Just Let Go

Just Let Go

by Courtney Walsh

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For Quinn Collins, buying the flower shop in downtown Harbor Pointe fulfills a childhood dream, but also gives her the chance to stick it to her mom, who owned the store before skipping town twenty years ago and never looking back. Completing much-needed renovations, however, while also competing for a prestigious flower competition with her mother as the head judge, soon has Quinn in over her head. Not that she’d ever ask for help.

Luckily, she may not need to. Quinn’s father and his meddling friends find the perfect solution in notorious Olympic skier Grady Benson, who had only planned on passing through the old-fashioned lakeside town. But when a heated confrontation leads to property damage, helping Quinn as a community-service sentence seems like the quickest way out—and the best way to avoid more negative press.

Quinn finds Grady reckless and entitled; he thinks she’s uptight and too regimented. Yet as the two begin to hammer and saw, Quinn sees glimpses of the vulnerability behind the bravado, and Grady learns from her passion and determination, qualities he seems to have lost along the way. But when a well-intentioned omission has devastating consequences, Grady finds himself cast out of town—and Quinn’s life—possibly forever. Forced to face the hurt holding her back, Quinn must finally let go or risk missing out on the adventure of a lifetime.

Includes discussion questions.

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ISBN-13: 9781496421555
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date: 06/05/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 189,916
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A diner in some little tourist town in Michigan was no place for Grady Benson, but here he was. From the second he walked in the door, it was clear he'd made a mistake. Eyes found and followed him all the way to this table, conspicuously located at the center of the space.

A girl with glasses and wild, curly hair rushed over and set a glass of water in front of him.

If he had to guess, he'd say tourist season was over and this place was filled with locals. He didn't even catch the name of the diner when he walked in, but when Wild Hair handed him the menu, he read Hazel's Kitchen: Harbor Pointe, Michigan on the cover and figured that's where he was.

Where he definitely should not be.

So much for staying under the radar.

"Did you see the sign on your way in? It had all the specials written on it." Wild Hair wore a nametag that read Betsy. Now that he looked at her, she was cute, in a small-town, innocent sort of way. Not like the girls he was used to dating. They were anything but innocent.

"I didn't." He opened the menu and kept his head down, but the whispers started despite his best efforts to disappear. Apparently Harbor Pointe had noticed him.

"Can I just get a cheeseburger with everything, fries, and a chocolate milk shake?"

Betsy's eyes went wide. "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

He glanced up at her, and she quickly swiped the menu out of his hand.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that."

"What do you think I should eat?" he asked.

She looked away, visibly ruffled. "Grilled chicken with a big plate of roasted vegetables and a glass of water?" There was a question in her voice.

He pretended to think it over for a few seconds but shook his head. "I'll stick with the cheeseburger."

She scribbled something on her notepad, then scurried away like a mouse. Grady sat for a few long minutes, feeling too big for the chair she'd put him in. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened Twitter.

Grady Benson needs to learn the art of knowing when to quit.

Benson chokes again. Time to hang up the skis, buddy.

Kiss the Olympics good-bye, GB. You'll be lucky to land a job training little kids with a run like that. #crashandburn

He clicked the screen off and flicked it on the table with a clunk.

The race in Vermont would follow him all the way to Colorado with Twitter comments echoing in his head. He should've just gotten on a plane like everyone else. A solo road trip to clear his head suddenly seemed like a ridiculous idea.

Betsy returned with his milk shake, half of it in a tall glass with whipped cream and a cherry on top, the other half still in the metal mixing container. He ate healthy most of the time — it was one of the few rules he actually followed — but he didn't feel like making wise choices right now.

He wanted to do whatever he wanted to do.

Grady glanced up as the door opened and a pretty blonde woman walked in. She wore ripped jeans rolled at the ankles, slouchy and a little too big for her, along with a gray T-shirt underneath an army-green jacket that cinched in at the waist. Like him, she looked out of place, like she didn't belong here, but judging by the welcome she received when she walked in the door, she absolutely did.

He couldn't tell, but it seemed the crowd at the front of the diner was congratulating her about something. Not his business. He went back to his milk shake, and a few seconds later his food arrived.

Betsy stood beside the table for an awkward beat. "Need anything else?" she finally asked.

"I'm good, I think," he said. "Thanks."

She nodded, then skittered away, leaving him to eat in peace. He took a bite of his burger and washed it down with a swig of the shake. While so many of the people around him still seemed on high alert that he was sitting there, several had gone back to their own meals, their own food, their own company.

"Hey, aren't you Grady Benson?"

Grady turned in the direction of the voice and found a booth of three guys, early twenties, off to his left. He swallowed his bite and gave them a nod.

"I remember watching you at the last Olympics, man," one of the guys said. "Tough loss."

"He didn't lose, you idiot; he came in fourth," another guy said.

He didn't need the reminder. The first guy was right. He'd lost. Fourth place had never been good enough, not when he was favored to win the gold. Not when he only had himself to blame.

