KISS YOUR...KIDS: Keep It Super Simple...57 Easy-to-Read Life Lessons

KISS YOUR...KIDS: Keep It Super Simple...57 Easy-to-Read Life Lessons

by Bill Vergantino


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ISBN-13: 9781483592718
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 02/24/2017
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

I’ve written business plans, game plans, financial plans, and documented programs for my profession and for non-profit organizations, but I’ve never previously published a book. Among the things I have accomplished in my life, and most importantly relative to the contents within this book, I have contributed to raising two amazing human beings—my daughter Gabriella and my son William.

I was born in Bristol, Pennsylvania, and was raised in multiple towns including Bristol, North Cape May, New Jersey, and Levittown, Pennsylvania. I was born to two loving parents who divorced when I was eight. Both parents were always very involved in my life, and each has been instrumental in making me who I am today. I was primarily raised by a single, working mom from the age of eight until she remarried when I was almost 13. To this day, I’ve been fortunate to maintain great relationships with both of my biological parents and two loving step-parents, all of whom have greatly impacted who I am and how I view the world.

I did well in school and loved sports and spending time with my family. I played organized soccer as a youngster and continued with football, basketball, baseball, and track through high school. I was captain of my football and basketball teams during my senior year in high school and was fortunate to receive a full scholarship to play football at the University of Delaware. I was a business finance major and started as quarterback for Delaware for four years and was named co-captain my senior year. We finished as the number four rated Division 1-AA team in the country my senior year. I’ve since been humbly inducted into my respective high school and college sports hall of fames. I say humbly because my success would not have been possible without my great teammates and coaches.

I’ve been in the enterprise software start-up world for 22-plus years. I’ve had a role in the growth of four software start-up organizations during that time, all of which were either acquired or went public. I thoroughly enjoy having a key role in helping organizations overcome the challenge of figuring out who they are and how best to optimize their business and achieve their goals. Most recently I’d been a ten year ceo and co-owner of ExpenseWatch, Inc., a software organization based just outside of Philadelphia, until deciding to sell the organization in early 2016.

I’ve been married for twenty-two years to a girl I started dating in 1987 when we were both 17. My wife Melissa and I have a daughter, Gabriella (16), and son, William (14), and I’m the proud uncle to nephews Jordan, Justin, and Joey, and my niece Samantha. I’ve coached my daughter’s soccer and basketball teams while also coaching my son’s baseball, basketball, and football teams. I’ve proudly participated on the board of directors of three non-profit organizations—two of which were as a founding board member.

Enjoying personal activities, friends, family, work, and volunteering is how I spend my time. Enjoying the moment, and those around me, is how I spend my life.

This book was written for my daughter, Gabriella, my son, William, my nephews Jordan, Justin, and Joey, and my niece, Samantha. I’ve also been blessed to have six other children in my life that call me Uncle Bill and who I think of as family. They are Jack, Michael, Christopher, and Jack, Mariella, and Nick. To you all, thank you for your love and for giving me the chance to be a part of your life.

Table of Contents

Reactions to the Book 1

Introduction 5

Life Lessons 11

1 Objectives & Goals 12

2 Plan to Execute & Execute the Plan 15

3 Communication - No One Is a Mind Reader 18

4 Life's Obligation What Is My Objective in Life? 21

5 Go All In 23

6 Focus on What You Can Control 27

7 Time Value of Money 30

8 The Relationship between Risk & Return 34

9 Actions to Closure - Move Forward or Move On 37

10 The Mirror Test - Do You Like What You See? 40

11 One True Love or a World of Potential Loves? 42

12 No One Is Perfect-No One 45

13 Macro to Micro - An Organized Way to Think and Communicate 47

14 Stop, Look, Listen - Absorb the World around You 49

15 We Are All Just a Speck 51

16 P4 - Planning, People, Processes, Performance 53

17 Prioritize - Not Enough Time for Everything or Everyone 56

18 Everyone Puts on Pants 58

19 You Can't Tell a Book by Its Cover 61

20 Debt Free = Stress Free 64

21 Carpe Diem or Prepare for Your Future, or Both 66

22 Religion vs. Spirituality 68

23 Just Get It Done - Don't Wait for Someone Else 73

24 Leaders & Followers - The World Needs Both and Each Need the Other 75

25 If-Then-Else Logic - Consider the Ramifications of Your Actions 77

26 What Is the Worst That Can Happen? 79

27 Relationships Are Hard - But Good Ones Are Worth the Effort 81

28 The Grass Is Always Greener - Or Is It? 83

29 Competition Is Good…And Not Everyone Can Win 85

30 Confidence Is Attractive…Humility Is Attractive… Cockiness Is Not 87

31 The Birds & The Bees 90

32 Decision Making: An Organizea Way to Consider Your Options 94

33 Sand through the Hourglass 97

34 Lists - The Second-Best Stress Reducer 100

35 Proactive vs. Reactive 102

36 Our Body Is Just a Shell 104

37 Introductions - Eye Contact & Firm Handshake 106

38 Self-image - No One Can Alter How You Feel about Yourself 108

39 Aligning Expectations 110

40 Balance of Life-Why Don't Daddies Like to Be Home? 113

41 No I in TEAM 117

42 Ask Questions 120

43 Poise in the Pocket 122

44 Accountability 125

45 Multiple Personality Communication 127

46 How Full Is Your Glass? 132

47 Lead or Be Led 134

48 Tate Friends 136

49 Use Your Manners 138

50 Your Body Is an Engine 140

51 Finish What You Start 143

52 Driving No-Nos 145

53 Things Don't Happen to You-They Happen Because of You 147

54 Conversation Eye Contact 149

55 Drugs & Alcohol 151

56 Find Your Own Happiness 153

57 Final Message 154

Closing 155

About the Author 157

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