by Pat Powers

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Karg by Pat Powers

Karg -- A Stong, Sexy Science Fiction Romp

It's about time someone wrote a fun, sexy science fiction novel about sexy slavegirls on a barbarian planet full of roaring dinosaurs and big, strapping barbaric warriors, and that's exactly what Pat Powers has done in his novel "Karg." Not since John Norman's Gor novels has a writer so skillfully interwoven a science fiction plotline with strong sexual bondage imagery.

"Karg" is the story of Susan Yearby, a gorgeous and brilliant young explorer charged with re-establishing contact with Karg. Her job is part of a program to rediscover human colonies lost during a decades-long exodus through an alien artifact known as "the Pelman point" where for a long time ships could travel to interstellar space, but had no way of knowing where they were going and no way of getting back.

When Yearby is captured by Kargian warriors and made into a sex slave by them, she does not adapt well, coming from the more egalitarian society of Earth. She escapes many times and is recaptured many times, getting plenty of opportunity to learn much about Karg and Kargians, especially what it's like to be a Kargian slavegirl (hint: lots of sex, lots of being bound and gagged, not much in the way of clothing).

Whether it's the primitive sexual bondage rituals of a nameless tribe of swamp dwellers, or the slavegirl bondage catfights staged in the Fighting Pits of Kanorga, or in a slavegirl sex spectacle held by a Kargian army on the eve of battle, Yearby discovers that the life of a Kargian slavegirl is never dull!

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BN ID: 2940149779994
Publisher: Hottitude Press
Publication date: 04/16/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 301,363
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About the Author

My works are not porn -- they're erotica, see? You can tell because they use flowery phrases to describe things, like "Throbbing Python of Love" and "warm musk of Elon ... er, Arousal." Yes, I do have a sense of humor and it does show up in my writing from time to time, which is to say, constantly, due to a chronic inability to be dull on my part. (My doctor says it's because I had a depraved childhood, OK?)

In this way I hope eventually to achieve world domination and rule mankind (especially the womanly part of mankind) with an iron grip (granted, at the rate I'm going, "eventually" could be very eventually indeed).

I've been writing erotic fiction since the WorldWide Web was a gleam in the Internet's eye. So I'm not some tyro inspired to jump on the erotic fiction bandwagon by the runaway success of Fifty Shades of Grey. I was on the bandwagon before it was a bandwagon! I was on the bandwagon when it was a wooden cart being pulled by a buffalo!

And if I make a buck along my ride on the jet-propelled buffalo cart that is the erotic fiction bandwagon, that's ... beautiful.

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