"Don't beat yourself up, man. Hard to come back after something like that."

"I'm fine." Grady set his burger down.

The guy laughed. "Dude, you're done."

"Jimmy," one of the other guys warned.

Grady gritted his teeth.

Jimmy laughed again. "What? You saw what happened in Vermont. He didn't even finish. Washed-up at thirty, that's gotta suck."

He should stand up and walk away. He should pay the waitress, get in his SUV, and keep driving to Colorado, where he could get ready for the next race. He should ... but he didn't.

He'd been listening to commentators talk about his skiing, his messy technique, his disregard for the rules for years — but now they'd started using terms like washed-up and retirement, and whenever he heard them, something inside him snapped.

Grady turned toward the table. "You got a problem with me?"

Jimmy's expression turned smug. "I'm just not a fan, is all. You're not as great as you think you are."

Grady reminded himself he didn't know this guy, didn't care what he thought. And yet something about Jimmy was really getting under his skin. He looked around for Betsy so he could get his check and leave.

But Jimmy didn't let up. "We all watched the races the other day. Guy choked. He choked, man."

"Dude, shut up," his friend said.

"Supposed to be the fastest guy on the slopes, but my Aunt Frieda could've skied better than him. In her sleep."

"You don't even have an Aunt Frieda." The other guy sounded as irritated with his friend as Grady was. Grady's knuckles had gone white around the edge of the table.

"Heard he got his girlfriend pregnant and then tried to pay her to keep quiet. Not like he's got a squeaky-clean image to protect or anything."

That was it. How that lie had ever picked up steam, Grady didn't know, but he was sick of hearing it. Grady spun out of his chair and lunged at Jimmy, pulling him out of the booth by his jacket. A plate crashed to the floor, but Grady barely noticed.

Jimmy tried to fight him off, but he was several inches shorter and not half as strong as Grady. Still, he managed to squirm from Grady's grasp, falling into a table and knocking over more dishes.

The guy didn't know when to quit. He smirked at Grady. "I forgot you've got a temper, too. Is that why nobody wants you on the team?"

Who did this punk kid think he was? Grady didn't hold back as he hauled off and punched Jimmy square in the jaw. Jimmy's body shot backward into a wall of framed photos, which shattered when they hit the floor.

Grady stepped back to catch his breath when out of nowhere, Jimmy lunged toward him, catching him off guard and ramming Grady's body into the long counter on the other side of the diner. He was scrappy, Grady would give him that, but this kid didn't have nearly the fighting experience Grady did. He'd grown up fighting. He practically enjoyed it. He knew how to handle himself.

Grady wrestled him to the ground, his only focus to keep him there. Jimmy yanked himself from Grady's grasp and landed a punch across his left eye. Anger welled up inside him as the sting of pain zipped through his body. Grady's mind spun; long-buried grief demanded to be felt. He had Jimmy's comments to thank for that.

Washed-up at thirty.

Injuries beyond repair.

Sloppy technique.

Embarrassed. Frustrated. Ashamed.

Someone grabbed him from behind and pulled him off Jimmy. Only then did Grady realize he'd unleashed the full force of his rage on the man, who now lay beneath him, bloody and moaning.

He shrugged from the grasp of the person who'd pulled him away and wiped his face on his sleeve. He scanned the diner and found pairs of eyes darting away from him. All but one. The blonde's. She stood off to the side, unmoving, watching him.

He looked away.

He didn't need to be judged by Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes.

Jimmy's friends pulled him to his feet as two officers in uniform yanked the front door open. Grady glanced at Betsy, who wouldn't meet his eyes. He should apologize. He'd made a huge mess of the place. Tables were overturned, at least one of them broken. The glass from the shattered picture frames crunched underneath his feet, and there was at least one place where they'd put a hole in the wall. Oh no, make it two.

He didn't even remember doing that.

Before he could say anything to the wild-haired waitress (or anyone else), one of the cops — an older man with a wrinkled face — grabbed him by the arm. "You'll have to come with me, son."

The other officer did the same to Jimmy, who immediately launched into his side of the story, spouting about how Grady "freaked out for no reason" and "I'm the victim here, man."

Grady let the older cop lead him through the small crowd, avoiding the stares of the people who'd just witnessed yet another of his colossal mistakes. The blonde stood near the door, arms crossed over her chest. She said nothing, but her eyes never left his as the officer pushed him through the door and into the street.

"Do I need to cuff you, or have you calmed down?" the cop asked.

"You don't need to cuff me," Grady said, wishing he'd never stopped in this ridiculous town in the first place. What was it that made him pull off at the Harbor Pointe exit? He wasn't particularly hungry — he was just tired of driving. He should've kept going. If only he could rewind the last hour.

Who was he kidding? He'd have to rewind a lot further back than that to undo the mess he'd made.

The second officer was shoving Jimmy into the back of a squad car parked at the curb.

"Look, Officer —" Grady turned toward the older man — "I'm sorry I lost my temper back there. I'll pay for the damages to the diner."

