Knocked-Up Cinderella

Knocked-Up Cinderella

by Julie Hammerle

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ISBN-13: 9781640636903
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 11/12/2018
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 267
Sales rank: 209,087
File size: 828 KB

About the Author

Julie Hammerle writes romance novels that focus on nerds, geeks, and basket cases falling in love. On the YA side, she is the author of The Sound of Us (Entangled TEEN, 2016) and the North Pole romance series (Entangled Crush, 2017). A graduate of Butler University with degrees in secondary education and Latin with a minor in music, Julie lives in Chicago with her family and enjoys reading, cooking, and watching all the television.

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Knocked-Up Cinderella 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Wait-What 3 days ago
I loved Erin from the very first page. But Ian, the 40 yr old workaholic manwhore took a little effort to fall in love with. But the author did a great job of developing both characters and crafted a cute, quirky romance that is definitely worth reading. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Anonymous 8 days ago
This was a super cute book. I really liked the fact that both main characters were 40 years old. It was refreshing to read about people close to my own age. This book reminded me of The Kiss Quotient, the humor, the almost innocence feeling of it. I'm not usually one for rom-com, but this is a must read for anyone who wants to read a fast paced light hearted easy read.
Lori-Gonzo 23 days ago
What a fun fantastic story! I loved how both Ian and Erin are 40, established in their careers, and strong personalities. They meshed well together despite neither wanting a relationship. There were several scenes that made me smile and several that were hot, hot, hot. But the ending was very sweet and made me tear up. The epilogue is beyond romantic and swoon worthy. Definitely a fun story to get lost in! I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
weluvdopey 28 days ago
This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters. The story flowed very well and was very enjoyable. This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish. This was such a great read and full of surprises. I am looking forward to reading other books by this great author.
TobiForgetHousework 29 days ago
Knocked-Up Cinderella was a true romcom. At times I laughed out loud and others I was cringing. It was a toss up for me. It's a solid story that was entertaining but I'm not sure I'd read the next book if there is one for Erin's sister. If you enjoy a solid romcom with cringe-worthy and laugh out loud moment then check out Knocked-Up Cinderella.
beckymmoe 29 days ago
I abso-freaking-lutely loved this one! I've read almost all (read: I missed one--how did that happen?) of Ms. Hammerle's YA books, so when I saw this title and her name with it, I got all grabby-handsy. Seriously. I didn't even read the blurb. And I haven't regretted it a bit! I loved that: -the characters are 40 (even if Ian doesn't always act it) -the romance is slow burn--verrrrry slow burn, because they're both pretty settled into their own lives (as you are, in your 40s) -Ian and Erin start out as friends (okay, technically they start out as a one-night-stand, and then they're a one-night-stand with permanent consequences, and then they're friends. Still, friends-to-lovers FTW!) -even though I was *sure* that these two would end up together somehow, Ms. Hammerle kept me hovering at the knife's edge of despair because OMG THESE TWO WERE NEVER GOING TO GET TOGETHER for, like, 90+% of the book -their BFFs were awesome (yes, people in their 40s sometimes use "BFF" to refer to their BFFs) -even though Erin and Ian were totally warm for each other's form and had wild and passionate episodes that included dramatic sweeping off of desks (after non-sweepable items were removed, as is only practical) this was still essentially a closed door romance -the epilogue got me all teary I didn't love: (crickets) Hmmm. I could come up with something, given enough time. Maybe. But why would I want to? ;) Honestly, if this book is any indication (which I sincerely hope it is!) this line--Entangled's August imprint--is exactly what I've been looking for. I can't wait to read more from it, and (hopefully!) more non-YA reads from Ms. Hammerle too! Rating: 4 stars / A I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
etoile1996 30 days ago
i've read hammerle's young adult books, so i was surprised to see that one of her novels was part of entangled's august line launch. but she transitions seamlessly to adult romance. knocked-up cinderella is basically what you get when knocked up (the movie) is mixed with a nancy meyers movie. forty-year-olds aren't any better at handling unplanned pregnancy than millenials are. i don't know if that's a good or bad thing. anyway, here ian donovan has a reputation. he's upfront that he's not in it for the long haul. women can expect to have him for one night and then nada. but for some reason, erin sharpe seems to be the exception to that rule. and he's not too sure he knows how to handle it. and he is crap at admitting it. and so when erin winds up pregnant after a one-night stand, she expects nothing from him. and she'd be okay if he offered nothing. the problem is that ian keeps randomly showing up. he keeps coming back to her in ways that she doesn't quite understand. it would be one thing if ian were true to what he advertised himself as, but he keeps showing these hints of more and it makes her crazy. there's a lot of back-and-forth in this book, highs-and-lows, but in the end, it's a really sweet story of two people finding their way together. i was already pretty much a one-clicker on hammerle's work, this just confirms that it doesn't matter the genre. **knocked up cinderella will publish on november 12, 2018. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (august) in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous 30 days ago
