Is It Me Or Is It You: Observations, Opinions & Advice On Life, Love and Relationships

Is It Me Or Is It You: Observations, Opinions & Advice On Life, Love and Relationships

by Wendell Walker


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The "relationships" picture in America is not pretty. People don't cry out loud about it the way they did a few decades ago. But, if asked, almost anyone can cite the going divorce rate. Young, old, male, female agree generally that a healthy, long-term relationship is as"...hard to find as good help" these days.

Why is this so? Do things have to be this way? Is this situation beyond cure or correction; is the remedy too complex, too costly?

Is it Me Or Is It You tackles all of these questions in a way that can best be described as an act of bravery. It plays the "blame game" without hesitation and points fingers without pity. And, as the title implies, it challenges the accused, abused, and aggrieved alike to consider whether a behavior or attitude change is warranted.

Fast-paced and easy-to-read, the volume is part observations, analysis, and advice. Some of each element appears in all six chapters to clarify, instruct, amuse, and -admittedly at times- to serve as a red flag in the face of the already agitated. Always, the author's aim- to keep hope alive or create it where needed - is stated or hinted.

Because of its no-holds-barred tone, Is It Me Or Is It You readily gives rise to two questions about the author: What do you know and why do you care? The author's views and advice are drawn from personal experience- some dire and tragic-- as a husband and family man- and from a wide-range of interactions as a businessman called upon to serve as s role model and Christian confidant to hundreds of the young and not-so-young over the years.

His "knowledge" about relationships began with the hardnosed rules of a rigid step-mother; it includes the experience of a marriage that ended in the untimely death of his first wife shortly after the birth of their first child and subsequent marriage that remains "the delight of his life" after more than 21 years. He is 68, the father of 4 and the author of a precious book, The Real Deal About Real Estate: No Crap (AuthorHouse, 2007).

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ISBN-13: 9781477281550
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/15/2012
Pages: 120
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