"I'm sure you will." He opened the other back door of the car and motioned for Grady to get in.

"There's really no need for this," Grady said. "I screwed up. I get it. But I'm fine now, and I'll make it right."

"Well, your version of 'making it right' might not be the judge's version of 'making it right.'" He eyed Grady. "There's still time for the cuffs."

Grady let out a stream of hot air, anger prickling the back of his neck as he leaned down and got into the car. Jimmy sat on the opposite side, sulking. At least he'd shut up. For now, anyway.

Through the windows of Hazel's Kitchen, Grady saw the people who'd witnessed the fight picking up overturned tables and chairs and sweeping broken plates into a dustpan. What a mess he'd made.

The main stretch of Harbor Pointe was made up of cotton candy–colored buildings neatly stacked together on either side of the street. As they drove, he saw a bakery, a flower shop, a couple more diners, antique stores. Old-fashioned lampposts shone on alternating sides of the street, casting a warm yellow hue over the brick road in front of them.

They drove in silence for several seconds until finally the older officer turned around and looked at Grady.

"I know you're not from here. What kind of beef could you possibly have with Jimmy?"

"He's crazy," Jimmy said.

"I'm not talking to you," the cop said.

"No beef. Just don't like people with smart mouths."

The cop laughed. "That I understand."

"It's not funny, Sheriff," Jimmy protested. "I'm pressing charges. Assault and battery. And I want a lawyer because I didn't do anything here." Jimmy was still riled up, and normally Grady would be too, but he'd been here before. He knew exactly what would happen next. He'd be arrested. Booked. Pay a fine and be on his way.

Though, sadly, this time, he wasn't even sure where he was on his way to.


Excerpted from "Just Let Go"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Courtney Walsh.
Excerpted by permission of Tyndale House Publishers.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Rachel Hauck

A charming story about discovering joy amidst life’s disappointments, Just Let Go is a delightful treat for Courtney Walsh’s growing audience.

