K. V. Dominic Essential Readings and Study Guide: Poems about Social Justice, Women's Rights, and the Environment

K. V. Dominic Essential Readings and Study Guide: Poems about Social Justice, Women's Rights, and the Environment

by K. V. Dominic


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ISBN-13: 9781615993024
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Publication date: 09/01/2016
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Dr. K. V. Dominic, English poet, critic, short story writer, and editor is a retired professor of the PG & Research Department of English, Newman College, Thodupuzha, Kerala, India. He was born on 13 February, 1956, at Kalady, a holy place in Kerala where Adi Sankara, the philosopher who consolidated the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta, was born. He got his PhD on the topic "East-West Conflicts in the Novels of R. K. Narayan with Special Reference to The Vendor of Sweets, Waiting for the Mahatma, The Painter of Signs, and The Guide" from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala. In addition to innumerable poems, short stories, and critical articles published in national and international journals, he has authored/ edited twenty-four books so far.

Prof. Dominic is the Secretary of Guild of Indian English Writers, Editors, and Critics (GIEWEC), a registered non-profit having more than two hundred members mainly consisting of university/college professors, research scholars, and professional English writers. Prof. Dominic has conducted several national seminars and workshops all over India. He is a SAARC writer and participant of SAARC literary festivals. He is the editor and publisher of the international refereed biannual journal International Journal on Multicultural Literature (IJML) and Editor-in-Chief of the Guild's international refereed biannual journal Writers Editors Critics (WEC). Both the journals are abstracted and indexed by Literary Reference Centre Plus, EBSCO Host, USA for Worldwide reference. He is also the publisher of the international refereed annual on fiction New Fiction Journal (NFJ).

Dr. Dominic has been interviewed by the reputed Italian Professor, Prof. Elisabetta Marino, and it appeared in the renowned Italian journal MOSAICO in Italy and Brazil as well as its English translation in the international refereed quarterly journal Labyrinth from Gwalior. He is in the Advisory and Editorial Boards of several leading journals in India. The International Poets Academy, Chennai, conferred on him its highest award-Lifetime Achievement Award-in 2009. He can be contacted at: prof.kvdominic@gmail.com,
His website www.profkvdominic.com, or blog www.profkvdominic.blogspot.in.

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In Memoriam George Joson

(elegy written on a colleague who died in a car accident on 14. 05. 2004)

Why did you leave us so soon, dear Joson?

• What is the attitude of the poet to Death?

• Who is the great poet meant in the lines: "We are all puppets in His hands, / dancing to His various tunes"?

Long Live E. K. Nayanar

(elegy written on E. K. Nayanar who passed away on 15. 05. 2004)

"Long live E. K. Nayanar!"

• What are the qualities that made Chief Minister E. K. Nayanar favourite of the people?

A Blissful Voyage

Let my mind soar high on the wings of the Muses and visit the places inaccessible.

Had I the wings of a mallard I could fly to the States,
I wish I had the claws of a vulture to fetch the skeletons from Iraq and build a bone-palace to imprison Bush in it.

If I could fly like an angel,
I wish I were a bullet and shoot into the chest of that terrorist who compels that teen age boy to explode and kill that innocent mob.


• What are the imageries used in the poem?

• What is poet's reaction to terrorism?

A Nightmare

I had a nightmare the overnight;
I could view the cry of an obese boy whose mother was beating him to eat more.
A lavish wedding feast was served in the town hall,
My wings took me to a public school;
What's that long queue I find before that shop?
Then I found a public water tap that made the road a black river.
See, what a mansion that double-storied edifice!
Not far away were the slums of the city;
Tears streamed down my cheeks I could see nothing more;

• Which are the antitheses used in this poem?

A Sheep's Wail

Hark, you Man to my wail,
You are possessed with some special powers that we do not have.

With your brain and with your tongue you conquered us.

superior you boast,
The fur God gave me,
The milk for my lamb you suck and drain and grow fat and cruel.

