Journal of My Soul: : Finding Freedom

Journal of My Soul: : Finding Freedom

Journal of My Soul: : Finding Freedom

Journal of My Soul: : Finding Freedom


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Don't be fooled. This book is not a simple story of an immigrant coming to the USA in search of the good life. Nor is it necessarily about how the author escaped the Balkan civil war with his young family. The true theme of this powerful memoir (and the gift it offers) is a direct understanding of what it is to finally find one's true inner freedom.
This deeply personal account invites you to look through the eyes of one who was denied freedom at nearly every turn in life. What is it to be denied freedom from poverty and classism, freedom from communism and social conditioning, freedom from religious indoctrination, freedom from parental expectations, freedom from the fear of damnation,
freedom from a painful and oppressive marriage, freedom from terminal illness, sexual freedom, freedom to love and be loved, or simply the freedom to be your own true self? All of these are a part of Juro's story. He weaves his personal experiences with humor,
sadness, humility, and even a healthy peppering of rebellion! But there is also hope and the profound wisdom which came in direct response to Juro's existential questions. Those answers were the keys to his emotional and spiritual release (freedom!) and also the breadcrumbs which have led him down a new and exciting life path.
This touching true story is about finding the joy and hope in one's life regardless of circumstances and is guaranteed to remind us that we always carry within us the freedom to be who and what we truly are!

"This personal memoir by first-time author Juro Mršić is one of those stories. You will be fascinated by his chronicles from growing up in poverty in the former Yugoslavia, escaping that country just before the war, and eventually making his way to the Pacific Northwest in the United States. The author writes in incredible and honest detail about his thoughts and the challenges he faced. He also tells the poignant story of how he met the one woman who could teach him about what love really is.

The book is a powerful example that love will find a way no matter the odds."

Bruce Klein, Author
Do You Hear My Voice? - Discovering Jessica Again

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ISBN-13: 9798361172856
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 03/23/2023
Pages: 594
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.20(d)
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