Introduction to Transgender Studies

Introduction to Transgender Studies

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ISBN-13: 9781939594280
Publisher: Harrington Park Press, LLC
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book

About the Author

Ardel Haefele-Thomas is chair of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender studies at City College of San Francisco. Haefele-Thomas’s academic work focuses on the intersections of gender identity and gender expression, sexual orientation, race, and class based in part on frameworks and structures of postcolonial and queer theory. They are coauthor of the forthcoming book Transgender: A Reference Text, with Aaron Devor.

Table of Contents

1. Sex and Gender: Stories and Definitions
2. Sexual Orientation: Stories and Definitions
3. Modern Sexology: The Science of Objectification, or the Science of Empowerment?
4. Direct Action, Collective Histories, and Collective Activism: What a Riot!
5. Navigating Binary Spaces: Bathrooms, Schools, Sports
6. Navigating Government Documents, Work, and Healthcare: I'll Need to See Some I.D. with That
7. Global Gender Diversity throughout the Ages: We Have Always Been with You
8. Four Historical Figures Who Cross-Dressed: The Adventurer, the Ambassador, the Surgeon, and the Seamstress
9. Cross-Dressing and Political Protest: Parasols and Pitchforks
10. Gender Diversity in Artifacts, Art, Icons, and Legends from Antiquity to the Middle Ages: Classically Trans
11. Trans Literature, Performing Arts, Music, and Visual Art: The Art of Resistance/The Art of Empowerment
12. The Importance of Archives: Hearing Our Own Voices