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Just Let Go 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
Nickyreads 6 months ago
A great read. I love a love story that touches on the questions and struggles we face in life. This book does that with a heartfelt message that I think many of us need to hear. Grady is a man who is running from the past and chasing after the things that don't satisfy in life. Quinn is a woman who has closed herself off, and is quite comfortable in her comfort zone. When these two world collide, you get a story of how Good can work through anyone, to reach anyone.
Laundry_Whispers More than 1 year ago
This is my second Courtney Walsh book and I've yet to not fall in love with her writing, her characters, and I'm still in love with Harbor Pointe. This time we meet Quinn, daughter of the sheriff and a runaway florist. Steadfast, goal driven, with little use for risk taking she's the new owner of the local floral shop; bringing back into the family. With one goal in mind, winning the state floral competition and gaining the attention of her mother who disappeared 20 years ago. We also meet Grady, Olympic skier and current world champion in Alpine skiing. Hotheaded, very driven, and with quite a chip on his shoulder and a recent string of failures that has the world doubting him. A fight in the local diner brings them together but they both have to let go of their own past hurts in order to see a future, with or without each other. 'When will you ever stop seeing everyone through that lens, Quinn?' 'What lens?' She could feel herself bristling. Carly turned toward her. 'That lens of brokenness.' Go Carly (that would be Quinn's sister by the way)! Quinn, like so many of us, has stagnated her life in that moment she can't control, can't understand, and wants to take back so desperately that she's built her life around it. The moment her mom was gone. Grady had a similar situation. His entire skiing career was built on a moment he can't take back, a moment that changed his life (and the life of his family) forever. We all have that one (or sometimes multiple) life defining moment that shades the way we view the world from that moment forward. Our own personal lens of brokenness. I read this book last week when I was home on Jammication. I had full intentions of doing so many things. All the things, if you will. I didn't do many of the things. I spent the week beginning to finally try to come to turns with my own standstill moment. (I'll post about that separately in the coming weeks.) I did a lot of reading (something I'd fallen away from in my brokenness). I did a lot of Netflixing. I did a lot of thinking and writing and crying and living. As Jammication is coming to an end as I write this I had to take a moment and just let it go. A tiny bit. Not all of it. I've not completed this particular journey. There's more to do to get to that. I'm not hanging out in a book after all where it has to be figured out in 300ish (give or take) pages. 'Grady was used to doing things a certain way. I felt like shaking that up a little might knock some sense into his head. We only fond out what we're really made of when our backs are up against the wall, you know.' She looked away. 'Sometimes our biggest setbacks turn out to be our greatest blessings.' Judge gave her shoulder a slight squeeze. I'm not here yet, but perhaps you are. It's like the rainbow after a storm. That moment when you realize that the crack on your lens is becoming invisible, it was repaired with care. You would think, reading this review, that all I took away from this book was a focus on past hurts, personal drama, and brokenness. Perhaps a moment of healing or two. That's not it though. I took away from this book memorable people that I would love to visit in a fictional town that I would move to if it were in a more temperate climate. I found that sometimes the idea opposites attract is true because sometimes the things that make someone an obvious opposite is really based in the same reality. Just a different way to express it. Hurt.
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this romantic story. I look forward to more stories set in Harbor Pointe. I liked Grady from the beginning but am so glad that he learns to grow up. I love the name of the book because we do all need to learn to just let go in life. I had a hard time putting this book down. Everyone needs to learn to do what they enjoy not what you think someone else wants you to like. I received a copy of this book from Celebratelit for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
MeezCarrie More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars “Sometimes, Quinn, we have to get out of our comfort zone in order to see what else God has for us.” Oh how I love Courtney Walsh’s novels, and Just Let Go is one of my new faves! Authentically flawed (even the Christians – gasp!), real characters whose weekly brunch you absolutely want to crash, people you want to hang out with as friends. A quaint town with shops you want to visit and a Winter Carnival you’re itching to attend. A gentle-but-convicting (and not preachy) message about letting go of our illusion of control and placing our lives in God’s hands. I loved the cast of secondary characters as much as I loved Grady and Quinn, especially Gus (her dad) and his gang of friends. What a solid group of people that bring humor and heart to the story, exactly where and when it’s most needed. The importance of community is portrayed so beautifully here. And oh how I can relate to Quinn, at least on some levels. I know what it’s like to avoid risks, to stick to the predictable. But I also know how life begins when you step outside of that tightly-held comfort zone and let God do His thing. Grady and Quinn both have control issues – and they both need to learn how to surrender that to the only One who is really in control. I loved that Walsh allowed Quinn – a Christian – to struggle with this element of faith. Because I’ve certainly been there, and I enjoy seeing characters who mirror my own battles , not just the more obvious ones that Grady faced. The ones that may not show up in a reckless lifestyle… just the opposite in fact … but are just as detrimental to our souls. Bottom Line: Courtney Walsh has once again delivered a smartly-written romance with humor, a little heat, and a lot of heart. Her characters come alive on the page, and her message of letting go is organically woven into the story and touching. Swoonilicious kisses, grin-inducing flirting, and some truly romantic moments make this a must-read, and I wasn’t quite ready for it to end when it did. More, please!!! Perfect for fans of Becky Wade and Melissa Tagg, make sure this series is on your TBR pile! (I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book)
Deana0326 More than 1 year ago