I have seen with my eyes and heard with my ears the last cries of my parents.

When they became old you cut their heads and ate their flesh.

Man, you are the cruellest,
Yet you find justification and bring false philosophies to make you His choicest.

Nothing can be more absurd!
If a heaven is there we will reach there first and pray to God to shut you out.


• Why is Man called the cruellest and ungrateful of God's creations?

• Why does the sheep think that if a heaven is there it will reach there first?

Anand's Lot

Anand's eyes were immersed on the pupils in tempting uniforms;

• What is Anand's fate?


Why do you murmur lass looking at the mirror?

• What message does the poet convey through the poem?

• What is the title of D. H. Lawrence's poem on snakes?

Connubial Bliss

Proton, electron; positive, negative;
Divine sex, divine organs;
The dancing of the plant;
Connubial bliss,

• Why does the poet level connubial bliss to heavenly happiness?

Cuckoo Singing

4.30 a.m.

• What is the difference between cuckoo's life and man's life?

• What is the figure of speech used in the phrase "Cuckoos' song echo"?

Gayatri's Solitude

Gayatri aged eighty two,

• What is the theme of the poem?

• What is the reason for Gayatri's solitude?

Tsunami Camps

How dreadful the life in Tsunami camps!

• What is meant by the phrase "A furnace inside, a furnace outside"?

• What are the complaints of the Tsunami victims in the camps?

Harvest Feast

That photograph in the newspaper flashes to my mind very often;
Those nimble, soft feet,
Their teachers taught them the great lessons:

• What are the great lessons that the teachers taught their pupils?

• Why is the pupils' harvest feast tastier than all other feasts?

Haves and Have-nots

Haves and Have-nots:
Abundant Nature feeds plants and animals.
Man is a wonderful work;
When millions die of hunger,
Plants and animals never divide the earth among themselves;
How pitiable that religions give no solace and hope to the miserable multitudes.
Capitalism rules the day;

• Is the division between Haves and Have-nots justifiable? Explain.

• Why does the poet think that the Have-nots number will increase in future?


Excerpted from "K. V. Dominic Essential Readings and Study Guide"
by .
Copyright © 2016 K.V. Dominic.
Excerpted by permission of Loving Healing Press, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Book 1 – Winged Reason,
In Memoriam George Joson,
Long Live E. K. Nayanar,
A Blissful Voyage,
A Nightmare,
A Sheep's Wail,
Anand's Lot,
Connubial Bliss,
Cuckoo Singing,
Gayatri's Solitude,
Tsunami Camps,
Harvest Feast,
Haves and Have-nots,
Helen and her World,
I am Just a Mango Tree,
International Women's Day,
Lal Salaam to Labourers,
Laxmi's Plea,
My Teenage Hobby,
Nature's Bounties,
Old Age,
Rahul's World,
Sleepless Nights,
What a Birth!,
Human Brain,
Indian Democracy,
Ammini's Lament,
Ammini's Demise,
Solar Eclipse,
Pleasures and Pains,
In the Name of God,
City Versus Village,
Cry of my Child,
Kaumudi Teacher is no More,
How I Became a Vegetarian,
Michael Jackson, King of Kings,
About the Author,

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K. V. Dominic Essential Readings and Study Guide: Poems about Social Justice, Women's Rights, and the Environment 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
beckvalleybooks More than 1 year ago
The authors topics and themes he used for his poetry had me gripped from the first to the last page. The useful question's at the end of each one, checking for understanding, is an additional bonus. As for any poet the subject matter is key, the author writes from his heart and is not afraid to challenge and test the reader with his beliefs. No situation or emotion is left uncovered, from birth to death and love to hate, politics and religion and the one thing that touches everyones heart our love for our pets. When you read each individual poem it will strike a chord and make you really challenge your own morals. The honesty and integrity of the writer shines through. Scholars will love the scripts as it will lead to endless discussions over their interpretation of the words and meanings.