by J. Nathan

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Kozart Savage is the world's biggest rock star. At twenty-five, he's got it all. Money. Fame. And the adoration of fans everywhere. He thought that was enough to make him forget his past. Enough to transform his distrusting heart. Turns out that's not how it works...Then he meets a bridesmaid hiding out in a hotel bar. Probably the only girl on the planet who doesn't know who he is. But she seems to be the one girl who can give him something no one else can.

Aubrey Prescott just discovered her boyfriend cheating—at her sister's wedding. Trying to escape humiliation, she seeks refuge in a hotel bar. While trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces of what was supposed to be an amazing senior year in college, a handsome stranger interrupts her wallowing. A stranger who quickly makes her forget why she's there. One who, after an unforgettable night, disappears without a second glance.

But walking away doesn't always mean letting someone go.

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BN ID: 2940156587995
Publisher: J. Nathan
Publication date: 07/10/2019
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Format: NOOK Book
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Kozart 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
UpAllNightBB 5 days ago
5 ++++++++ Stars Review by Elizabeth Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog Best. Book. Ever!! Holy. Snow. J. Nathan has had me hook, line and sinker ever since I read her book, For Crosby. Since then, anything she writes I have to have my hands on it as soon as possible. Kozart is no exception! Kozart is hands down my FAVORITE read so far for 2019. J. Nathan has written both Kozart and Aubrey’s characters so well that you fall in love with them from the moment you meet them. Kozart is this beautifully broken man who is barely making it through the speed of life when he meets Aubrey. Aubrey is his saving grace even if he hates to admit it. Kozart has had a rough life so trusting does not come easy with him nor does he do relationships. When he meets Aubrey by chance, he is thrown into a tailspin. He is living this rockstar life, so to speak, when this girl comes from outta nowhere makes him question everything. From the moment they meet, Aubrey begins healing Kozart and neither of them realizes it. I can continue on with this review and give you spoilers but I am not going to do that. I will say that if you have not read this beautiful wordy creation by J. Nathan yet, grab it now! It will give you all the feels. Be sure to have some tissues handy!!
DorisB 9 days ago
Rock vs. Country When a rock star walks into a bar he sees a woman face down on the bar with a frilly dress and heels to match what is he to think? How about that said woman was at her sister’s wedding and she catches her boyfriend with another of the bridesmaids and only to make it better her boyfriend is now her sister’s brother-in-law. The setup is great especially when Aubrey is full of sarcasm which always seems to be on the funny side. The banter between Kozart and Aubrey gave me a lot of laugh out loud moments. Another part of their first meeting is that Aubrey has no idea that the guy who took her back to the wedding to help her get some dignity back was a famous rock star that just about everyone on the planet knew and would have loved to catch him. Kozart didn’t want to be caught though and Aubrey didn’t like rock…she loved country music. The childhood of Kozart left him damaged but would Aubrey be able to pull him through? This book kept me turning pages because it was that good.
Michele-G 10 days ago
4 1/2 "Sleepless" Stars! Kozart....new rockstar story....yes, please! Let me just say that I inhaled this yummy little treat in one day. Kozart and Aubrey seemed to meet at the perfect time for each of them. She had just found her long time boyfriend cheating on her and he was tired of the casual easy and empty sex found in the rock'n'roll lifestyle. They meet in a hotel bar and she doesn't know who he is which he is intrigued by. She's a country music fan and doesn't listen to anything in his genre. So, when she acts as if she likes him, he can actually believe it's sincere and not because of who he is. For Kozart, this is something he can usually never really be sure of. They both have extreme trust issues for different reasons. Obviously, Aubrey has a hard time trusting because of the betrayal by her ex-boyfriend. Kozart grew up in foster care and things were never good. Then when he found success, he could never be sure if people liked him for who is truly is or the celebrity. Even though Kozart has some cocky, alpha male behaviors, he can also be super sweet and really shows that side to Aubrey at times. When he does, you just want to curl up and savor it. He can be very swoon-worthy. That said, he makes some foolish decisions as well. Unfortunately there are times when I found myself shaking my head in frustration. I realize it helps to give the storyline a little more pop if they go through some bumps in the road, but this one felt so preventable that I had a difficult time getting behind it. Regardless, I really enjoyed the book as a whole. As a country music fan myself, I loved the blending of country music into the storyline. It definitely enriched the experience of the book for me. Aubrey and Kozart's relationship is such a fun one to watch develop and they definitely have some chemistry! It was truly satisfying when Kozart and Aubrey find their way back to one another. They were a couple definitely deserving of their HEA. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review
Megancity23 10 days ago
This book was amazing!!! I absolutely loved Kozart and Aubrey together. I really liked how Aubrey stood her ground throughout the book, being honest with how she felt and how their relationship should proceed. Kozart was upfront with Aubrey as well in regards to what he could bring into their relationship. Of course as things progress, they both realize this is more than just spending time together. Kozart and Aubrey are both stubborn in their ways and this is shown when things don’t exactly go the way they planned. Hard ships are faced, but it goes to show that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from, when you find “the one” everything can change. 5 STAR READ!
Anonymous 10 days ago
I was hooked immediately and could not put this one down. "Rock God", his words, Kozart meets Aubrey, a college senior, and he helps her get through the rest of her sister's wedding. They have an awesome connection, but she has no idea who he is and he loves that. Their banter is funny and sarcastic, their chemistry blazing hot. J. Nathan did a fabulous job writing their story, pulling you in with all the emotion and romance between these two strong, beautiful characters. The book made me laugh, tear up, get mad, and swoon all in one awesome story! I highly recommend reading Aubrey and Kozart's story.