I love reading books from this author because she takes everyday struggles and shows us how to grow from them. It was not easy for Quinn growing up without a mother. She longs to be wanted but sometimes puts a wall up for protection. The little girl in her yearns for her mother's approval and I think she wanted to hear her mother say how sorry she was for abandoning her. Quinn is very easy to relate to. I always wanted to be wanted by my parents as well. That dream of hearing them say they loved me never happened. The rejection caused me not to trust and relationships were non existent. Quinn shuts herself away from everyone and hasn't learned how to enjoy life. Will she ever learn how to have fun? Grady is bigger than life as a very skilled and famous skier. He is well known but finds himself in the small town where Quinn lives. His fall from grace in the skiing world is hard on him. I loved how the judge made Grady stay in town and not be lenient on him as he breaks the law. I found it very intriguing when Grady and Quinn met each other. It is very obvious that Quinn doesn't like Grady and is not impressed with his star status. There are times when Quinn is pretty unfriendly towards Grady. They both have chips on their shoulders and it was fun to read how they each dealt with it. How many times have we judged someone and wouldn't let them have a second chance? Have you ever been judged before? Quinn is really hard on Grady at times and I was a bit angry at her. The funny thing is , I am a lot like her. I have pushed people away, built a wall around my heart and felt unloved. Grady seems to deal with rejection as well. Will his father ever forgive him? Can Grady forgive himself for something he feels responsible for? The story is a wonderful look at forgiveness, letting go, swallowing our pride and allowing God to heal our wounds. "Sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone in order to see what else God has for us." "Sometimes our biggest setbacks turn out to be our greatest blessings." I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.
Ourpugs More than 1 year ago
Just let Go It was the first time I had heard the name Quinn for a girl and at first I got confused and was also one named Lane. So I had keep reminding myself for the first few chapters of some of the ones that were female. Grady is an professional skier and was passing thru a tourist town in Michigan but while in a restaurant gets in a fight and then gets sentenced to do community service by the judge there. I really enjoyed Grady Benson especially when he helped Jaden the nephew of Quinn. Loved how close Quinn’s family was but was minus their mother that left when they were young. Quinn always had a hard time dealing with her mother being gone. Quinn just brought the flower shop and has memories with her mother there. Both Grady and Quinn had past issues to get over. I enjoyed the book. I received an complementary copy of the book from the publisher through Celebrate Lit. I was not required an positive review and this is my honest opinion.
gatorade635 More than 1 year ago
Another amazing and beautiful book from the talented Courtney Walsh!! I’m a relatively new fan (only read my first novel of hers in October) but this is my fifth book of hers and she has officially become one of my favorite authors! I not-so-patiently awaited this book’s arrival in my mailbox and when it came I immediately set aside my current read (sorry not sorry) and dove in. I was completely in love with both Grady and Quinn. Grady had a lot of work to do, but I loved watching him strive to be a better man and was cheering for him all the way. He always did life fast and his own way never listening or caring what others had to say but then Harbor Pointe forces him to slow down and Quinn gives him a reason to be better. His transformation throughout the book was one of my favorite parts and by the end he really was someone to admire! Quinn is stuck, she does life by the book, and doesn’t deviate from the plan of how she thinks her life should go. Until Grady. It was such fun to watch him push her out of her normal little by little. They were as opposite as you can get but in all the right ways that complimented and challenged the other. I absolutely loved revisiting Harbor Pointe and it’s become one of my favorite fictional towns. I love all the various townspeople and the unique flair they each brought. Especially Quinn’s Dad and the judge. Also loved the whole Olympics aspect of the story since I’m a bit of an Olympics junkie! I devoured this story and could stop reading because I just had to see how it would all work out! I can’t recommend Courtney’s books enough and this one is beyond amazing! I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.
gatorade635 More than 1 year ago
Another amazing and beautiful book from the talented Courtney Walsh!! I’m a relatively new fan (only read my first novel of hers in October) but this is my fifth book of hers and she has officially become one of my favorite authors! I not-so-patiently awaited this book’s arrival in my mailbox and when it came I immediately set aside my current read (sorry not sorry) and dove in. I was completely in love with both Grady and Quinn. Grady had a lot of work to do, but I loved watching him strive to be a better man and was cheering for him all the way. He always did life fast and his own way never listening or caring what others had to say but then Harbor Pointe forces him to slow down and Quinn gives him a reason to be better. His transformation throughout the book was one of my favorite parts and by the end he really was someone to admire! Quinn is stuck, she does life by the book, and doesn’t deviate from the plan of how she thinks her life should go. Until Grady. It was such fun to watch him push her out of her normal little by little. They were as opposite as you can get but in all the right ways that complimented and challenged the other. I absolutely loved revisiting Harbor Pointe and it’s become one of my favorite fictional towns. I love all the various townspeople and the unique flair they each brought. Especially Quinn’s Dad and the judge. Also loved the whole Olympics aspect of the story since I’m a bit of an Olympics junkie! I devoured this story and could stop reading because I just had to see how it would all work out! I can’t recommend Courtney’s books enough and this one is beyond amazing! I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.
bsnksmom More than 1 year ago
