It Depends: Writing on Technology Leadership 2012-2022

It Depends: Writing on Technology Leadership 2012-2022

by Kevin Goldsmith
It Depends: Writing on Technology Leadership 2012-2022

It Depends: Writing on Technology Leadership 2012-2022

by Kevin Goldsmith


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It Depends: Writing on Technology Leadership 2012-2022, a collection of essays and articles by technology executive Kevin Goldsmith, is a must-read for current or aspiring engineering managers, directors, and senior technology executives. With over thirty years of experience in leadership roles at industry-leading technology companies like IBM, Silicon Graphics, Microsoft, and Adobe, as well as early-stage startups and unicorns like Spotify, Avvo, Anaconda, and DistroKid, Goldsmith shares his knowledge about leading technology teams and larger organizations in this book.

The book covers a range of topics, including creating a culture of experimentation and innovation, managing day-to-day, career development as a technology leader, team building, and practical advice for handling the requirements of the engineering manager role. Goldsmith acknowledges that the context is different in every company and for every person, and he shares his wisdom to help leaders form solutions that make sense for their company, team, and themselves.

What sets Goldsmith's writing apart is his ability to provide practical advice and insights that few companies adequately train their managers on. He also offers guidance on how to move from managing a single team to managing managers, organization structure, building career development frameworks, diversity and inclusion, and hiring. By reading It Depends, you'll gain valuable insights into becoming a more effective leader in the technology industry.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9798218311513
Publisher: Unit Circle Press
Publication date: 03/04/2024
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 324
File size: 9 MB

About the Author

Kevin Goldsmith is a seasoned technology leader with over three decades of experience in the tech industry. As the current Chief Technology Officer at DistroKid, the world's leading digital music distributor, Kevin plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of music distribution. He is also the Principal and Founder of Nimble Autonomy, LLC, where he provides expert advice and mentorship to emerging start-up leaders and managers.Previously, Kevin has held several high-profile positions, including Chief Technology Officer at Anaconda, Onfido, and Avvo. He also made significant contributions as the Vice President of Engineering, Consumer at Spotify, Director of Engineering at Adobe Systems, and as a Development Lead at Microsoft. His diverse experience across these significant tech companies showcases his expertise and versatility in the field.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Engineering Culture
  • Fail Safe, Fail Smart... Succeed!
  • The challenge of top-down change and the Microsoft layoffs
  • Career Development
  • Taking a thoughtful approach to the job search process
  • When, why, and how to stop coding as your day job
  • The Personal Strategy Off-site
  • Own your calendar
  • In 2018 Decide to Work Deliberately
  • How I Get My Focused Work Done
  • The Known Unknowns
  • Becoming a CTO
  • Managing Teams
  • Building a vernacular with your engineering team
  • The p-word
  • Protecting your team from layoffs
  • Every decision creates a policy
  • What do I look for when hiring an engineer?
  • A resignation can be an opportunity
  • Addressing the challenges of partially distributed engineering teams
  • Twenty questions for your 1:1s
  • Writing Useful Performance Reviews: Assembling the data
  • Writing Useful Performance Reviews: Evaluating the data and writing the review
  • Writing Useful Performance Reviews: Making a raise recommendation
  • Writing Useful Performance Reviews: Delivering the review
  • Management and Systems Thinking
  • Agile
  • Hiring Agile Coaches
  • Transcript of my speech from OPEX Week Summer 2018
  • Leading Organizations
  • The Spotify model: how to create, dissolve, and remix teams to be more dynamic and more innovative
  • Thoughts on emulating Spotify's matrix organization in other companies
  • Using Self-Selection to Create Journey Teams at Avvo
  • Building a Management Training Curriculum at Avvo
  • A diversity challenge: tech start-ups have a great opportunity
  • Changing Hiring Practices to Build a More Diverse Technology Organization
  • Building a technical career path at Spotify
  • Spotify Technology Career Steps
  • Things We Learned Creating Technology Career Steps
  • The Myth of the Startup in a Large Company
  • Succession for Scale
  • Index
  • Footnotes
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