Kidnapped and Cuckolded

Kidnapped and Cuckolded

by Dex O'Donald

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They offer a simple service. They call it "KIDNAPPED COUPLES AND CUCKOLDING." KC&C for short. Much like any other service; you pay, they work.
They work your wife, that is.
Laura and Dave happily sign up for this intense experience, which directly involves a group of paid performers kidnapping and seducing his wife while he watches. They even select the highest intensity level that the program offers; Level 3, Hardcore.
The only problem is the KC&C took the wrong couple. Leaving them with one very scared husband, and one very horny wife.

They found the advertisement in the back of one of the smut magazines Dave liked so much. Even with all the porn in the world a mere click away, Dave still enjoyed the old fashioned prints. He bought three or four of these magazines every week from the corner paper stand on 25th avenue.
The ad was black print over a seedy picture depicting a woman in the clutches of several men.
Laura had been the one to point it out to him. The fact that she was so open and willing made Dave raise his eyebrows.
“You want to check it out?” He asked her. They were both naked and cooling off after a long fuck session. The sheets and pillows were all over the room and their bodies glistened from the workout.
“You’ve mentioned trying it before…This sounds, more, intense?” Laura finished with a question.
Dave reached over to the bedside table and grabbed his IPad. He typed in the address and they went through the site together.
KC&C meant one very specific thing. Kidnapped Couples and Cuckolding. The page described the experience as “A voluntary and consensual roleplay, wherein a couple agrees to be ‘kidnapped” on a specified day. Once taken, one or more men (depending on level of intensity chosen) will engage in sexual activity with the female while the male watches.”

For how much Daisy had to drink at lunch, it was surprisingly quick how fast it all came together for her. One moment was sheer terror and the next, enlightenment. After the enlightenment…transcendence?
She wasn’t sure yet.
Daisy had been face down in the van for about ten seconds before it came together. The matching clothes. The eerie similarities between the two couples. And of course the phone call the night before with Laura.
They, the kidnappers, had made a mistake. They had taken the wrong couple.
“Sit there and shut up, pal.” One of the men said. He was dressed in all black, only his piercing blue eyes shown through holes in the ski mask that had been pulled down over his face.
“What’s going on? What’s happening?” Hank yelled it like a weak little man over and over. Daisy knew what was happening. And all she had to do was open her mouth and tell them.
She sat on it for a moment.
Daisy was on her stomach and one of the other four men was straddling her back, tying her wrists tight behind her. She shot a glance at her terrified husband and they made eye contact. She gave him a stern look and shook her head NO.
This confused Hank who only squirmed harder in his restraints.
The one on her back flipped her over. He had one leg to each of her sides as he sat on top of her. He too had a ski mask on, but in one motion he pulled it off and smiled down at her...
He reached a hand down and copped a hard, rough feel on her left ***. Daisy gasped in shock, but the scary man silenced her when he leaned down and kissed her deeply on the mouth.
Hank screamed.
Daisy kissed the man back.
In that moment she shed her skin. In that moment, that one kiss, she accepted it. All of it. She wanted it.

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BN ID: 2940153982083
Publisher: Dex O'Donald
Publication date: 01/24/2017
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Premier author of Cuckold erotica. Intense. Graphic. Passionate. I try to bring a twist to the genre that might make some uncomfortable. Hopefully it allows for discomfort and pleasure together.

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