Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament

by Dahlia Adler

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BN ID: 2940046420494
Publisher: Dahlia Adler
Publication date: 12/09/2014
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 127,980
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About the Author

Dahlia Adler is an editor by day, a blogger by night, and writes at every spare moment in between. She lives in New York City with her husband and their overflowing bookshelves.

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Last Will and Testament 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
MaggieEHall More than 1 year ago
First of all, this book is HOT. If you’ve read any of Dahlia Adler’s YA, you’ll know that she is no stranger to writing fan-yourself-worthy sexytimes, and this is NA, so…yeah. Hel-LO Conner. :) But it’s also a lot more than that.  LWaT is a book about love in all its forms—it’s about a girl who barely knows how to take care of herself suddenly becoming guardian to the little brothers she loves more than anything in the world but doesn’t entirely know how to handle, and how that kills her.  It’s about her hilarious, sometimes-inappropriate, always-supportive best girlfriends.  It’s about the progression from coming to respect somebody as a human being to falling in love, and realizing that’s how love should always be.  And it’s about Lizzie getting back to herself, when she’d gotten lost somewhere, accidentally, like it’s so easy to do at that time in your life.  This book is real and sad and swoony and sexy — plus surprisingly hilarious and refreshingly free of the over-angsting that could easily have come from such a tragic storyline. In short, it’s one of those books that makes you Feel Things without making you want to throw up in your mouth, which is a tough line to walk, and one Dahlia’s one of the best at.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A good introduction to the NA genre. Lizzie feels like a real college student and her struggle to balance her responsibilities is realistic. Highly recommend. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There was plenty of angst, family drama, BOY drama, school stress, and that too-often aching longing for love and happiness. Lizzie was flawed in such a way you just wanted her to be happy and taken care of and Connor was perfect in such a way that you still believed he could be real. I've read plenty of YA and plenty of romance, but this was my first time reading New Adult, and I couldn't have asked for a better introduction. 
SweetMarie-83 More than 1 year ago
In a nutshell: Is Last Will and Testament for you? Well…do you like: 1. A strong, kickass, smart-mouthed, sassy, hilarious, honest heroine who says what’s on her mind, makes mistakes, but always picks herself up and carries on no matter how hard things get? 2. A sexy, nerdy French Canadian who appears crusty, but actually has a heart of gold? (And is willing to take much-needed fashion advice?) 3. A romance that will make you swoon, make you want to scream, and leave you needing a cold shower (or six)? 4. A story that will make you laugh, tear up, root for the characters, and sigh happily at the end? Did you answer yes to all? I hope you did, because those things are all awesome and they're all in this book. So READ. THIS. BOOK. You won’t regret it. Last Will and Testament is one of those books that confirms my love of New Adult. With characters and a storyline that grip your attention—and your heart—it’s impossible not to get invested and love this book. I loved Lizzie’s voice from the very first page. She was funny, irreverent, and unapologetically herself. She said what she thought, and she made mistakes. She was wonderfully flawed and realistic, and I loved her for that. I laughed so hard at some of the things she said and thought (especially the somewhat inappropriate things). It was refreshing to come across a character like her who just said it like it was. Her growth amazed me and made me so freaking proud, the way I would be of a friend who was floundering but did their damnedest to keep pushing, keep going, and do whatever it took to make it. Then there was Connor. Oh Connor. *sigh* Despite seeming surly and way too serious, he actually had a heart of gold. He was such a good person. The way he helped Lizzie, the way he was there for her and the things he did for her made me love him so much. And I might be a little biased (okay, I totally am), but I loved that Connor was Canadian. I also loved that there weren’t any annoying stereotypes about Canada/Canadians, which in itself was refreshing. The first time Connor swore in French, I laughed myself silly, because it really is such a French Canadian Catholic thing to swear the way he did. It was endearing and funny at the same time. Lizzie and Connor seem like such an unlikely couple, but I think that’s part of why they work so well together. They balance each other out, and Connor is exactly the type of guy Lizzie needs while she’s trying to keep her life together. He helps her, but also gives her the encouragement and support she needs to be strong herself and learn to be what her brothers need. I love how they both changed slowly into better versions of themselves for each other. It was never one of those ‘I have to do this or he won’t like me anymore’ type things, it was more like ‘he makes me want to be a better person and I should do this for myself as much as for him’. They had the type of love that makes you want to be a better person in general, without giving up who you are or compromising your true self. It was beautiful. Besides being funny and realistic and heartfelt, this book is SEXY. Like super sexy, and I loved every second of it. Lizzie was completely open about and comfortable with her sexuality. She was like YAY SEX, which made me YAY LIZZIE. That was something else that was refreshing about this book. A lot of people say there’s too much sex in NA, but I think it’s all about the approach. If the sex is gratuitous or feels out of place, you might wish there was a fast-forward button, but in a case like this, where it’s such a positive thing, it’s welcome, at least for me. I wish there had been more books like this when I was younger, because then maybe I wouldn’t have had the narrow view of sex and pleasure I did when I was in my late teens/early twenties. If you’re looking for a contemporary New Adult story that’s gripping, emotional, funny, sexy, and swoony, with the right amount of tension (but low on the angst), and lots of heart, I can’t recommend Last Will and Testament enough. This is one of my favourite books of 2014, and is high on my list of favourite NAs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fun and sexy with great banter. I loved seeing Lizzie's friends given so much page time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I totally loved this story!! Lizzie was someone I can relate too in trying to figure out the adult thing!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am always on the lookout for female MCs who are unapologetic and honest, and Lizzie Brandt has both of these qualities in spades. I loved that she fought back against people like Sophie and Trevor, and I loved that she shared exactly what she was thinking with Connor and her brothers, whether she was always saying the right things or not. Let me take a moment to insert the obligatory 'Connor is sexy as hell' comment here also. (Yes, I say obligatory, but that's because well-written history nerds with dirty mouths will always hold plenty of appeal for me personally.) I'm not generally a fan of the whole teacher-student angle, but I loved the way that subplot was handled by the author, and by the characters themselves. The initial power imbalance between Lizzie and Connor wasn't just another obstacle in the way of their relationship, and watching them figure out how to work around it was a HUGE part of what made the ending so satisfying. I know that NA series don't typically work this way, but a part of me almost wishes that the next book also centered around Lizzie and Connor. I'm not sure I'm ready to let them go just yet.
kimberlyfaye More than 1 year ago
As much as I loved this book – and I loved it hard, y'all – I am having the most difficult time talking about how it affected me. It's undoubtedly one of my favorite books of 2015 so far, but I'm not sure just how to do it justice in a review. It was beautiful and heartbreaking and hopeful. It also had moments where I wanted to chuck it against the wall because it was playing with my feelings and why oh why could Lizzie and Connor not get it together. But even when it was frustrating me, I was in love with it. I was deeply invested in these characters and their story.  My heart absolutely broke for Lizzie. To be her age and have to deal with not only the loss of her parents, but raising her brothers and still trying to maintain decent grades in college was overwhelming. Add to that the social drama she found herself wrapped up in and I'm not sure how she got out of bed some mornings. I have to admit, I did NOT love her at the start of the book. She was a little too selfish for my liking. It didn't take long, however, before I was singing her praises and wishing I could do something to help lessen her burden.  I started off lukewarm to Connor as well. He was a bit of a jerk to Lizzie in the beginning – NOT that I can really blame him. She wasn't exactly known for her commitment to her classes and as her TA, he took offense. But, like with Lizzie, I didn't have to read too long before I was solidly Team Connor and wanting him and Lizzie to find a way to be together, forbidden as their romance was. I loved how they grew from strangers (with a side of antagonism) to respecting each other to friends and then ultimately to more. Yes there was back and forth and yes there was some angst, but none of it was TOO MUCH for me. Oh, and it's worth mentioning Connor's relationship with Lizzie's brothers too. Guys who are good with kids make me all heart melty. He definitely fit the bill... and then some.  At the risk of even slight spoilers, I have to say how much I respected the way this book ended. It's actually one of my favorite things about the book (you know, aside from the amazing characters, "fresh" writing style and story I fell head over heels in love with). I'd imagine it's tempting, as an author, to want to wrap everything up in a nice bow at the end of your book. As much as I love a good HEA (and this one has one, don't fret!) I also have a fondness for the realistic ending. When things are too perfect, it doesn't seem quite as real as I want it to be... especially in a book like this one. There was a lot going on and a lot of things to consider for the future. Giving Last Will and Testament a picture perfect ending would've rang false for me. It was perfect just the way it was. I will warn you, the book hangover with Last Will and Testament is real. It's vicious and will likely make you question all your reading choices for days to come. Not every couple is Lizzie and Connor and not everyone writes like Dahlia. Even writing this review, I want to go back and reread this book. I won't yet, but it is destined to be a story I turn to again and again, just when I need to feel some feels. Of course, in the meantime I'll be chomping at the bit waiting for the release of Right of First Refusal, the second book in the Radleigh University series. (At this point I'd settle for even just a release DATE.) I need more!  I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Reading-is-My-Treasure More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! It was a true NA, just like I was expecting it to be. It focused on a main character's growth as she figured out how to be an adult--well, more of one than she was before. It was a relatable story, even though I didn't have much in common with Lizzie besides also being a new adult.  This was the kind of NA contemporary that I LOVE. I tend to prefer heavier books with more serious subjects over lighter, clean-ish books. LWAT had cussing, alcohol, sex, cheating, and death. The main character had to deal with the death of her parents and her new position as a guardian while getting her grades up and dealing with her bad reputation. She also had her new struggles with Conner. Her life was a complete and total mess and she had pick up the pieces and make something work. She grew up during this story! I was happy with the sex to story balance. I get annoyed when there's an unnecessary amount of sex in a book that kinda overshadows the story and what it's really about. The balance was done really well in LWAT, though! It was also really nice to read a book where the MC was confident in her sexuality. It was a sex-positive book. LWAT was pretty funny, but also pretty serious at the same time. One moment I'll be laughing over a situation the main character is in then think "oh, that's really sad!" I like it. Conner and Lizzie made a great couple. They were opposites that complemented one another. Each learned something from the other. Conner learned what clothes to wear. Lizzie learned about responsibility. I LOVED the situation Lizzie was in. I also loved how it was kept realistic. I wish I could've gotten to know the brothers a bit more, though.  Overall, Last Will and Testament a great read! I really enjoyed reading it and I think many other fans of NA will love it too. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is my first book by Dahlia and can I just say I loved, loved, loved it! The story seemed so real I couldn't put it down. I felt the pain, the passion, the anger, the happiness, and the pure heart wrenching sadness in Dahlia's description of the characters that it felt like I was a part of it all. I love a book that puts me in that place. There's nothing like a great book that grips you right from the start and even though at times my heart was aching, I laughed and I cried alot but it was so worth it. The major heartbreak that this family goes through is unimaginable. Lizzie a a strong, beautiful young woman that's thrown into excruciatingly horrifying circumstances. But she more than steps up to the challenge with alot of fear and takes care of what she has left of whats most important in her life and thats keeping her family together. Then she gets to know Connor a gorgeous older man who has a strong attraction for her but is also should be off limits, however, he becomes her saving grace. The chemistry between Lizzie and Connor is so freakin smokin HOT! Lol. I highly recommend this book to everyone. This story touched my heart so deeply I can't recommend it enough.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Renee_Wynne More than 1 year ago
Adler has a great talent for writing flawed characters. And while some people may not like this, it’s what draws me to her writing. Her people are real and relatable. Lizzie, is no exception. Right from the start, Lizzie gives you a reason not to like her. But she’s so unapologetic about who she is, it does the opposite—I loved her. Seriously, who doesn’t go through life making bad decisions? The girl was smart and funny, and loved her sex (finally, a female character who gets to sleep around!), but when things got hard and life got complicated, she stepped up. I thought the death of her parents was done well--not everybody handles grief the same way and it was refreshing to read a story where the MC didn’t drown in sadness. The romance was SO well written, the sex scenes were hot, and OMG Connor was adorable. And once again, Adler has written great secondary characters, especially Cait and Frankie. Sometimes the story moved a bit slow, and I was surprised by the ending (in relation to her brothers), but apart from that, for me, Adler has done it again. I’ll definitely be reading book two
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago