaf Miners
Cherry Leaf Miner and Cambium Miners
Maple Petiole Borer, and Shoot and Twig Borers
Azalea Leaf Miners
Boxwood Leafminer
Leaf-mining Maggots and Holly Budmoth
Madrone Shield Bearer and Other Shield Bearers
Yellow Poplar Weevil
Maple and Other Trumpet Skeletonizers, and Maple Leaf-cutter
Leaf Rollers, Tiers, and Webbers
Skeletonizers of Oak, Birch, and Apple
Elm Leaf Beetles
Leaf Beetles
Cottonwood Leaf Beetles and Related Species
Imported Willow Leaf Beetle and Flea Beetles
Fuller Rose Beetle
Seagrape Borer and a Seagrape Gall Midge
Walnut and Hickory Insects
Japanese Beetle, European Chafer, and Rose Chafer
Baccharis Leaf Beetle and Rose Curculio
Weevils and Other Root-feeding Beetles
Vectors of Elm Diseases
Elm Bark Beetles
Shothole Borer and Other Bark Beetles
American Plum Borer
Wood-boring Caterpillars
Lilac Borer and Banded Ash Clearwing
Dogwood Borers
Twig Pruners and Twig Girdlers
Oak Twig Girdler
Poplar-and-Willow Borer
Flatheaded Borers
Bronze Birch Borer
Locust Borers
Roundheaded Borers
Root-feeding Beetles
Trunk Borers
Wood-boring Beetles
Shoot and Twig Borers
Acacia Psyllid
Tuliptree Aphid and Other Foliage-feeding Aphids
California Laurel Aphid and Podocarpus Aphid
Aphids of Beech, Birch, and Apple
Spirea Aphid and Aphids of Manzanita
Snowball Aphid and Other Foliage-feeding Aphids
Black Citrus Aphid and Other Foliage-feeding Aphids
Woolly Aphids
Leaf and Stem Aphids
Aphids of Oleander and Bamboo
Leaf, Shoot, and Twig Aphids
Woolly Root and Twig Aphids
Whiteflies of Rhododendron and Azalea
Greenhouse Whitefly and Relatives
Mealybugs and Whitefiies
Comstock Mealybug
Subtropical Mealybugs
Noxious Bamboo Mealybug
Beech Scale and Cypress Bark Mealybug
Sycamore Scale
Azalea Bark Scale
Cottony Cushion Scale
Cottony Maple Scale
Cottony Scales and Mealybugs
Cottony Camellia Scale
Cottony Scales
Pit-making Pittosporum Scale
Bamboo Scale
Pit-making Scales of Oak and Holly
Magnolia Scale, Calico Scale, and Frosted Scale
Wax Scales
Black Scale
Nigra Scale and Hemispherical Scale
Tuliptree Scale
Lecanium Scales and Kermes Scales
Rose Scale and Globose Scale
European Elm Scale and Other Bark-feeding Scales
Oystershell Scale and Camellia Scale
Greedy Scale and Peony Scale
Oleander Scales
Subtropical Armored Scales
Dictyospermum Scale and Gall-forming Armored Scales
Obscure Scale and Gloomy Scale
San Jose Scale and Walnut Scale
Euonymus Scales
Armored Snow Scales,
White Peach Scale and White Prunicola Scale
Fiorinia Scales
Fourlined Plant Bug and Lygocoris Plant Bugs
Tarnished Plant Bug and Boxelder Plant Bus
Plant Bugs and a Beetle Affecting Sycamore
Ash Plant Bugs
Plant Bugs, Leafhoppers, and a Treehopper of Honeylocust
Thornbug and Relatives
Twomarked Treehopper
Rose Leafhopper
Potato Leafhopper and Whitebanded Elm Leafhopper
Foliage Injury by Leafhoppers
Redbanded Leafhopper and Other Sharpshooter Leafhoppers
Spittlebugs on Angiosperms
Planthoppers and Plant Bugs
Lace Bugs of Broad-leaved Evergreens and Sages
Lace Bugs of Deciduous Plants
Greenhouse Thrips
Dogwood Club Gall
Bud, Shoot, and Stem Galls
Oak Leaf and Twig Galls
Aphid and Psyllid Galls
Hackberry Galls
Yaupon Psyllid Gall
Psyllid Gall of Persea
Laurel, Eugenia, Ceanothus, and Pepper Tree Psyllids
Petiole and Leaf Stipule Galls
Eyespot Galls
Leaf Galls of Ash and Elm
Honeylocust Pod Gail
Midge and Sawfly Galls of Poplar and Willow
Rhododendron Gall Midge, Rose Midge, and Other Gall Midges
Spider Mites, False Spider Mites, and Tarsonemid Mites
Bud and Rust Mites
Eriophyid Gall Makers
Katydids, Grasshoppers, and Periodical Cicadas
Crickets and Walkingstick
Wasps and Bees as Plant Pests
Slugs and Snails
Birds and Small Mammals That Injure Trees

Sources of Information on Pests and Pest Control
Land-Grant Institutions and Agricultural Experiment Stations in the United States
US. Department of Agriculture, Forest Pest Control Offices
Regional Pest Control Information in Canada

Index of Insects, Mites, and Other Animals
Index to Insects by Host Plants

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