Casgirl3 10 days ago
WOW! Just WOW. I read a lot of NA books. I find them to be light and fun and it's a great escape. J. Nathan takes her NA books to another level, though. When I download a new J. Nathan book I know I'm gonna smile and fall in love with her characters, but more than that- I know I'm gonna get such depth of emotion. I know I'm gonna read a book that will stay with me for a long time to come. Kozart by J. Nathan totally exceed my already high expectations. Kozart starts out with the perfect meet-cute. Aubrey is trying to-be passed out at a bar after being humiliated at her sister’s wedding and in comes Kozart, a rock-star who she doesn’t even recognize, to save her. The dialogue between these two will keep you smiling all through the book. (Seriously great dialogue!) Aubrey is a heroine I love and can admire. She’s self-assured, has great friends, and won’t let herself be taken advantage of. I really enjoyed seeing this strong young woman take on Kozart. As for Kozart – oh my gosh, he broke my heart as I fell in love with him. I thought he would turn out to be the stereotypical rock star – arrogant, with lots of girls all over him. But he was such more. He has a sh*t past and we soon find out, he is so much more that what the world sees. And ladies? As we discover who the real Kozart is, I guaran-damn-tee you, you will fall in love. When he says to Aubrey, “I thought you’d fight for me” well I swooned like a Victorian heroine! Oh the feels. Kozart is wonderful story that I’ve already read twice and I KNOW I will keep re-reading. I just love the characters so much. I especially loved how J. Nathan took her time letting the characters get to know each other. This is way more that your typical rock star NA romance. It’s a solid 5-star, top read for me. Go one-click! You won’t regret it. I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this novel. I am voluntarily and freely providing an honest review.
KindleKat64 10 days ago
4 1/2 rockin’ stars. I love Kozart and Aubrey and let me say that J. Nathan outdid herself on this one! Kozart may step in and save Aubrey at her sister’s wedding but it is Aubrey who ultimately saves Kozart. Being a famous rockstar at 25 has seriously changed his life for the better but he knows he is missing something. Then he meets Aubrey, who is so not his typical type. She is 21, a senior in college, and a country music fan not rock. In fact, she has no idea who he is. But she soothes his soul, something he didn’t realize he needed so badly and wants to hold onto. Kozart never thought he could have a relationship with a woman with the lifestyle he leads. He’s not sure he can be what Aubrey needs or deserves but he knows he needs her in his life and wants to try. But sometimes needs and wants are not enough and real life gets in the way. It’s all in how you navigate the obstacles. I really enjoyed this story!!
AT_202 10 days ago
Kozart is my first book by this author and it most certainly will not be my last as I absolutely loved this rockstar romance. The book had sweet, romantic moments with just the right amount of drama to keep the book interesting. Kozart aka Z Savage is not your stereotypical playboy rockstar, which is one of the things that I loved about him. He had a difficult past that will pull at your heartstrings and the author does a great job showing how his childhood affects his ability to fully trust people. Aubrey is a smarty pants and full of sarcasm - both qualities that I love. She is a country music fan and doesn’t immediately know who Kozart is when she encounters him at a hotel bar the night of her sister’s wedding. Given that her boyfriend cheated on her at her sister’s wedding, she carefully guards her heart. Kozart and Aubrey make a great couple and I enjoyed their flirtatious banter via text messages and in person as well as the sweet moments and the steamy moments between them. I also liked the secondary characters in the book and I would love for this author to give them their own stories. Overall, I really enjoyed this rockstar romance in that the characters were likable, the storyline was interesting, and the book moved at a good pace. I received Kozart for free and I am looking forward to reading more books by this author.
Lisa-nh-23 10 days ago
What woman hasn’t dreamt about meeting a rock star and spending just a little time in his world? The music, the lyrics, and the sexy eyes that make you feel giddy and out of your mind. The typical rock star is self-centered, egotistical and a womanizer who would never settle down. With “Kozart”, Ms. Nathan has given us a refreshing take on the usual angst filled rocker romance. Her hero is a thoughtful, sweet and extremely talented musician who lets his lyrics tell his story. He never thought about finding his soulmate because the random groupies he hooked up with took away his pain and were gone by morning. Until he met Aubrey. She was beautiful, smart and funny and liked him for the man he was, not because of his fame and fortune. Kozart couldn’t stop thinking about her and he wanted to find a way to make a place for her in his life. But would she even want to see him again? Her life was so different than his and he felt that he didn’t have much to offer her. Everyone he had ever felt close to had left him and trusting people did not come easy to him. No matter how busy his life was and no matter where his tour took him, he vowed to always make time for Aubrey. His musical soul came alive when he met her and he never wanted their song to end.
iScreamBooksBlog 10 days ago
"Because he would break my heart. Maybe not purposely, but it was inevitable." As I've come to expect from this author, once I started reading putting the book down was no longer an option. She threw me right into the scene where Aubrey gets rescued by a rock star at her sister's wedding, without even realizing who he was. Even if he had told her, she still wouldn't have known who he was. I'm sure that's where the attraction started for him. How refreshing it must have been to not be groped by groupies but instead try to convince a beautiful girl that rock music is better than her beloved country songs. I must say, I was entertained from start to finish. The banter between Kozart and Aubrey was so fun. She didn't fall all over herself trying to please him, she threw sass, and he liked it. He felt like he could be himself with her, he didn't have to perform for her. But, once she learned the truth, would she still be interested? He was on a concert tour, and he couldn't stick around to see where things could go between them. So, best not to make any promises, right? I loved this story so hard. I'm smiling right now just telling you about it. I didn't want it to end. I don't know what the author has for us next, but I'm ready. The line forms here...