What happens when Ian Donovan, a bad boy, globe-trotting, venture capitalist millionaire coughs up $40,000 for a dinner date with an elementary school principal just to rescue her from a date with a pretentious creep? Well, they decide to have a one-night stand (because sometimes a gal just wants to step out of her control pantyhose and grab life by the baubles). Unfortunately something went wrong with one of the condoms and now our feisty, foul-mouthed heroine Dr Erin Sharpe is going to have a baby. I have been in a book slump recently, starting and dropping so many books, dishing out 1 star DNF reviews like they are smarties, giving the kiss of death three star reviews to favourite authors, I hesitated to pick this up fearing the premise was too hackneyed - boy was I wrong. Julie Hammerle has injected new humour and fizz into the 'accidentally pregnant by the billionaire' trope. Maybe the characters being somewhat older than the usual 20-somethings made a difference? All I know is that I laughed out loud at so many of the scenes - right from the start where Erin denies liking long walks on the beach and reading poetry to her lovers in the moonlight, instead telling the truth that she loves crappy tv. Also Ian and Erin's jobs felt real, he spends so much time jetting to and from Tokyo I could feel his jet lag leeching through my Kindle, he worked long hours and was at his client's beck and call. The only other book I have read by Julie Hammerle was a YA/NA teen crush - so very different to this book - but having sampled Ms Hammerle's adult humour I am definitely going to look for more. Also, Entangled August? Not come across that before, is it featuring older characters? Will have to look out for more. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest review
CRISSYM 30 days ago
I know I might be in the minority here but I honestly expected to enjoy this book more than I did. The storyline was good and the characters were okay but the story moved at such a slow pace. The story seemed to drag a lot. If the pace was just a little bit faster, this book would have been much better for me. There were funny moments, steamy moments and a little drama between Erin and Ian. Erin has struggled for years with her now ex Dirk to get pregnant but who thought a night with Ian would give her what she wanted. Too bad that Ian is not the relationship type of man, or is he? Ian's mom left him at a young age so will he be able to walk away from this child? This story wasn't a fantastic read for me but it was an okay read with a sweet ending.
Lorizen 30 days ago
A completely fun read, complete with your 40 year old workaholic, never will commit hot male and his 40 year old PhD private school Principal who drops F bombs like rain drops and has sworn off men and relationships. The two meet at a Halloween fundraiser for the school she works for. Irritated by her costume, yes she's dressed as Cinderella hides behind a tree outside the ballroom to reach up under her dress to give herself a good scratching not realizing she isn't alone and watched by the all dressed up in no costume Ian Donovan. He's only there to make a sizable donation and leave. He's certainly not there for the auction, which our poor Principal Erin has begrudgingly agreed to take part in. The two have a brief chat and then it's auction time, Ian decides to watch seeing the men who are bidding on her with his disapproval decides to place that winning bid and one date it is. The date which he had no intention of going on, the date she could care less about. The two end up spending the night together, he has rules, so does she. He breaks his first by falling asleep and spending the night. When she boots him out the door in the morning, he's befuddled and disturbed. That's never happened to him before. Plus he actually likes her. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, he doesn't like it. It bothers him for several months, so much that he can't get back into the one and done routine. He's in business with his two best friends he grew up with, one now married with a baby which has thrown a wrench in the works, now the days of bar crawling and trawling are over. Three months goes by and Ian gets a text from Erin to meet for coffee. He thinks it's code for another roll in the rack and she clarifies just coffee. She had gone in for a check up and discovers she's pregnant. After trying for years, her one night stand and the last person who'd make the top of the baby daddy list, he's little swimmers won the game. She tells him out of courtesy, she makes it clear she expects nothing and can do this on her own. Because that's always been her plan. Ian decides to test the water, but proves to be exactly what he says he is. He's a runner. The months go by quickly, things happen with school and also in his business, he's traveling overseas a lot. Coming close to delivery and does he make it to the class as he said he would? Good question. Where's Ian reminded me of where's Waldo. I liked Erin and Ian not as well, yet there was something a little charming about his immature 40 yr old self. There are plenty of supporting characters to meet and you get to know a few. The plot was good, I loved reading about a 40 year old woman who had her act together and was a professional woman. Big thumbs up on that. That in itself is the best part of the story. It does however drag in places, it's a slow read. I like something that flows a little quicker but that's just me. It's a cute read, Erin wins the crown for this beauty. arc from NetGalley and Entangled for an honest review
