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Issues in News and Reporting: Selections from CQ Researcher / Edition 1

Issues in News and Reporting: Selections from CQ Researcher / Edition 1

by CQ ResearcherCQ Researcher
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Can News Outlets Regain the Public’s Confidence? Can Governments Control the Press in the Internet Age? Should Americans Have a Right “To Be Forgotten”?

Written by award-winning CQ Researcher journalists, this collection of non-partisan reports focuses on 12 hot-button issues facing journalists and news organizations. With reports ranging from perceptions of media bias and threats to free speech, Issues in News and Reporting promotes in-depth discussion, facilitates further research, and helps you formulate your own positions on crucial issues. And because it’s CQ Researcher, the reports are expertly researched and written, presenting you with all sides of an issue.

Key Features:

  • Chapters follow a consistent organization, beginning with a summary of the issue, then exploring a number of key questions around the issue, next offering background to put the issue into current context, and concluding with a look ahead.
  • A pro/con debate box in every chapter offer you the opportunity to critically analyze and discuss the issues by exploring a debate between two experts in the field.
  • All issues include a chronology, a bibliography, photos, charts, and figures to offer you a more complete picture of the issue at hand.

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ISBN-13: 9781544322254
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 02/05/2018
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 7.38(w) x 9.12(h) x (d)

About the Author

CQ Researcher is the choice of librarians, researchers, and students seeking original, comprehensive reporting and analysis on the most vital issues shaping our world. Each weekly report offers in-depth, unbiased coverage of a single topic. Written by CQ Press's staff of experienced reporters, these reports provide up-to-date information on a wide range of social, economic, political, environmental, and international issues.

Table of Contents

Annotated Contents ix

Preface xiii

Contributors xv

1 Trust in Media 1

Are traditional standards of objective journalism outdated? 4

Are the national news media out of touch with ordinary Americans? 5

Does the use of anonymous sources erode trust in journalism? 7

Background 9

Early Press Coverage 9

Vietnam and Watergate 10

Media Scandals 14

Social Media 15

Current Situation 18

Trump and the Media 18

Trust-Related Projects 20

Facebook and Google 21

Outlook 21

Unpleasant Truths 21

Notes 22

Bibliography 27

2 Media Bias 29

Should journalists try to be objective? 33

Has the proliferation of media watchdog groups fostered perceptions of media bias? 34

Are the media biased in favor of President Obama? 35

Background 37

Journalism's 'Dark Ages' 37

'Penny Papers' 38

Electronic Media 38

New Media 41

Blurring the Lines 43

Current Situation 44

Agenda-Driven News 44

Tweeting and More 46

Outlook 47

Dizzying Changes 47

Notes 48

Bibliography 51

3 Free Speech at Risk 55

Has technology made speech freer? 58

Should religious sensibilities be allowed to limit free expression? 60

Should the United States promote free speech abroad? 62

Background 63

Refusal to "Revoco" 63

Controlling the Press 64

Expanding Rights 66

Current Situation 70

Government Secrets 70

Information Explosion 72

Regulating the Press? 72

Reporters Under Attack 73

Outlook 73

Shame, Not Laws? 73

Notes 74

Bibliography 77

4 Press Freedom 79

Can governments control media coverage? 82

Will new government cyber controls effectively censor journalists? 84

Is press freedom a prerequisite for economic development? 87

Background 88

Fall of the Wall 88

Latin America Cracks Down 89

Chinese 'Schizophrenia' 90

Current Situation 93

Press Freedom Today 93

Deadliest Country 97

Outlook 98

'Critical Juncture' 98

Notes 99

Bibliography 103

5 Journalism Standards in the Internet Age 105

Should journalistic websites permit anonymous comments? 110

Should news media be held legally responsible for all material on their own websites? 111

Should news media allow their reporters to express opinions? 112

Background 113

In the Beginning 113

Rise of Standards 114

Accuracy and Objectivity 116

Current Situation 119

New Challenges 119

New Models 121

Outlook 123

New Codes 123

Notes 124

Bibliography 126

6 Press Freedom 129

Can media companies afford free-press battles? 132

Are independent bloggers entitled to free-press protections? 133

Is the era of mass-market objective journalism coming to an end? 135

Background 137

Shifting Boundaries 137

Changing Profession 137

Adversarial Journalism 138

Tide Turns 142

Current Situation 144

Shielding Everyone? 144

Subpoenaing Students 146

Freedom of Information 146

Outlook 147

Limited Resources 147

Notes 148

Bibliography 151

7 Polarization in America 153

Will political polarization inevitably increase across America? 156

Does a no-compromise stance threaten U.S. democracy? 157

Should the United States shift to a parliamentary system of government? 159

Background 161

Bickering and Brawling 161

Impact of the Filibuster 164

Polarizing Media 168

Current Situation 169

Intraparty Conflicts 169

Redistricting Reforms 171

Outlook 172

Proposed Solutions 172

Notes 172

Bibliography 176

8 Privacy and the Internet 179

Does the "right to be forgotten" violate free-speech principles? 184

Should nations regulate Internet privacy beyond their borders? 185

Should the United States adopt a "right to be forgotten"? 187

Background 188

Legacy of Fascism 188

Right to Be Forgotten 192

U.S. Privacy Rights 193

Free Speech Versus Privacy 193

Current Situation 194

Conflict Ahead 194

U.S. Privacy Legislation 195

Eraser Buttons 197

Outlook 198

Fragmented Internet? 198

Notes 198

Bibliography 201

9 Digital Journalism 205

Do digital-only publications benefit readers? 208

Do digital-only publications have drawbacks for readers? 210

Will the new digital news sites succeed financially? 211

Background 212

Changing Technologies 212

Exploiting the Web 213

Gaining Respect 216

Current Situation 219

Starting Up 219

Going Mobile 220

Outlook 223

"Golden Age"? 223

Notes 224

Bibliography 226

10 Conspiracy Theories 229

Are conspiracy theories becoming part of mainstream politics? 233

Do conspiracy theories appeal more to the right than the left? 234

Do conspiracy theories threaten democracy? 235

Background 236

Witch Hysteria 236

Conspiracy American-Style 237

Cold War Conspiracies 237

JFK and Beyond 238

Current Situation 244

Swine Flu Plot? 244

"Birthers" Challenged 246

Outlook 247

Looking for Answers 247

Notes 248

Bibliography 251

11 Internet Accuracy 255

Is information on the Internet reliable? 258

Is enough being done to teach people how to use the Web intelligently? 260

Can collaborative media like wikis be made reliable? 261

Background 264

Information Deluge 264

Cataloging Information 266

Search Engines Emerge 270

Current Situation 272

Who Will Pay? 272

Citizen Journalists 273

Outlook 274

Future of Search 274

Notes 275

Bibliography 277

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