Kitty Cat Captain Corbin and His Quest for Cupcakes

Kitty Cat Captain Corbin and His Quest for Cupcakes

by Mikel Jent


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ISBN-13: 9781524672928
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/25/2017
Pages: 42
Sales rank: 872,991
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.11(d)

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One night Kitty Cat Captain Corbin had a dream ...

A quest for sweet treats!

Bella Beaver had a big beautiful bakery of Cupcakes.

When he awoke, he hopped on his boat, and set a float, off for adventure. With a map of where it was at, he set sail on his venture.

Denali the Dolphin dove down deep dreaming of cupcakes to eat. "I will swim along and sing a song while we look for these sweet treats!"

Down the river they saw their friend Emilie the Elephant. Kitty Cat Captain Corbin called out "I am going on a quest for cupcakes today, but I will need help along the way!"

"Horray!" said Emilie.

"Watch out for my Friend the flying fish. His name is Lincoln and he tells me if we are sinking!"

Emilie hopped on, the boat moved on, off in search of cupcakes.

Jeff the Giraffe jumped up and down, racing around with the Humming birds and Insects.

Jeff stopped to say "Come and play!"

"We are on a quest for cupcakes we have no time to play, but climb aboard and we will take you on our way!"

Jeff jumped on, the boat moved on, off in search of cupcakes.

Kicking cups of carrots Kendra the Kangaroo clapped as the crew came through.

"Hello Kendra how are you?" said Kitty Cat Captain Corbin. "Is that your Joey Josh? We are cruising for cupcakes want to come too?"

Kendra and Josh hopped on, the boat moved on, up and over rocks, passed some docks, with a few bird flocks. On their way to find cupcakes.

Lumpy the Lion laying on the lawn looked up as the cupcake crew came by. "Sailing looks fun, mind if I come? I'd sure like to give it a try!"

"Quit your napping and gums a flapping! Climb aboard and we will be on our way!"

Lumpy hopped on, the boat moved on, "I can't wait for a cupcake today!"

Mia the munching monkey hung from a tree eating Noodles that were as long as her knee, when she saw a boat full of friends she sucked the noodles to the ends and said "WAIT FOR ME!"

Mia hopped on, the boat moved on, with eagle eyes out for cupcakes.


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