Fresh off yet another disappointing finish on the slopes, Alpine skier Grady Benson stops off in Harbor Pointe, Michigan expecting a quiet, peaceful meal. What he gets instead, is a mouthy heckler intent on ruining his night. He doesn’t need anyone to point his flaws out to him. He already knows them all. He especially doesn’t need to hear it from some loudmouth in a tiny town at the back of beyond. When his famous temper slips its leash, the damage he does to the diner is another footnote in a long list of transgressions. Hauled off to jail, he’s stunned to learn that - this time - his fame and money won’t get him off with just a warning. He’s about to spend the next 30 days doing community service, starting with fixing the diner he wrecked. How in the world is he going to make the Olympic team if he’s going to miss nearly all of the qualifying races? Quinn Collins has lived in Harbor Pointe all her life. In fact, she just bought the only flower shop in town – partly because she loves the store, but mostly because it used to be her mother’s shop. She’s never really noticed all the people in town who have shown love to her, because she was too busy missing the one person who walked away, deserting not just her husband, but two little girls who needed their mom. Quinn’s main goal the last few years, has been to win the Flower Expo, and prove to her mother, one of the Expo judges, that Quinn has value, and didn’t deserve to be tossed away. When it’s Quinn’s turn to keep Grady busy, sparks fly. She’s unimpressed by his athletic prowess, and doesn’t understand why everyone treats him like God’s gift to humanity everywhere he goes. Grady, on the other hand, can’t figure out what it is about Quinn that draws him in. She makes him regret his reputation, and makes him want to be a better man, and he’s finding out that he enjoys nudging her out of her comfort zone. Can Grady show Quinn that he’s not the man she read about on social media? Can he show her the heart that beats beneath his perfect exterior? Can they both learn that their histories don’t have to define them forever? Will letting go of their pasts set them on a course for love in their futures? With deeply flawed characters, gentle humor, and heart-wrenching back-stories, Ms. Walsh breathes life into Harbor Pointe. I loved how small town life was portrayed. I recognized many aspects of my own small town, and I’m sure every other reader will also recognize bits and pieces of where they live in the pages of Just Let Go. This has been a joy to read! Romance readers should absolutely add this to their TBR stack.
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
Just Let Go is a story of opposites attracts and of letting go of the past. Quinn is as steadfast as anyone can be. She is dependable; her friends can set their watches by her, reliable, and not a risk taker and maybe just a bit boring. She has just purchased her flower shop that is tied to her past and her dreams of her future. She has one goal, and that goal is to somehow get the attention of the mother who abandoned her family. Grady on the other hand is reckless and a danger seeker. He is an Olympic skier with a reputation of a bad boy who doesn’t take instruction well, is a womanizer, and has a quick temper and oftentimes finds himself in a fight. Well, Grady picked the wrong town to fight in, as the Judge and Sheriff (Quinn’s father) decide this bad boy needs some adjusting in his thinking. As you can imagine, that does not go over well with Grady but it is just what he needs to settle him down and take a good look at his spiraling out of control life. Much to Quinn’s dismay, Grady is assigned to Quinn’s team for the town faire so that he may work off his community service. These two are like oil and water and do not get along. However, as Grady gets to know Quinn and makes it his mission to show her some fun, he begins to see his life in a new light and Quinn becomes much more than a challenge for him. He sees life through her eyes and the possibilities of what he has been missing. Both Quinn and Grady have past issues that are preventing them from living life to its fullest. I enjoyed the mutual help, (with a little bit of help from the town), that each gave to one another as both learned to just let go. It was a bumpy road for both but the end result was a satisfying conclusion. I received a complimentary copy of this novel. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.
vics49548 More than 1 year ago
Surprisingly this was my first book by author Courtney Walsh but it won’t be my last. Just Let Go is a charming read that got better as the book progressed. By the final few chapters I couldn’t put it down or turn the pages fast enough. The characters were well developed and enjoyable to get to know. Walsh’s description of small town Harbor Pointe made me want to live there. Or at least go visit. I loved it! There were a few threads to follow which kept the story moving fairly quickly. I appreciated how the characters had to come to grips with their struggles and allow God to work in their lives. However at no time did anything come across as preachy. It just flowed naturally. If you enjoy clean, charming stories of small town life with romance thrown in then you’ll enjoy this book. I highly recommend it. I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
PianoLady831 More than 1 year ago
If ever a story swept me up and wouldn’t let go, it’s Courtney Walsh’s new release, Just Let Go. Walsh is one of those outstanding contemporary writers who pack lots of complexity beneath the surface of what looks like a simple opposites-attract romance, leaving you questioning if they will ever get together. Well written, with snappy dialogue and subtle humor, Just Let Go thoroughly entertains. The setting of Harbor Pointe, Michigan, is a draw in itself, for who wouldn’t want to visit the quaint shops, meet even a few of the memorable characters, and attend the winter carnival? As for Grady and Quinn … these two might seem to be totally incompatible at first, but as the novel progresses, we begin to see that they are not so different. Even though Grady at first comes off as prideful, short tempered, and reckless, hints as to his troubled past are revealed early on, drawing me to him. Quinn, with her obsessive goal to win at the Michigan Floral Expo, equated that as the only way to secure her mother’s attention – a mother who had abandoned Quinn in the past. Romance fans will find the chemistry between these two absolutely delightful! Stories of redemption and beginning anew are so rewarding to read, walking beside characters like Grady and Quinn and identifying with their struggles and victories. The title also has a deeper meaning that led me to reflect on things that I possibly need to let go of spiritually, something that readers should easily connect with. Highly recommended. I received a copy of this book through Celebrate Lit. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
JUST LET GO is, I think, the first book I read by Courtney Walsh and I'm intrigued enough by it that I am going to look up her previous books--or at least the ones in this series: Just Look Up (I think that is all in this series, I may be wrong.) I absolutely LOVED the host of secondary characters. Betsy with her sweet, shy personality and her wild hair, the Sheriff and Judge, best friends, firm, yet quirky, and numerous others. At first I wasn't sure about Quinn and Grady -- Grady is rather explosive, and he's a playboy, Quinn is uptight. But I sat up and took notice of the book (it snagged my interest) when the Judge handed down his verdict and I saw the direction the book was going. (You GO, Judge!!!) I initially was surprised by the length of this book--almost two times the size of a normal paperback, but it was gripping, engaging, and a sweet story with realistic characters. I couldn't read it fast enough. If you like contemporary romance, grab a copy of JUST LET GO for a great summer read. I was given a copy free. All opinions are my own.
