by M.A. Abraham


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The Tribunal Elder has lived through more millenniums than he cares to think about. He is not the type to shirk his duties. He is a force to reckon with; yet he is known to be a kind man. To settle a dispute between the Martians and the Human, he will travel to Mars. Before he returns home, this problem will be settled, one way or another.

The message from the Martians is clear, remove the settlers from the surface of their planet, or they will die. The Tribunal Elder soon discovers there is more to this than those who are in command know about, for the act that precipitated this action had multiple events. Someone is working in the background, manipulating forces, to create a power struggle between the two species.

Will he allow the Tantalarians be pulled into a conflict that they have and want nothing to do with?

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ISBN-13: 9781542835077
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/29/2017
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Born and raised in the central part of Canada, M. A. Abraham still lives on the prairies, while she writes her stories. She was known as the storyteller when she was a child, and those she told were played when they were at a loss for something to do. Her friends and her would act out the character parts, as they raced around outdoors, in summer as in winter. At thirteen, a friend challenged her to a writing contest, to see who could make up the best story. Well, after winning that, she continued to write, and never stopped, although her life didn't run in that direction later.

Growing up in a large family, M. A. Abraham learned the lessons of loving and acceptance. They all had assigned tasks, which were to basically help keep the younger siblings safe and guarded. There were times when this caused a few skirmishes, but that was all a part of growing up. A sense of humor was essential to what was considered survival, something that was also learned the hard way.

Her family will try to tell you that she is not totally innocent in any of this and, that her humor can keep them glancing over their shoulders to see what is coming at them. There is nothing that feels as good as the sense of being able to keep others wondering if there is a new plan in place. Her off the cuff remarks, and general attitude has earned her a few nicknames over the years, things like The Godmother, The Evil Christmas Elf and The Mistress of Ambush. And they say that making nephews and nieces wrap their own Christmas presents two months in advance, then letting them shake them until Christmas, doesn't pay. Her favorite response to their remarks is to look at them with an innocent expression, and say, "Moi??"

Her sidekicks, Thena and Tath, the two Siamese cats, aptly nicknamed The Gorgeous Bratz, rule her house and she tries to keep them in line. They are spoiled beyond reason, but there are a couple of things she will not share with them, her extensive Snoopy collection, and her books. The Snoopy stuffies are hers exclusively; the books are for those who want to read. The question she often asks, when people go for a signed copy, "Which would you like? Elven Warriors? Or Winged Aliens?" She has them both in the worlds she creates.

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Intercession 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
Intercession by M.A. Abraham is the 4th book in her Tantalus series. M. A. Abraham once again gives us an exciting and tense story as we return to the world of Tantalus. Intercession picks up shortly after the last book ended. A brief refresher of the premise of Tantalus: This is a Sci-Fi story about two species (Humans & Tantalarians) that are forced to work together on the planet Tantalus. The Tribunal Elder has been requested to go to Mars and remove the human settlers who live there or all humans will be killed. He gathers a team made up of Tantalarians and human leaders who have migrated nicely in Tantalus. The purpose is to find out the what and why causing this issue. The Elder wants only mated men, as the Sirens from Mars are known to use their ability to get what they want by using alluring spells; and the mated men are immune to those spells. He also wants Terec & Adele (our previous book heroes) to come, especially since Adele has the ability to read people and able to see if they are lying. When they arrive in Mars, they are greeted by the Siren leader, as well as one of the woman warriors, who threaten them. They are told that a few of the women are missing, and blame the human residents. The Elder senses there is more to the story, and with his team they meet with the resident human leaders of various ships to discover what is happening. Adele will make friends with Glynnis, one of the Siren females, who helps heal those who have been affected by sickness from contaminated water. Adele and Gynnis will play a big part in helping fix the water, and learn the truth about what is happening. What follows is a well written and excellent story line that will have the Elder, and the Tantalarians discover the issues, as well as stopping a dangerous revolt. I loved meeting Echoes, a Siren princess, who was able to stop the revolution, and dictate punishment to those involved. I loved Adele and Terec. I also enjoyed the surprise twist was also very nice.