BuckeyeAngel 30 days ago
Erin had an itch under her Cinderella costume and her pantyhose were driving her crazy. She was hiding behind a massive topiary in the hallway outside of the ballroom of the ballroom of the Evanston Hilton Hotel. She had escaped a bunch of drunk second grade parents and their questions. Erin was a private elementary school principal. She had to prove to the parents. The alumni, and assorted boosters she was a team player. Erin was involved in a bachelorette auction to benefit the Glenfield Academy Athletes Association. The auction was the first of many planned fundraisers this school year. Then Erin heard a cough. Erin had thought she was out of anyone’s view, she had scratched her butt and adjusted her pantyhose. Then a hot man said he wasn’t leering he was hiding too. Then Erin stepped out and introduced herself. Erin dropped the F bomb when not at work but if you spent most of your day biting your tongue around surly parents, snippy teachers, and unruly children you would too. It had been big news when Erin left her job with Chicago City Schools to be the principal of Glenfield Academy. The man that said “ your Dirts girlfriend “and Erin thought of the night her ex Dirk that she had been with ten years until he dumped her- had dragged her too his twentieth H S reunion. The man introduced himself as Ian Donovan. Then Ian bid and won the date with Erin. The “date “ men took the bachelorettes they won was a dinner at The Girl And The Goat. Scott was Ian’s friend and business partner as was Tommy. Scott and Ian had developed similar philosophies about their love lives: no sleeping over, no second dates, no strings. These rules hadI been made out of necessity not frivolity. They owned their own business which took them all over the globe. Tommy was the one who differed he had married and had a baby daughter. Scott and Ian were too busy with work for relationships. Currently only three things mattered to them: friends, family, and Fumetsy Enterprises - the Japanese Tech Company they were currently courting. They were going to be huge…. Once they perfected their technology. Erin wasn’t the one night stand type of person, she went from one long relationship to another long relationship. Ian and Erin went to the dinner and decided to go ahead and have sex with Ian once which the alcohol they had both consumed also helped with the strong attraction they both felt for each other. It was very different for Erin to do this but she kept going for the same type of man and stayed in long relationships maybe being single for awhile would be good for her. Then Erin found out she was pregnant, she would let Ian know but she will let him as it was the right thing to do but also let him know she expected nothing from him and she could do this on her own. I loved this book. It was a good, easy, romantic read. I loved Erin and Ian together and how they were only supposed to have that one night which evolved into a pregnancy. I loved watching Ian as he grew and changed in this book. I loved the relationships ian had with Scott and Tommy and they had each others back. I loved how after Ian met Erin his old life just wasn’t satisfactory to him anymore and Ian couldn’t get Erin off his mind as time went on.. I happily found nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it
mamalovestoread22 30 days ago
When Ian Donovan, a bad boy, venture capitalist millionaire comes to her rescue, Erin Sharpe is more than thrilled to have a night on the town with the man who saved her from a creep at an auction. After an enjoyable night of dinner and dancing the pair decide to continue their night of fun back at her place. Which leads to some between the sheets fun... and a few weeks later an unexpected positive pregnancy stick. Both agreed the night they met that they weren't looking for forever, but when faced with this unexpected news they both begin to reconsider their stance on it. Knocked-Up Cinderella was charming little fairy tale that brought many smiles, and feel good vibes. This was an evenly paced, heartfelt contemporary romance, that came with a modern day fairy tale twist, and I really enjoyed spending my afternoon devouring it! If you like humorous, light-hearted reads, then this one will be right up your alley... it comes with loads of laughs and heart! I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
Bette313 3 months ago
Great read that was funny, snarky, and completely entertaining. I loved these characters. Erin, the f-bomb dropping elementary school principal. Ian, the stoic commitment phobe venture capitalist. Together they make one entertaining couple and bonus they are in their 40's. A more mature look at what is usually a younger situation. The one time Erin decides to cut loose and act on the insane chemistry between herself and Ian she finds herself "knocked up" and dealing with Ian who is surprisingly all in! She's fine doing it all on her own but oh what fun it is having Ian by her side. I definitely recommend this one.