Just Murdered

Just Murdered

by Elaine Viets

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ISBN-13: 9781625673213
Publisher: JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.
Publication date: 03/06/2018
Series: A Dead-End Job Mystery , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 247,647
File size: 531 KB

About the Author

Elaine Viets has written 32 mysteries in four series: the bestselling Dead-End Job series with South Florida PI Helen Hawthorne, the cozy Josie Marcus Mystery Shopper mysteries, and the dark Francesca Vierling mysteries. With the Angela Richman Death Investigator series, Elaine returns to her hardboiled roots and uses her experience as a stroke survivor and her studies at the Medicolegal Death Investigators Training Course. Elaine was a director at large for the Mystery Writers of America. She's a frequent contributor to Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine and anthologies edited by Charlaine Harris and Lawrence Block. Elaine won the Anthony, Agatha and Lefty Awards.

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Just Murdered (Dead-End Job Series #4) 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
When Helen Hawthorne saw her husband having sex with another woman, she became so mad she smashed his car to pieces. The judge ordered them to split to the income when they sell their house equally and ordered Helen to pay alimony because supposedly he supposedly supported her career by being a house husband. Rather than give him a dime, Helen runs down to Ft. Lauderdale, going from a six figure job to a series of dead end positions that she receives remittance for under the table........................ Her latest job is as a salesperson at the posh Millicent¿s Bridal Salon but Helen discovers that weddings bring out the worst in people. Kiki is a rich mother of the bride who is determined to out shine her daughter on her wedding day. Kiki makes enemies wherever she goes as she believes her money insulates her from taking responsibility for her actions. On the day of the wedding Kiki is found murdered in a closet and Helen has to find out who the killer is because she is the police¿s number one suspect.................... JUST MURDERED is a hilarious chick-lit mystery where the bride and groom get married despite the fact that Kiki fails to attend. When her body is discovered, there are a host of suspects who would have liked to kill Kiki from the chauffer who was used as a stud to the owner of the bridal store who hasn¿t been paid for the gowns, accessories and the daughter who despised her mother. Readers will find themselves laughing out loud when Helen subtly tries to question the suspects, all of whom look at her as the hired help...................... Harriet Klausner
krystalsbooks on LibraryThing 27 days ago
I have only read one other book in the series and i loved it i can't wait to read more.
NewsieQ on LibraryThing 27 days ago
Helen Hawthorne has left the world of telemarketing and has a new dead-end job. A former highly compensated executive, she¿s hiding in Florida from her ex-husband and flying beneath the radar¿ no phone, no car, no credit cards and, she hopes, no more murders. Her new job is in the upscale Millicent¿s Bridal Salon and as the story opens, she¿s at the service of the mother-in-law from hell: Kiki. Her mousy daughter Desiree is being married but Kiki, who wields her checkbook like a weapon, prefers being center stage and forces the bride into a gown she hates. Desiree isn¿t the only one who has motive for murdering dear old mom. The list is extensive: her ex-husband, the intended bridegroom and his groomsman, her chauffeur, Millicent and the director of the local theatre group that counts Kiki among its angels. Kiki is anything but, so it¿s no surprise she¿s found murdered on Desiree¿s big day.Unfortunately, Helen is on the suspect list, too, as nearly everyone at the rehearsal heard Kiki threaten to have her fired from her $6.70 per hour job. Helen is also downhearted that her significant other Phil, whose divorce Helen had thought was final, is letting his almost-ex use his apartment like a free hotel room. Just when Helen could have used his detecting skills, she finds out he¿s just another disappointing pig. Just Murdered is light, escapist fare ¿ a great beach book ¿ and Elaine Viets does it very well. Kiki is so despicable that she makes the perfect cozy victim ¿ no wailing at her wake. The gang at Coronado Apartments, where Helen lives, provides great comic relief, especially the feisty septuagenarian landlady Margery. One subplot involves the handsome older gentleman Margery hopes will beat the ¿curse of 2-C,¿ the apartment whose tenants generally wind up causing her grief. Helen herself is such a strong and likeable heroine, readers won¿t be able to keep themselves from cheering her on. By Diana. First Published in Mystery NewsReview based on publisher- or author-provided review copy.