MelissaF More than 1 year ago
If you haven’t read a book by Courtney Walsh you are really missing out. She has a way of creating a small town and bringing every single character to life with their own unique personality. This book was no different. I loved Harbor Pointe (maybe because I live in Michigan and can easily think of several small towns this setting reminded me of). Quinn reminded me a lot of myself. She is holding on to hope that she has power to fix the past. To show her mom she is good enough (not that I had any issues with my mom), but I get her insecurities in life. Grady is trying to overcome his regrets. What he doesn’t see it that can only happen with Jesus and he is trying to do it on his own. I loved having the opportunity to be on the slopes. I have never skied in my life and I have no desire to but it was fun to read about it. I really enjoyed this contemporary romance and recommend it. A copy of this book was given to me through the Celebrate Lit Team. All opinions are my own.
LoriP123 More than 1 year ago
Just Let Go is the second book in Courtney Walsh's Harbor Pointe series and definitely worth reading. The author writes stories about imperfect characters trying to find contentment and happiness in an imperfect and messy world. Just Let Go is a story about two people who are total opposites finding love and joy in spite of their differences and life disappointments. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more books by Courtney in the future. I was given an ARC from the author/publisher. All conclusions are mine and mine alone.
Becky6 More than 1 year ago
Courtney Walsh gets better and better with every book that she writes! “Just Let Go” is the second novel in the Harbor Point series. This time we get to visit Quinn, a local florist, and Grady, a world famous Olympic skiier. These are the kind of characters that you want to have join you at the breakfast table, an incredible faith journey, and a beautiful opposites attract romance that melts the heart. Quinn is not your wild and untamed kind of woman. She enjoys her predictable and quiet life in Harbor, refusing to take risks. She just became the proud owner of the florist shop making her dreams come true. Her character is one that I think many readers will identify with. Then there’s Grady. He is not just a world famous Olympic skiier, but he is handsome, sassy, a flirt, and reckless. There is more than meets the eye to this guy causing to him to become a favorite swoony character. Honestly, I’m not sure if I love Brooks or Grady more. They’re both amazing fictional men. It was wonderful visiting Harbor Pointe again and it just adds to many more reasons why it’s one of my favorite fictional towns. We get to experience some different aspects of the town as well as some of our favorite places. This a story that is more than just a romance. It’s raw, vulnerable, and has all of the feels. You will laugh, cry, cheer, pretty much everything. This is a story of letting go and forgiving, especially those who will never change. It’s a beautifully crafted story that will stay with you long after the story is over. Seriously, this should be a movie. Highly recommended!! Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review, which I have given. I was not required to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.
Phyllis_H More than 1 year ago
Just Let Go by Courtney Walsh Abandoned by her mother when she was 9, Quinn’s need for control was overpowering at times. It wasn’t that she was bossy for the sake of being in charge – she needed to feel like she had at least a semblance of a possibility of having things work out the way she hoped. The “perfect” world she worked so hard to create was safe but caused her to miss out on so much. She became a creature of habit and was shackled to the town she loved, fearing to travel or change her routine. I couldn’t help but fall for Grady. True, he had a terrible temper. True, he was cocky. True, he didn’t exactly live an exemplary life. But there was a hint of vulnerability to him and as the layers of his heart were revealed, it became obvious that he was a broken and hurting man, doing his best to handle the guilt that ravaged his soul. Reading Just Let Go was quite an adventure! At one point in the story, when Grady thanked Quinn in the diner, I was laughing so hard I had to stop reading. I seriously don’t remember laughing that hard while reading a book for a while. Once I could contain myself, I read a little more but started laughing again as I thought about it. He was so arrogant and such a rat for intentionally saying what he did! Then, in the next chapter, just a few pages away, my heart ached as I got more insight into what happened with Benji and Grady’s motivation to ski and to win. As with all of this author’s books that I have read, there were just so many things to love. I make a habit of highlighting lines as I read, marking ones that I want to come back to later and consider posting on my blog. I knew that I was highlighting a lot, but didn’t expect it would be more than 30. Oops! Being a part of Grady and Quinn’s spiritual journeys was such a joy. This is a book that I want to read again and again. This review was originally posted on AmongTheReads.net. Get a preview of Just Let Go at amongTheReads.net I would like to thank Celebrate Lit, Netgalley, Tyndale House Publishers for giving me this copy of the book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.
BethErin More than 1 year ago
The author has skillfully crafted a relatable story which is simultaneously encouraging, challenging, practical, and entertaining. Quinn Collins is firmly rooted in her small hometown and her comfort zone, both qualities I appreciate… in moderation. I love Quinn’s community and the way she is surrounded by her friends and family. Grady Benson definitely has the arrogant professional athlete vibe going but oh, he is one intriguing character beneath the surface! He has setbacks and insecurities just like the rest of us with the exception of a much bigger audience. Just Let Go‘s engaging plot and heartfelt message are spot-on. I highly recommend this story and look forward to the next installment of the Harbor Pointe series! I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review. The opinions expressed are my own.
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
I have to start by saying how much I love the cover of this book. I love the way the guy on the cover is a little blurry, leaving room for the imagination. I love the colors and I love the beautiful font for the title. I also really loved book one of this series, so I was very hopeful that Just Let Go would live up to my expectations…and it did! Grady and Quinn were opposites in many ways, especially at the opening of this novel. I was absolutely enthralled with both of their journeys. They each had things that they were holding onto that were weighing down and sabotaging the real living of their lives. I appreciated Grady’s faith journey in this story. It felt real and definitely not contrived. Everything didn’t just suddenly make sense to him, it was one small step after the other on a path to understanding. Grady grew a lot in this novel. Just Let Go had so much heart, so many great lessons on perseverence and the importance of letting go of things that are not healthy for you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I loved it from start to finish! I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
swissgranny More than 1 year ago
From the setting in a small town in Michigan, to the realistically flawed, but engaging characters, this book drew me in quickly and wouldn’t let go. Author Courtney Walsh has penned a sweet story of determination, redemption, forgiveness, and trust that is brimming with hope. Although Grady took a while to grow on me, I was drawn to Quinn easily and was rooting for her to heal and be successful. Walsh is talented at bringing her characters to life, and I enjoyed seeing Grady and Quinn deal with their individual pasts and let go of the hurts and pain. I loved the cast of secondary characters and their small-town friendliness. The cover of this book alone would have made me grab it and read, but the story within the pages is even more charming and refreshing. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys clean contemporary romance. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
JudyinHuntsvilleAL More than 1 year ago
Courtney Walsh paints such a vivid picture of Harbor Pointe that I want to go visit. And not just for the beautiful landscape - but becasue the people there are God-loving people who are willing to step up and do help others, even when they may not want it or understand they need it. Such is the case with both of the main characters in the book who are on a quest to follow their dreams. Courtney's characters are not perfect and come to the story carrying their own baggage from life events [and don't we all have some?] But through the help of others and guidance from God they come to see that they must let go of some things if they want to move forward to the good things awaiting them. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love how Courtney Walsh weaves a relationship with God into her stories. Her characters are not perfect, but they grow and learn from each other as God weaves their stories. A great book! You'll not be disappointed -
ananunezzz More than 1 year ago
Just Let Go is a sweet story of a small town romance. But this book isn’t just your typical small town romance. It’s as down to earth and realistic as a small town romance gets. The characters have real life struggles that we all face in different ways at different times in life. The themes of resentment, bitterness, fear, forgotten dreams, forgiveness are explored. Best yet, everything does not work out in the end, and that is just fine because something better takes place in the hearts of these characters: the promise of redemption and new life. We see both extremes of those who have been hurt and experienced loss, from being too fearful to take any risks to taking risks recklessly. This story leads us through a realistic vision of what life is like when we hand over our wounds to the care of Jesus and what beauty He can make of them in our surrender. The subtle gospel theme that’s woven into the story really reels you in. It isn’t in your face, but it’s there. All in all, God changes and redeems any heart regardless of how badly you have been hurt or have hurt others. The best taste this book will leave in your mouth is the power of self forgiveness. God enables us to love and forgive ourselves for even our worst offenses, and that is one of the most comforting truths.
Mocha-with-Linda More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Courtney Walsh has crafted a fabulous story full of interesting and realistic characters. Well okay, to be honest, I didn't much care for Grady initially. (I know, that was intentional on Walsh's part.) I am not one to gush over celebrities and egotistical folks like him really annoy me. But like Quinn, as the story progressed, I began to warm to the vulnerable and hurting side that he carefully tried to conceal with all of his bluster and shenanigans. As for Quinn, she garnered my sympathies right away, and I ached for the void she felt due to her mother's departure. Walsh expertly portrays the hurts and inner struggles Quinn and Grady experience while keeping the story upbeat with plenty of light-hearted and often amusing moments. Important messages of faith, forgiveness, and moving forward blend seamlessly into this compelling tale that also pulses with the perfect amount of romantic tension. Just Let Go of whatever is holding you back from adding this to your summer reading list, and grab your copy today. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a copy of this book free from Courtney Walsh and Tyndale House Publishers. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
irishniff More than 1 year ago
I so enjoyed Courtney Walsh’s romantic return to Harbor Pointe. Just Let Go is her second book set in this charming tourist town along the shores of Lake Michigan and Walsh’s characters make the town such a great place to visit. The lessons that her characters learn in regards to faith, trust and courage are good lessons for us all. Although Just Let Go can be read alone, the first book from Harbor Pointe, Just Look Up, is a good read too! I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher. All opinions in this review are mine.
C_Astfalk More than 1 year ago
Kudos to Courtney Walsh for making an entitled, hard-partying jock a lovable hero. For all of Grady Benson's flaws, just enough of his personal heartbreak is revealed, bit-by-bit, to allow the reader to see behind the veneer, making him a full-dimensional character rather than the caricature he could so easily have been. The same goes for the more naturally likable, if bristly, Quinn Collins. For all of the order she's created in her regimented life, her insecurities are what make her shine. Not just the hurt from her mother's abandonment, but the natural fears and flaws that dog so many "good girls," from a tendency to become self-righteous (even if it's only an internal disposition) to her fear of being so un-worldly as to be unattractive and unworthy of the attentions of someone like Grady. Having recently read a romance heavy on history and super-light on the personal interplay needed to develop an authentic romance, I relished Grady and Quinn's scenes. Their progression from adversaries to friends to intimacy (the emotional kind) was well-paced, as was their resolve to change, each adopting some of the other's best qualities. Nothing felt forced or rush, but rather a more realistic one step forward, two steps back with a long road yet to hoe. Delightful summer (or anytime) reading!