Irishcreme57 on LibraryThing 27 days ago
Mysteries within mysteries and secrets inside secrets. It's fun when even the sleuth has a major secret. Dead-end job is more then a double entendre'... it's just the plain truth for Helen Hawthorne, our reluctant heroine. Her characters are anything but flat. While the story arch, at least in this installment, might be predictably in it's time line, all that seems to do is give her more creativity to spend on her wide assortment of characters. The key word here being characters. And why are some of them so dang familiar? (Think...neighbors and co-workers). Soooo glad I bought two of her works at once. Can't wait to read the next one . . . with no "reservations".
Sherri_Hunter More than 1 year ago
Just Murdered finds Helen now working at a bridal boutique and neck deep in all the drama that the wedding dress selection entails. While reading this, I found myself visualizing a television program I have enjoyed watching called “Say Yes to the Dress.” Several times on this show, the bride’s mother (usually) moves Heaven and Earth to try to upstage the bride. A lot of fighting and arguments ensue, sometimes shouting matches even, and always lots of tears. The same can be said of this book. But unlike the TV show, the mother of the bride is murdered and the murder weapon is none other than a bridal gown! Sadly, out of all the tears that are shed, none are for the victim. I have to say, I wasn’t crying over her demise either. The victim is a rich, arrogant tramp who makes out with her chauffeur on the street in plain sight of anyone walking by. She’s condescending to Helen and her employer, Millicent. She’s rude to just about everyone. She’s cold and cruel to her daughter. She’s vindictive to her ex-husband. Personally, I expected a horde of people lining up to kill this woman. Unfortunately for Helen, the police seem to be focused on her as their prime suspect since her fingerprints are all over the wedding gown. Frankly, the law enforcement element in this book leaves a lot to be desired. I found myself thinking throughout the book, “Hello, Detective, OF COURSE Helen’s fingerprints are on the gown, you nit-wit, she works for the bridal boutique and is helping to dress the bride!” Helen even emphasizes this fact to them, but they seem to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic, so of course, Helen is going to have to figure out who the killer is on her own. Helen’s new man in her life won’t be much help either. Apparently, his wife that nobody, especially Helen, knew about has shown up for an unexpected visit and Helen is livid. I thought she handled the entire situation poorly. If she would have taken 5 minutes to listen to him, the entire mess could have been resolved. There is an interesting scene where Helen finds herself on the receiving end of some embarrassment when she tries to surprise Phil but his wife one-ups her. Frankly, I could have done without this story line. Helen’s luck with relationships is a big fat zero so to my way of thinking, she should just focus on keeping her rent paid and feeding herself and her cat, Thumbs. Helen’s near obsession with the whole thing was over the top and was distracting her from focusing on finding out who the killer is. Since I’m not all that thrilled with the Phil relationship anyway, I couldn’t care less if he’s married. Helen shouldn’t be throwing rocks from inside her glass house anyway. She’s got lots of secrets herself that she hasn’t been forthcoming with anyone about. Pot and kettle and all that. I’m still invested in this series, though I’m not sure why. Maybe Phil will grow on me and Helen might actually get herself on track and get her past resolved so she can focus on a smooth future. In the meantime, she manages to muddle her way through, finds the killer without getting herself killed or at the very least, seriously hurt. There are currently eleven books in this series, so I haven’t even gotten halfway through yet. A lot can happen between now and then. I can say with absolute certainty that I enjoyed this dead-end job better than her last one. Helen’s next job is at a pet boutique so I’m hopeful that this series hasn’t yet gone to the dogs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series is great. I have just finished the fifth in the series and can't wait to get the rest. Makes me laugh and we've checked out a few of the restaurants mentioned in the book. Check out Jaxsons ice cream parlor.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago